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Guidelines On Planning Your Time Well Through Punctuality – Personal Management

Friday, January 29, 2010 | comments

Time management is fundamental and time is the only resource that cannot be recycled. Once you hear the clock tick away, that is the last time you will hear of those seconds ever. It is therefore of essence to keep time always. Planning time well makes you organized and ensures maximum returns in whatever you are doing.

At the place of work where shifts are used to manage duties it is very important to observe time management. I am always amazed by habitual late comers who do not seem to realize the magnitude of failing to plan time well. Every year millions of man hours are lost which could transform to so much wealth. It should be considered robbery to your employer every time you report to work late.

Those fifteen minutes you arrive to work late everyday translate to three days every year which of course you get paid for. If there are fifty employees in that company who get to work late, that translates to five months of lateness. You have actually robbed nearly half a year from your employer and at the end of that year you all expect an end of year party to reward you for that.

Some few tips on personal management as to regards time; in this age where virtually everyone owns a mobile phone the alarm is very helpful when it comes to waking up in the morning. Set your alarm to go off as early as possible depending on the distance to your office. Avoid the snooze button because it will always make you go back to sleep and fail to keep time.

For ladies it is usually advisable to plan your clothes a week in advance. This is because ladies are very choosy in dressing and mostly get late deciding what to wear. For the man it is easier and you can simply put aside your clothes the previous night thus time management.

Planning time well helps when it comes to commuting to work, give an allowance for traffic jams. That is why blaming traffic for being late is a lame excuse. Be at your workstation at least ten minutes before time. This gives you time to clean your workplace and to log on to the system if you are using a computer.
Personal time management is crucial especially in today’s fast paced life. Keep visiting this blog for more success tips.

Maximizing Your Full Potential In A World Full Of Challenges And Achieving Personal Development

Wednesday, January 27, 2010 | comments

The world today is moving at a velocity like never experienced before. Every aspect of life is changing at a very fast rate. The dynamics are absolutely mind boggling. With this in mind one needs to optimize or rather use to capacity their full potential in order to keep afloat and achieve success.

In business, cut throat competition is the order of the day. If you are in business, you cannot afford to compromise the quality of your goods and services. Only the best quality passes the test, leaving the masses fighting for left over crumbs as you advance towards attaining personal development.

Once you set out to do business there should be a clear mind in you that you are venturing in it a hundred percent without holding back. You should exhaust all avenues in the quest to satisfy your customers.

Another important element to consider in life is passion. If you do not have a passion for what you are doing just drop it. Passion for your business or attaining personal development is integral in the current world. Passion is what makes you wake up at four in the morning and burn the midnight oil till two in the morning. If you ever find yourself wishing that a day had 25hours then you are in the right track and you are definitely going to realize personal growth.

On the other hand if your find yourself looking at the clock wishing time would fly then you have your priorities all mixed up and its high time you moved on to another thing.

The same applies in the corporate world. Continually upgrading yourself in the ever competitive job market ensures that you are always a step ahead of the pack. No matter what you know there is always a new thing that you can learn to advance your personal skills and advance in career development. Optimize your full potential through online learning. Also have interest in learning new things and being innovative.

Yes it is very much possible to attain your full potential, but you must believe in yourself, work smart and see yourself climb the corporate ladder and achieve success thus personal growth.

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How To Manage Your Personal Finances And Achieving Personal Growth

Tuesday, January 26, 2010 | comments

Many people in the quest for an affluent life style have lost direction and ended up miserable. Everyone desires to live in the biggest of mansions and drive posh cars with their children going to high cost schools. It is however important to evaluate yourself and know whether you really fall in this class. Otherwise you will mess up your personal finances.

Competing with your peers who seem to be making it big in their life, will only make you play a loosing battle. I am not saying that these things are not good, but what I mean is that you need to put your focus on personal financial planning and prioritize your needs.

The money you might be rushing to purchase a state of the art showroom for example can be invested in shares which will earn you dividends in future. And instead of taking your child to that high cost nursery you can save for her college and university in future.

Many people instead of living within their means end up renting houses which they pay through their teeth. You should never use more than twenty percent of your salary to pay rent and yet some people use fifty percent just so that they can fit with their peers.

The same people proceed to buy a car which they pack in someone else compound. Money you pay your landlord is bad investment if it is not a mortgage you are paying. It is better to pay now and play later. Invest wisely for you future by working hard, saving and living within your means.

No wonder we see people whom we hitherto assumed to be well to do calling for fundraising to take their children to college. No one is supposed to burden friends and relatives with fundraisings while all along you knew that one day your child would go to university.

How To Achieve Self Development And High Self Esteem

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In order to succeed positive attitude is of essence. What is attitude? Attitude is part of your personality. It is the first thing that people notice about you when they first meet you. Do you have a great attitude or is it foul. A great attitude is part of being self motivated. Believe me, with a negative attitude you are headed straight to failure.

Every morning you walk to that office with a sad look in your face is a sure sign that you have failed even before you begin. Everyone has their blue days and it is up to you to seek within yourself and find something positive that will cheer you up thus self motivation.

Walking into that office excited and ready to face the day is a picture of a self motivated person. On the contrary walking with dragging feet and a bent posture and lowered head shows defeat. Motivation comes from deep within oneself. It is not something that can be forced on to a person. You decide that no matter the circumstances, today I am going to make it.

Therefore, it is fair to say that motivation plus a positive attitude are the ingredients of achieving success. Many people are hungry for success and yet they wake up everyday with the wrong attitude.

One other thing that will ensure you have a great attitude and are motivated to your expected achievement is a high self esteem. Self esteem is how you see yourself. On a scale of one to ten, if you rate yourself anything below seven then you are at a risk of low self esteem. People will always look at you through your own eyes. Give your self a ten because indeed you are the best there ever will be.

So, hold your head up, square your shoulders and greet everyone with a smile. Believe you are the best and you will be. Be motivated and fired up to attain your wildest dreams because it is possible. Achieving personal development is a continuous process.

Money Saving Tips

Monday, January 25, 2010 | comments

  1. Apart from your own yearly checkups it would be important to also service your machines regularly instead of waiting for them to break down. Ensure that your car is serviced after the covering the stipulated mileage. It is wasteful to invest in an expensive home appliance and not allocate funds to service it when required.
  2. On average we spend a lot on lunch but it would be advisable to sometime just have salads and fruits. Apart from being expensive the burgers and French fries are full of cholesterol and hence not healthy.
  3. Its common belief that the more expensive a product is the better it is. This is not true but some products less quality are packaged expensively as a marketing tool. Buy products is tubes or small jars and try the out first before purchasing a big pack.
  4. Communication in the current world is vital but some of us spend hours talking on phone on issues that are not important. Also ask yourself whether your current mobile provider is giving you a good deal. With competition of different mobile providers you are left with wide range of options, go for the cheapest service provider.

After all has been said and done it would be of no use to save and not treat yourself well. After spending countless hours working hard at your place of work it would be unfair not to take your family out for a treat. Give yourself a break and enjoy your hard earned rest.

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Self Improvement Tips In Regards To Personal Appearance And First Impressions

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We may overlook the importance of having a good first impression, but this could make the difference between landing a business deal and missing out. People judge you by your personal appearance thus work on improving your personal appearances. On this article I want to share with you some few tactics of ensuring your first impression counts. Click the e-books and navigation links on the left and get more information on self improvement tips and also learn more on how to better your personal appearance.

A key factor of exuding self confidence thus good first impression is eye contact. Maintaining eye contact with people shows confidence and honesty. You should not be caught darting your eyes from one corner to the other, people will not trust you. However the eye contact should not turn into a stare as it may make others uncomfortable.

The way you deliver your speech is also fundamental and shows that you have elements of self confidence. You should learn to speak elaborately. How you transfer your thoughts to speech is very important if you want to make an impact on people. Choose your words well and make your point in a clear understandable way.

When conversing, show interest or pay attention to what the other party is saying. That basically involves being a good listener. Many people can talk for ages but when it comes to listening they perform dismally. Learn to show concern to the other person genuinely. In the end with this and all the above your self esteem and personal value will be greatly boosted.

Self improvement is a journey that you need to keep at in order to achieve personal growth.

Personal Mannerism that Boosts Self Esteem, Self Improvement and Attracts You to People

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Building personal confidence is something that many people desire to do but find themselves at crossroads while in the endeavor. Everyone admires a person with self confidence and we all want to be like them. Take for instance Barrack Obama who moves crowds by his mannerism and self confidence which he exudes. Personal confidence and good mannerism otherwise known as a pleasing personality are things which can be learnt if one is serious about them and has an interest. I come from the school of thought that no one is born with these mannerism but they are learnt and picked along the way.

The first and most important of these habits is the smile. It has been researched that it takes forty three muscles to frown and only seventeen to smile. A smile improves your personal appearance. It makes those around you relax, and there is no tension when people smile at each other. A smile is the most beautiful picture in the world. Above all, the smile declares that I come in peace not war. Therefore, your personal appearance determines how other will relate to you.

The second thing is your handshake. The handshake tells much about your self esteem especially when you are meeting someone for the first time. A good handshake should be firm, not too gentle and not too tight. It should not last too long, probably three seconds at most. A good handshake shows sincerity.

There are more personal attributes that one needs to foster self esteem and build self confidence. Click the navigation link and personal growth e-books appearing on the left and learn more about self improvement tips and thus achieve personal development.

Big Idea of SACCO Began by African Women To Attain Financial Freedom

Friday, January 22, 2010 | comments

For as long as I can remember African women have been meeting together and doing something constructive at least once in a month and contribute foodstuffs and other items. This made sure that their children never went hungry. They even managed to save something small to cater for some of their sort of idle husbands to go and drink in the village. This is in fact the origin of SACCOs, where a group of people with a common goal pool their resources together, empowering themselves and achieving financial freedom.

Soon after the idea of merry-go-round was birthed, several women working in the same company came together and decided to give a certain amount to one of them so she could do something constructive. Long before bank loans women could acquire a sizable amount of cash just from among themselves. Indeed, there is might in togetherness such as what these women set their minds to do however daunting it seemed, they managed to do. Later they ventured into greater things like buying land and houses.

The latest venture that the women have undertaken is financial helping each other buy gifts for their parents. That basically involves a group of women pooling together and visiting the parents of one of them, showering them with gifts which meant the daughter was in exchange showered with blessings.

All these ventures by our mothers, wives, aunts, sisters and eventually daughters show that indeed the SACCO movement originated from our women. These are some of the milestones achieved by women in Africa and by that they deserve a salute. Financial freedom is achievable when people to together their resources.

What Your Personal Appearance Says About You

Thursday, January 21, 2010 | comments

It is often said that the first impression lasts a lifetime. So, what does you personal appearances say about you? By personal appearance I mean the way you present yourself on a day to day basis to the rest of the world. When I was growing up I was told that cleanliness is next to godliness. I was also told the importance of taking a shower three times a day. As time went by and I got busier, I realized that I could only make one or two showers a day.

Anyway away for me and my showers, personal hygiene and good grooming are integral in regards to personal growth and self image. For the man apart from showering daily, your hair should be kept short at all times except for those opting for locks. For locks they should be neat and cleaned regularly. Nails should also be well manicured. Wear fitting clothes, not too big and not too small. Invest in a leather belt and wear nice well polished shoes. Teeth should be brushed twice daily for good oral hygiene. If you have to use perfume or cologne avoid the strong type as you might end up irritating others.

As for the ladies, they should avoid overdoing especially make-up if they are not going out. It is said that the beauty of a woman lies in her hair, and that is so right. Hair should be kept neat and in a simple way. On a normal office day a trouser suit or skirt suit should do, with nice comfortable shoes. Nails should also be neat as they are noticed a lot at the work place.

After all is said and done, the clothes that are not seen by other people should be the clean. Cases abound of smartly dressed men who after falling sick and being rushed to hospital, what they wear inside leaves a lot to be desired.

So the question is asked, “How can I maintain a good personal hygiene and grooming?” It is never too late to start. Start practicing today and by the end of thirty days, you should be the cleanest person in your neighborhood thus improving your self image and personal appearance.

Good Parenting Skills In Financial Knowledge Thus Attain Financial Empowerment And Money Basics

Monday, January 18, 2010 | comments

Good parenting skills is training your kids when they are small in gaining financial knowledge. This is because they will never forget even when they become adults. That is why if you want your children to be financially responsible, you have to start teaching them money basics like saving. Get a nice looking jar and teach the kids to be putting aside some cash and throwing it in the jar instead of spending all of it on toys and sweets.

After the money has accumulated to some amount do not take it from them, open the jar together with them and let them use the money to buy something of their choice. This will make them see the importance of saving money. They will realize that keeping money aside pays.

When they are a bit bigger, you can set up a business together with your children or child. Let them work in the business and earn money. It can be just a small thing, like starting an ice-cream stand, selling lemonade, sweets or making something and selling it.

When you get the profit (of course you explain that this is the cash you get after subtracting all the cost), split it and let the kids have their share. Let them understand that though you might be a partner, the business is ultimately theirs. These are parenting skills that ensure children learn how to better their personal finances thus achieve financial empowerment.

Train your children to save and invest some of the money you give them as pocket money. Challenge them to start some business projects with the cash they have managed to save up and watch how creative they can be. What ever you do though, be careful not to kill their personal dreams. Support them in what they want and not force them to do what you think is best for them.

Proper Parenting And Becoming A Good Role Model To Your Children

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Most children have lost the respect and the admiration they once had for their parents and they are not entirely to blame for this. Parents have failed in their responsibilities and their role in the upbringing of their children. Like in the case of disciplining their children, they have left this to fate. I am one person who believes that when you spare the rod you spoil the child, but for this to be administered correctly there is need to have parenting skills.

Good parenting involves include not argue or fight with your partner in the full glare of your children. Also do not confront your partner in the presence of children, relatives or any other person. Wait until when you are only the two of you and talk about what is bothering you. This will make the children respect you both.

Regardless of how busy you are; good parenting is making time for your children. Have heart to heart talks with them. Create an atmosphere where your children feel free to consult from you anything that involves their personal life. The internet has get information on good parenting skills so make use of it. Attend your children’s school events instead of sending your driver or house help. Be fully involved in every phase of your children growth. If you have a girl, daddy should take her out on a ‘date’. This makes girls extremely confident even when they become adults and if you are a single mother get a man you truly trust to be a father figure to your kids.

Instead of spending all your free time with the boys having beer, watching football and discussing politics, or with the girlfriends sharing drinks, talking about fashion, be home and help your kids with their homework. Proper parenting is about commitment and focus in the welfare of your spouse and children.

Parents should never give bribes openly in the presence of their young ones or giving them alcohol or cigarettes. If possible keep away from these negative habits and be a good role model to your children. Let them know that these habits are detrimental to their personal life, thus when they grow up they will make good life choices.

Achieving Personal Empowerment And Growth Using The Law Of Increase

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The law of increase is about focusing on the infinite supply of potential. The main point of this law is that if other people have consumed the bigger part of the chicken you should get a way to have your own chicken for yourself instead of complaining and getting jealous. When you work with the law of increase, you do not concern yourself with the single chicken everybody is fighting for but you invest your time in finding and preparing more chicken thus personal empowerment and personal development.

At the work place you will find people complaining about their nasty boss, some colleague who is overpaid or another who got promoted and did not deserve it than they did. They throw tantrums and some even resign in protest. Instead of entertaining negative thoughts because of such issues, one should focus on having positive attitude of proceedings rather than getting weighed down by the negative outcomes of things since is will hinder personal development.

You should always have a positive attitude towards everything that happens in your life.

“A positive altitude may not solve every problem but it makes solving any problem a more pleasant experience” – Grant Fairley. It is the right avenue to personal empowerment.

There is a lot of power in thoughts and that is why we are what we think the whole day. As the New Year begins to gather momentum, we should all work on reviewing our thoughts to the things that we endear in life because our thoughts are the basic foundation of achieving personal growth and personal empowerment.

How To Achieve Career Development And Avoid Being A Target Of Down Sizing

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Career growth is inevitable if one is expecting to enjoy and profit from their working experience. The skills that made you shine a couple of years back; can earn you the ‘dead log’ title if there has been no effort regarding career development.

The rate at which you acquire new skills should be higher than the changing needs of your employer if you want to benefit and stay longer in the company. Organizations are often changing in order to meet the quality standards and the new needs of their clients in terms of efficiency and the speed of delivery. It is important that your work on your career growth so that you can become indispensable to your employer.

You can increase your knowledge by attending training seminars and workshops, not waiting until the company takes the initiative to sponsor you to these professional seminars. Every employee today should take personal inventiveness to acquire and internalize new skills and use them to heighten their productivity thus career development and personal growth.

It is always possible to achieve career growth and personal growth by assuming more responsibilities and executing them well. This way you will be able to display your potential and your passion for the job to your employer and hence become an asset to the company.

Career development is not necessarily about being promoted. Since the opportunities to move up are scarce, many organizations are relying on more creative ways of developing employees. Take charge of your career growth by expanding your contribution and productivity at your workplace.

Living A Positive Life In A Negative World To Attain Personal Development

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The world is no longer the peaceful, beautiful and fruitful place God had intended it to be. The truth is that, the people living in this world have become evil and ignore effective living. Hardly does a month end without watching or listening to some negative news from the media. The media has evolved to this messenger of doom that keeps on infecting people with bad news because it has become easier to sell negative news than positive news.

Having gotten our minds poised by all these negative issues that surround us, it is hard for one to focus on positive living. We are always thinking on how we are going to solve some problem we have, and after that we are busy tackling other issues thus lacking time for personal development. Even with challenges, we need to have a positive attitude about life.

There was this day I met with a friend for a drink and I was so eager to share my problems because I was thinking I had gone through a lot since our last meeting. After we had settled down to enjoy our drinks, she went on to tell me that she had borrowed a loan from the bank to buy some stocks, but the stocks did not perform as expected and she had being unable to repay the loan and the bank had to take possession of her house. As if that was not enough, her husband ran off with the baby sitter she had employed for her two children and now the kids are staying with her mother and she is now staying with her sister. On top of all this, she is suffering from cervical cancer and undergoing treatment.

I said to myself I do not even have problems. I have a roof over my head, am in good health, I have got food and my family is alright. That is when I realized that we have so much to be thankful about but we are blinded by our craving of having more and being ahead of others thus hindering our personal growth. Just the fact that you are alive this day is enough to be thankful about because every day is a blessing. Trade your negative attitude to positive attitude because your attitude determines your personal growth.

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Overcoming The Stigma Of Past Mistakes And Achieving Self Improvement

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To achieve positive living, one is first bound to make a lot of mistakes but it is the way we deal with our mistakes that influences our outcome in life. It is not absurd to make mistakes, everybody at some point in life has made mistakes, unlike God; we are not perfect beings. When you make a mistake, practice self forgiveness and move on towards attaining self improvement.

Learn to forgive yourself. It is hard for other people to forgive you if you do not exercise self forgiveness. Self forgiveness comes when you first accept that you are in the wrong. Do not live in denial, be honest with yourself. Forgive yourself and be at peace with your conscience.

Ignore the negative criticism and harsh judgment that you will encounter from people. Know that even those acting holy and judging you are no better, because we all have our shortcomings. People who want to gossip about you will always do so and there is nothing you can do about. Have you ever tried to confront some people because they said something ill about and they just ask you what will you do about it, or they just go like, ‘so?’ Get over the depression of adversity and the pain of negative publicity since all it does is hinder your personal growth.

Positive living is about being responsible enough to own up to your mess. Do not run away from your mistake, this will not make things any better; running will just curtail your personal growth. If you wronged somebody go to them and let them know that you regret what you did. Most of the problem that people have would have just being solved by saying that they are sorry. Saying that you are sorry brings an element of self awareness and does not mean that you are venerable or weak. It will make you relieve the weight of guilt inside you. Being remorseful affects your personal growth; move on from your past mistakes so that you can experience true happiness thus self awareness and positive living.

How To Achieve Self Awareness And Self Discovery And Ensure Self Improvement

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Life has become like a big marathon, for many, no minute is spent relaxing. We are rushing to work, sweating to beat some work deadlines, hurrying to pick the kids from school, running to beat traffic back home, hurriedly prepare dinner and put kids to bed and start to prepare for tomorrow and finally lay down a few hours. Come the following day, the cycle goes on and on. This has contributed to delay in self discovery.

Many forget to spare time for self development, especially parents. With pressure from work, at home and social circles, it becomes very easy to have one’s dreams get over shadowed. When this happens you start living life that others want you to and not the way you would love to. It hinders self discovery.

You continue to work for a company that does not even deserve you because you have to and not because you want to. You get into a career that you never even imagined yourself in, but just because your parents or your partner wanted you to go in that direction and you did not want to disappoint them, you agreed. Many are those that curtain their true personalities in order to fit in their social circles and in the process fail in self discovery.

Do not struggle with your feelings, or postpone your dreams so that you may please others by living the way they perceive you to be. Live your life to the full if you want to achieve self awareness. The most wonderful gift that you can ever give yourself is always being truthful to yourself. You can pretend to all else but not to your conscience.

Life is not reversible, we only get to live once so make the best out of every hour that you have, this is also called self discovery. Life is short, so do the things that make you happy thus attain self improvement. Set some time aside for yourself and take a break from your hectic schedule, it will help you to reflect and bring about self awareness.

Getting Out Of Low Self Esteem And Achieving Self Worth

Friday, January 15, 2010 | comments

Low self esteem is fueled by negative thoughts. Your thought life reflects in your behavior, so if you have a low self esteem, that is how you will act and thus affect your self worth. Think highly of yourself. Accept and love the way you are; do not strive to be someone else but work on improving your self image.

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Do not neglect yourself; take care of your personal appearance. Mind the way you dress, watch what you eat and how you talk. Generally, when you are well groomed it is easier to feel more self confident. People will esteem you only if you have self respect.

Low self esteem causes one to neglect taking care of their self image and live for other people. As much as you want to please others, do not do so at the expense of your own desires or needs. This will only make you miserable. Live life as you want, love yourself.

Challenges make champions and each one of us, we have our own failures. Learn out of your failures. Do not be too hard on yourself because of not succeeding on a certain business project or not stalling in your career development, maybe all you need is a change of course to achieve your set goal. Focus on your achievements and feed your mind with positive thoughts, this way you will achieve self motivation thus achieve personal development.

When you discover your self worth and value, you will not need to prove who you are to others but you will influence the way they perceive life. Attaining personal development, self worth and self image is within your grasp, have positive thoughts and you will achieve your set goals in life.

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Having The Power Of Seeing Beyond What Appears As Obvious

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I have a personal advice for you, not everything you see or hear is factual. Most people like to mask their actual self. Especially in this era of ‘information age’, people will say anything and everything to sell information and make money, but how actual and true do you think that information is? Open your mind to the possibility of the existence of more than what meets the eye.

We believe so much what others say to us or we judge people according to what we see on the outside, without stopping to ask ourselves what made them behave or live the way they do in the first place. I learned to be open-minded and patient with others when I had to do something I had always told myself that I could never do.

I had always thought that the people who did that were so evil. I thought they were the devil incarnate himself, but when the situation presented itself I could not think of another way of getting myself out of that sticky condition.( I hope I have made some sense here). So before you pass judgment always ask yourself what you would have done if you were faced by the same circumstance.

I do not judge others before I have listened to their story and their reasons. I have also trained myself not to envy those whom I think they are doing so well. Because even those that we view as having achieved success, they have their own insecurities in life. Thorns in the flesh come in different shapes and sizes. The truth of the matter is that, only the wearer of the shoe knows where it pinches.

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Taking Care Of Your Inner Man And Ensuring Positive Living

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The heart is one of the most crucial organs of our bodies; it brings life to all the other parts of the body. I love to quote a verse from the bible in the book of proverbs 4; 23 …”keep your heart with all diligence for out of it springs the issues of life…” it is by the way you behave that we can tell what is in your heart.

Your altitude is determined by what you are carrying inside your heart. Personal attitude determines the level of your willpower or your willingness to attain a certain set goal. A bad altitude can completely destroy you or render it impossible for you to achieve success. It influences how high you soar in personal growth.

Keep your heart from hurt and from hurting others. I realized from a personal experience that most of the heart breaks we go through in life are situations that we could have prevented. For example in relationships, we have the power of making the choice of coming out of abusive and self demeaning relations, but most are the times that we find ourselves sticking around even after the other person has made it clear that it is over. We continue to get hurt and in the process we end up even hurting the people we love because we are not wise enough to let go.

Ensure your heart is not disturbed by trouble, worry or anxiety since it will affect your personal growth. Never worry about issues that you do not have solutions or control over. You will only grief your heart and slow down your journey towards self development.

Maintain good and positive thoughts inside the heart and keep out bad and negative thoughts. This will ensure positive living.

Financial Planning And Spending Within Your Means

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Thanks to credit and debit cards or what most like to call plastic money, many people are living in debts that they can no longer be able to control. Credit cards raise the chances of over spending because they reduce your consciousness on payment since you do not get to do any mental accounting. The route to negatively affecting your personal finances is not monitoring your spending.

On the other hand, debit cards are no better either though you get to spend what is in your bank account; most banks give an automatic over draft when you spend beyond what you have. They just send you an overdraft notice and that is when you realize that you spent what you did not have. Again, this will dent your personal finances.

Write down your budget so that you can keep track of how your spending compared with your net income. If you budget well, you can be able to save for a home instead of getting a mortgage. You can also save up for education and retirement. Budgeting will help you to be a good steward and administrator of your personal resources.

To ensure that you live a debt free life, sit down and write down your debts from the lowest to the highest. Identify whether you can make any extra income by cutting down on your expenditure. Start paying your debts from the lowest and pay a minimum payment on the rest. When you are done with the first, go to second lowest and so on.

The Route To Achieving Self Independence And Personal Growth

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Someone had written on the internet and described self containment as being self reliant and self independent. As much as this is true, there is more to self containment than just a feeling of being self sufficient, of which you can never be since no matter how sovereign you think you are; you need other people to help you reach your destiny in life.

Most people do not realize the difference between contentment and self containment. Being contented is when you are comfortable and at ease with who you are and what you have, no matter the situation. Containment is holding back, it is self suppression or inhibition. I do not think I would want to live a life of no self expression. Sometimes it will do you good to let yourself go and live without so much self restraint. Life is a song and a song is supposed to make you have fun and enjoy.

Self containment makes a person want to be alone and do stuff on themselves, and avoid being with other people. It makes a person live a closed up life where they do not allow others into their world. The fact is, to make it to your destiny or to live a full life; you need other people as much as they need you. You need friends, colleagues, employers and most of all family. These are people who love you and believe in you.

Stagnation can feed on self containment. When you contain yourself from other people, it is hard for you to get challenged to improve on who you are as a person or at your work place because you will always tend to think that you are the best but you do not get to know how far others are. Containment can hinder your personal growth and affect your self esteem.

The Exploits Of Growing Through Change And Attaing Self Image

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Most of us like to play it safe in life. We would rather stay in our cocoons than take the risk of going out there and working on our personal growth. We all do not like uncertainness; we would rather have little or live with the average that we have than taking chances of having more which by the way is achieved by taking risks.

It is understandable to be afraid of change because we are not sure whether things will be better or worse. It is the fear of the unknown that prevents us for achieving self development. Brace up for change, because it will always be there and it is inevitable. Change the way you perceive things and people. What worked some years back may not necessarily work today. Do not let lag behind and stagnate because of fear. Move with the times and you will achieve success.

Refuse to procrastinate and embrace the adventure of change. Actually change is like a rest. Though we should be cautious of being conformed to who we are not and lose our self identity in the process, we should also give chance to the idea of changing to improve our self image thus our self identity.

Do not give in to the fear of disappointment. Many are the times that we want to change and become better but we are afraid of not making it and getting frustrated because we did not get where we wanted. Failure is not permanent; if you failed today it does not mean that you will still fail tomorrow. Change to what is good and relevant to you and in the process you will have self esteem and thus improve your self image.

How To Make Sure You Achieve Personal Development And Self Worth

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Change is inevitable; it is one of the most constant things in the world. Before you can transform to be a better person than what you are now, you must begin by acknowledging that you are not living your life to the best of your knowledge or to the fullest.

Allow me to start by defining the word transformation which means, to go beyond a past form or a set form. This means going against some set worldly practices which do not add any meaningful value to your personal growth. We should have a renewal of mind, and reject just anything that comes our way. By this, I mean having the audacity to say no sometimes that are detrimental to self development. Preventing your self from being conformed to everything and anything that life brings your way.

Be wary of what you see and listen to. Note that the information that you are exposed to determines the way you think, your thoughts determine your belief system, your belief system determines the choices that you make every day and your choices determine your self worth. Not every thing is good for you or beneficial to you. Start by controlling what you watch and listen to on the media, and you will achieve personal growth.

The quality of our choices reflects the quality of our lives. Every choice you make will have a consequence in your personal development. Our choices are determined by the values we develop, our perceptions to life and how we respond to these perceptions.

Strife to make the right choices, this is the only sure way of living a better and achieving personal development.

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