For My Eyes Have Seen The King

Wednesday, November 25, 2009 | comments

Isaiah 6: 1-5

“Then I said woe unto me for I am undone because I am a man of unclean lips…..for my eyes have seen the King, Lord of lords….”

When the prophet came to a personal encounter with God and His power, it changed his life for good. This was the moment when he saw himself as though looking through a mirror. He was able to see the kind of environment he dwelled in and his eyes opened to realize that he was for sure undone.

At this realization he released a cry from deep within his spirit that caused the Lord to cleanse him. It is only by coming to a personal encounter and revelation of Jesus Christ that our spiritual and prophetic sight can be opened. This will bring us to a place of seeing our sins and short comings which mounts up to a true cry to the Lord for cleansing and preparation to live a holy life.

The word says that after the prophet cried out loud, it’s when the Lord touched him to speak to the nations. It is by desiring and praying to be in His presence that we will see God’s glory and then we can come to a level of affecting others positively with our lives. Let us allow the Holy Spirit to use us as a vessel ready to service.

Tips On Ensuring You Attain Financial Freedom

Wednesday, November 11, 2009 | comments

The main route towards financial freedom is planning. Nothing in life comes easy and hence some hard work is necessary, but this should be done in a smart way. It is the high time people realize that to achieve financial independence is a matter of having a positive mind set. With determination, planning and focus it is possible to be financially free in a short period of time.

The best thing is to start strategizing in advance by educating yourself. Read financial magazines and books. Have a wide range of books on various topics that would open your mind to new ideas on financial planning. Link with people who you can ask questions on how money works.

Learn how to balance your finances to make sure your expenditure does not exceed your income. Also balance your bank check book, in case it is hard to do it manually invest in software like Microsoft money or Quicken which are automated and very easy to use.

The most important aspect of financial planning is budgeting hence seek to understand your monthly financial statement. Having a money management plan will help you be in control of your cash rather than it manipulating you.

From where I come from, we have been brought up to think that employment is the best way to financial freedom but now I know otherwise. Apart from having a saving culture, it would also be advisable to invest in other income generating ventures like the stock market. With multiple streams of income you will have a fall back plan incase one stream fails.

How To Prepare Yourself In case You Loss Your Job

Tuesday, November 10, 2009 | comments

We all respond differently when faced with problems but some take it really hard especially when in danger of losing their monthly income. It is never easy when uncounted with the threat of a layoff no matter the circumstances thus it is imperative to be ready to face the consequences well in advance.

Cushion yourself by building a financial base by creating an emergency fund. The best way to do this is to start saving early enough. Stash away some few dollars every month; it is good to evaluate your financial status and have a habit of saving. Once you have been laid off consider whether you have enough savings to keep you until you get a new job. In case you find you do not have enough money, opt to move in with a friend or family member and share bills.

At all cost do not land yourself in new debts. Even if you have saved enough and can afford some luxury, use that money sparingly by cutting down on your spending. Spend that money on necessary items like non-perishable food stuff to help you survive as you look for another job. Alternatively, pay off your debts particularly credit cards.

Another way to make sure you live comfortably after being laid off is investing, for example in the stock market. As you wait to get a new job you can also involve yourself in a small business and gain some income.

If you have not yet started, begin building an emergency fund today that can at least cover for your expenses for the next three to six months. This way you can have a piece of mind as you search for a new job.

Facing A Sack At Your Place Of Work And How to Be Prepared.

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No one is immune from getting a sack at their place of work hence it is always good to be prepared in case it happens to you. The worst mistake that one can do is to panic and start acting desperate. Losing your job does not necessarily mean you can never succeed in life; actually it could be an opening for you to discover yourself and activate your full potential.

The first principle to adopt if you happen to be found in the wrong, is never deny the truth since it will not make your predicament go away. By accepting the truth you will not only set your mind free but it will help you to be better prepared for any eventuality.

While at work, seek to learn other duties that are not related to your area of expertise. Business owners look for employees who are all rounded and can be assigned different kinds of jobs. Work with full commitment, building your business image and have a positive attitude in your tasks since this may just save you when you are facing a sack or better still get a good recommendation letter.

We are living in a constantly changing world hence it is important to acquire new skills. So as not to be considered obsolete, improve your academic qualifications at every opportunity. Attend evening classes after work or take advantage if your company offers a chance for training. Academic qualifications may not prevent you from being laid off but they will definitely open the door for you to be called for a job interview.

Recovering And Realizing Your Full Potential After A Layoff

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The world over, both big and small businesses are retrenching their workers due to the economic recession. It is therefore important to know that no one is immune; you could wake up one day and find yourself jobless. But if it happens to you do not start worrying, instead look up and strategies on your next step since this could easily be your opportunity to succeed.

Whether you had the highest post, detach yourself from the status you received at your former company. These titles should not define you and they are not you. Realize that you are not the only one that has been laid-off, with or without a salary you still can achieve financial freedom.

This should be the opportune time to slow down and ask questions like what am I gifted in? What am I passionate about? Take time to ponder on these questions since they will assist you to plot your next move. Also it will help you avoid making mistakes.

We all have areas we are passionate about but maybe we have never gotten time to act on them. Your values and God given talents can help you recover your financial status after a layoff. In short, your destiny is in your hands and the choices you make now will determine your future. You have a personal brand that is unique from everyone else hence make use of it.

A layoff does not mean the end of the world rather seek to define your dreams and activate them. Avoid being controlled by your feelings and start directing your vision towards your intended goal in life and you will overcome the challenges of losing your job.

What It Takes To Gain That Long Desired Job Promotion:

Monday, November 9, 2009 | comments

The secret to job promotion is the same the world over and that is to perform to your level best, beyond what your job description defines and constantly seek to improve your academic qualification. The most effective method to ensure promotion at work is to go beyond your normal set job targets. Expand your job activities and do the unexpected.

At all cost avoid transgressing the set rules and regulations of the company you are working for. Be in step with the values and behaviors that have been put in place by your organization. Even though you may be the best worker and delivering the best results, breaking company rules will prevent you from getting that desired job promotion.

Working on your character is very important hence avoid behavior that will make your boss question your integrity or honesty. In addition, try your level best to be a team player and do not frustrate your colleagues or bosses especially when it comes to passing information, delivering or work attendance.

As you push to attain you ambitions in your career, have a mentality of involving others so that your organization and colleagues benefit. I say this because some people are known to step on others people toes as they try to gain promotion. They blame their co-workers for mistakes they have done hoping to gain favor from their bosses.

In short, there is no short cut to getting promoted at your place of work. Apart from your boss considering your job performance, he will also look into your character, personality and the way you relate to your colleagues.

Job Promotion And How To Stand Out From Your Colleagues

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Getting a job promotion at work can be complex but still very simple. The problem occurs when you do not take decisive measures to get the attention of your boss. On the other hand, if you are a boss, it is imperative to look into your relationship with your subordinates so as not to affect your career development.

As a boss avoid being too much of a manager since this will make you lose support from your juniors staff. Also, do not become too close to your subordinates to the point that they consider you as a comrade. Rather, let there be boundaries and your junior staff to realize that they should not cross it. Though it is difficult, try to balance the two extremes and your subordinates will not only perform, but when asked they will say that you have been a fair manager hence propel you up the corporate ladder.

No matter your position, increasing your visibility will help you get noticed easily whenever there is a job promotion. Avail yourself every time there are calls for people to lead key assignments and initiatives especially the ones that others are running away from. This usually proves your leadership qualities and that you take ownership when called upon.

When it comes to career development, having a mentor is crucial but do not limit yourself to just one adviser. It is advisable to have a few informal mentors that you look up to and trust their judgment. Each one of them should positively impact in you differently in regard to your career. The range should be unlimited, from your boss, colleagues or even your juniors.

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