Three Principles For Anyone Seeking To Attain Financial Independence:

Friday, August 28, 2009 | comments

In order to become rich, there are some principles that need to be considered seriously. One fact that cannot be avoided is working hard. However, the art of growing wealthy can be made easy if you work smart and apply some disciplines that have being tried and have produced positive results.

The first thing is the management and overcoming frustrations that come with the daily hassles of life. We are constantly faced with challenges like frustration at work, paying monthly bills, establishing a new business just to mention a few. These issues of life may distract our pursuit of achieving financial success in life. One way of overcoming frustration is being positive minded.

Working out a financial plan is the other discipline that has to be embraced by anyone seeking financial freedom. Managing finances is not easy but those people who have made it in life are good financial managers.

When building a house, one must first have a plan. It’s the plan that determines the final out-look of the building. Therefore, once you have put in place a personal financial plan, stick to the plan; it is also a discipline that cannot be ignored. In life cultivate the necessary measures to live by the plans you have made, be it financial or not.

These three disciplines differentiate between becoming wealthy or not. Growing ones income calls for you to be alert and being able to remain focused in implementing these disciplines.

Personal visions drive us towards our destiny. But visions alone do not determine our destiny. Seek for a clear road map to follow that will lead you into achieving financial freedom.

Financial Growth Through Merry Go Rounds

Wednesday, August 26, 2009 | comments

A journey of many miles begins with a step. This is true in every aspect of life. Saving up for the future is not easy and for this reason I would like to share an idea that I have seen to work well when saving.

When I was planning to furnish my house, I realized that I needed a lot of money which was not readily available. I did share my problem with my best friend who suggested that we get involved in a merry go round sort of contribution so as to sort out my problem.

At first, I undermined the idea but with time, I warmed up to the concept. To get started, my best friend and I called up a few friends and relatives who would be interested in the idea. We then agreed that we will be making monthly contributions and buying a household item for an individual in the team. Each person had their turn to buy an item and the schedule went round and round thus the term ‘merry go round’. Defaulting on payments as well as late contributions was penalized in monetary form thus encouraging every participant in the team to be committed to the agreed terms.

Within a span of two years, I had bought my favorite sofa set, a big music system, a guitar, lovely curtains as well as a beautiful coffee table.

The next time you would like to acquire an asset that costs a lot, consider combining efforts with others who have the same goals, save up and slowly see your dreams come true.

Goals Setting - Reasons Why People Fear Setting Of Goals:

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I have heard many ask, “How does one achieve success?” While others have sort for answers to this important question, few have gone to lengths to explain in detail on how one can attain achievement especially in this current hard economic times.

It is important to conduct a self analysis periodically. The foundation of self analysis involves asking the questions like, where am I, Where do I want to go and how do I get there? Most of us know how important it is to set goals, but they do not take steps to do something about it.

Some of us fear failing. It is very important to talk about you goals. Have people that you can be accountable to and trust to give you advice. Mostly, these should be your role models and advisors. But sad to note is that others fear talking about their goals. This happens where you advertise your goals and do not achieve them, you may worry how others will perceive you.

Lack of diligence can contribute to failure in achieving goals. This could mean having goals that are not exciting. It is therefore good to ask yourself what is the value of the reward in case you achieve your vision. If the reward is worth it then you will strive and desire more to accomplish your goals.

Then it is recommended you share your goals with your mentors. These are people with the same mindset as you and can help you towards attaining your set goals. Mentors ensure accountability and assist you to remain focused hence help you not to depart from your goals.

Goal Setting And Road-map Towards Achieving Success In life:

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Setting of goals is one area that has truly inhabited the progress of many individuals. But in this article I will dwell on the importance of setting goals and achieving your dreams. Apart from being ambitious, prosperous people have been known to be articulate in drawing their path towards achievement.

Goal setting will help you overcome life’s short coming. For example, in the bible Moses was a stammer but he was still able to deliver the Israelites from captivity in Egypt. Also realize that as you achieve your goals people tend to forget your shortcomings.

Having targets opens doors to opportunities. This is because you will get support from people you least expected and others will even start following you. It is for this reason, companies sometimes get partners.

Research has shown that 95% of us have no dreams thus for this reason there are few achievers. Most of us what to be like mum and dad. Then the remaining 5% have dreams but are too lazy to write them down hence they end up forgetting and deviating from their set goals and targets.

It is sad to note that only 1% of the 5% write down their dreams and 90% of the people, who write down their vision, actually achieve their dreams in life. It then goes without saying that it is very important to put down in writing your goals.

All said and done, goal setting is the secret to achievement. You may not achieve all your dreams but setting goal will move you much closer towards self actualization.

A Clear Guide To Achieving Your Goals In Life:

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The people who love life know that it is full of promises. So rather than major on the negative side of things, these people spend their time appreciating what life has to offer them. Personally, I believe a wasted day is when one finds nothing good to talk about. Therefore, always make a point of appreciating every opportunity that life presents to you.

Owing to the many setbacks in life, many people fail to realize their dreams and visions. This is due to the fact that achievers never quit. If you are to succeed, you need to work without tiring and avoid being discouraged by challenges. Never settle for average but instead seek to be the best in whatever you do.

It takes a personal decision and effort to pursue a venture where everyone else has given up. Going that extra mile would mean excelling in life. Victory is always at hand if you target it. If you aim at nothing then expect just that, nothing. You should therefore be focused and goal oriented, rather than being aimless. Succeeding in life requires setting of achievable goals and pursuing them diligently.

The accomplishment of a quest should not mean we relax. Instead it should be a license to initiate new projects and develop new creativity. Achieving a goal should be followed by the setting of higher targets; excellence is a process and not an end.

The key to achievement is starting early. Plan, prepare and proceed without hesitating or waiting for circumstances to be favorable. Don’t wait for sudden inspiration or enlightenment so as to start a project, they may never come. After all, time waits for no man, not even a king.

The Road-Map That Successful People Take:

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The road to success is never easy. There are bumps referred to as challenges and potholes which are compared to trials. It is only when you are prepared mentally to face life’s challenges that you will achieve success.

Joy is one aspect that will give you strength to cope with challenges while wallowing in sorrow makes you weak and prone to defeat. Because life is a mystery, seek to solve it. It is also a challenge which one must be ready to face. Never back down on a challenge but rather face it head on.

Your life should be a symbol of triumphs over problems but not a symbol of misfortunes that have befallen you. In fact, you should view yourself as a warrior and a conqueror rather than a victim of circumstances who has resigned to fate.

Constantly be bent towards success and not failure in whatever you set to do. To do this, first and foremost be passionate in whatever you do, be it business, sports or studies. This way you will be able to dedicate and commit yourself to life’s quest.

Patience and above all discipline are smart rules to embrace. These qualities will ease your path towards achieving success, as they enhance your ability to face trials in life. In addition, patience and discipline develops and enhances one’s character, and brings out individual uniqueness.

The improvement of talents is vital when it comes to exploitation and utilization on one’s potential. Individuals must therefore develop their talents while they are still young. Once this is done, life will be easy to handle and hence you will experience satisfaction in life and avoid life’s regrets.

Academic Knowledge - Tips And Ideas Of Implementing Study Patterns:

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Knowledge is the source of power. They say that a pen is mightier than a sword and I vehemently agree. Knowledge enables one to overcome the past, change situations and make better decisions now and in the future. With knowledge, it is possible to fight obstacles since being informed is both a tool and a weapon.

Students who excel academically read extensively, therefore it is important to dedicate time to acquire knowledge by reading widely. There are books rich with information that will help you in getting somewhere in life, academically and otherwise.

Studying assists in exercising the mind. Reading pushes us to use our imagination and makes us more inclined to creativity.

In order to succeed in your studies, you need to revise willfully, systematically, strategically, exhaustively and thoroughly. This means that you must be self-driven, focused, serious and disciplined. You need to plan your revision schedule properly, having a study timetable is therefore vital. You must also develop interest in what you are studying in order to be motivated and absolve whatever you are reading.

Education calls for determination and confidence. Learn with a purpose to understand what you are reading. This will work because once your mind is inclined towards understanding then reading becomes easy and fun. Whenever you are studying, build mental images/pictures, this helps you not to forget what you are reading.

High concentration is required while reading, therefore avoid distractions. Try to create the right atmosphere of studying. It is better to spend 30 minutes studying one concept and understanding it, rather than taking three hours studying many concepts and not grasping any.

Advice And Guideline To Accomplishment In These Hard Times:

Tuesday, August 25, 2009 | comments

Nothing in life comes easy. Whenever you see a successful project, realize sacrifice was the driving force behind its feat. Success comes through hard work and commitment.

Remember to also touch other people’s lives by serving honestly, diligently and faithfully. Seek to be friendly and kind to others and more so to those who are less fortunate in society. Be persistent in pursuing your goals as you also help others pursue theirs.

Since patience is a virtue, be a person of great endurance. You must never act on impulse but always take time to think through issues before reacting. This way you also gain peoples respect

Be careful of what you share with others. Do not be quick to share your secrets, since your success will be envied by many. After all, you never know who is tirelessly working for your downfall. Therefore, learn to choose your friends carefully as they determine who you later become in life.

The decisions we make are usually dependent, to a large extent, on the environment we live in. It goes without saying, a positive environment is necessary to shape you to become the best and improve your personality.

Perhaps the best piece of advice I could offer you is to try and live your life to the full, making your our judgments and decisions. In whatever you pursue, give it all you’ve got while appreciating your abilities and talents. Don’t look down at yourself but instead embrace self esteem, then realize and recognize yourself as a special human being.

Major Points To Consider In Order To Achieve Success:

Monday, August 24, 2009 | comments

If you desire to succeed in life you need to have a vision. Someone once said, “People without a vision perish”. In order to make something out of your life, you also need to believe in yourself. Don’t look back at your failures since no one is perfect. In fact making blunders is the major route to achievement.

Surround yourself with positive minded people. Stay away from pessimists, cynicism is an old companion to this kind of people who usually are full of negativity for life that they tend to be contagious.

Achievers do everything in their capacities to add value in their lives. They are known to engage themselves in gainful ventures and company. The undertaking of a new action brings with it new strength. Idleness is an enemy to someone out to succeed in life. Have an interest in whatever happens around him, this way you will seize every opportunity that presents itself.

Learn from your own experiences and from those of others. The lives of your associates could teach you something. Be keen to listen to others and slow to talk, always consider other peoples opinions.

Knowledge is power therefore read widely. Books on people’s biographies can act as a perfect teacher of life’s experiences. If possible enroll for academic courses that will boost your knowledge.

All said and done success is in the reach of all of us but only the focused and determined people get to eat the fruits of their labor. Rather that waiting for opportunities to find you wake up and pursue your goals. In the process you will meet with opportunities that life daily presents to us.

Long Lasting Friendships; How To Nurture True Friendships

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People are social beings. Everyone makes friends at different stages in life. Some friendships last from childhood while others are formed in adulthood. If you observe any lasting friendship, you will realize that they have been nurtured for the relationship to flourish.

It is good to make new friends but don’t forget to keep your old friends. This means that you need to create time to meet with your friends, have a good laugh, share your problems and generally appreciate each others company. If you think of your best friends, you will realize that you are closer to the ones you spend most time with, Click Here!.

You can also maintain contact by making telephone calls, sending e-mails or text messages to your friends. With advances in technology, video calls or internet chat rooms can be more interactive ways of communicating with friends who may be in far parts of the world.

Special occasions such as birthdays, wedding anniversaries, and memorial anniversaries are some of the occurrences that one can take advantage of to boost friendship. When we remember these special days, it makes our friends feel appreciated and in turn want to maintain the relationship.

We all know that a friend in need is a friend indeed. Practically, the friends who offer their help when one is in trouble are the ones who matter most.

I would advise anyone to make as many friends as possible and maintain the links with many of these friends, if not all, as you never know which of the friends will bail you out when a need arises.

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Lasting Marriages – How To Strengthen a Marriage Relationship

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In many parts of the world, marriage is accepted to be the coming together of a man and a wife, in agreement that they will live together till death. Every person is unique and has been brought up in a different setup thus making the two people uniting in a marriage not to have same ideologies, thoughts, decision making ability, feelings as well as motivational drive.

To ensure the two stay together for as long as they are alive, they will have to purpose to nurture their relationship by giving each other quality time. When a man and a wife spend time together and talk about the dreams they have for the family, their problems, fears as well as their solutions to marital challenges, they do build a tight friendship and trust. This helps them to long to be in each other’s company, Click Here!.

One major cause of separation between married couples is financial disagreements. Each couple needs to sit down, openly disclose their income, their debts as well as assets then discuss how best they would like to handle their joint financial obligations. This reduces the possibility of unwarranted friction in the marriage.

In-laws are known to sometime interfere with marriages. It is also important for a couple to draw a line on how far their extended family members can be allowed to have a say. To tackle this, couples are advised to discuss how to relate with their in-laws.

The institution of marriage should be treated sacredly since it’s the foundation of stable communities. Prosperous nations most often prioritize strengthening the family unit.

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What Determines Life’s Success And Achievement:

Sunday, August 23, 2009 | comments

The lives we live reflect upon our characters and tendencies as our actions are usually governed by our thoughts. Our attitude towards life is what determines our future. Daily we are faced with situations and dilemmas that call for one to make tough choices.

I support the saying that our real character is depicted when no one is watching. When you are under no scrutiny the real you is revealed, and you tend display your real traits.

Far from that, people commit mistakes everyday in their dealings, at work or at home. In alignment with the adage, “man is to error”, I thus cite that errors are normal and should be treated as part of normalcy of life. Errors should not be a real cause for concern but should rather be treated as motivational objects that help us avoid repeating mistakes.

Everything that happens in life does so for a reason and therefore mistakes are committed for a reason too. Make sure you learn life’s lessons from each single error you make and from that you gain experience that will guide you towards attainment in whatever you choose to pursue. Do not waste too much time brooding over spilled milk.

It is your duty to work hard towards achieving success. Set for yourself achievable goals and pursue them diligently. It is your personal obligation to do what is expected of you without being pushed. This kind of responsibility will guarantee you positive results in any activity you might be engaged in. And before you know it, you will have achieved what you wanted and shall feel motivated to do likewise in everything you set do from then onwards.

Secrets And Real Guidelines To Achieving Success In Life:

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The decisions we make in life determine who we become, by what we do and the path we choose to follow. Choices make us who we are and can sometime inhabit our will, desires and interest. Therefore we have the capabilities and mandate to choose what we later become in life.

You can always try to avoid making choices by doing nothing, but even that is a decision by itself, it a decision to fail.

The value of time is of much importance in determining our fate. One should fully appreciate the value of time, as a resource to be used in seeking your destiny. It is only then that we are able to manager time properly and not waste any of it. Time is the most vital of all factors that assist in promoting the success of an individual and without time management success is but a mirage.

Another secret to excellence is the influence of emulating others. Life’s examples play a major part in our success, role models and mentors provide an unlimited source of inspiration and guidance. Someone needs to choose the right examples to emulate. People who have made it in their fields of expertise would be the right people to act as mentors and role models.

In whatever you do, never forget the power of kindness to others. One good deed can easily lead to one day you receiving salvation from a fellow you once assisted or inspired. When you are kind and respective to others, they will reciprocate, promoting a harmonies society. Nevertheless, don’t offer aid expecting something in return, someone once said, “What goes around comes around”.

Achievement – The key To Attaining Success In Life:

Saturday, August 22, 2009 | comments

I know of people who had big dreams in life but died without achieving them. Mainly because dreaming is one thing while implementing is another. Others implement their dreams but give up along the way due to discouragement, lack focus and lack of mentorship. These are vital tools if someone is to achieve success in life.

In order to realize your dreams, you will need to set targets that will help direct you towards your intended destiny. You need to do a constant check-up to gauge whether your goals are being achieved or not and if need be make any necessary alterations, like setting new targets. In short be flexible. Set your targets for each day on the night before and confirm your performance by the end of each day. This will make sure you stay on the right course towards attaining success.

For example if you are a business man, always be at the right place at the right time to take advantage of the prevailing conditions such as product or service demands, political environment and cash flow availability in the market.

Having dreams is not what determines success, but rather, the determination for one to come out of a difficult circumstance. Innovation is triggered when we are in a tight situation. When pushed to a tight corner, achievers always tend to find ways out of their predicaments. It’s during this time that their minds are stimulated and they come up with new innovative solutions.

Achieving dreams is a choice that one has to make. You must believe that you can achieve your goals. Be disciplined and stay focused in whatever you set to do then you will be unstoppable.

Secrets – Guidelines Of Achieving Success In Life:

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Mediocrity is a sin, shun it. Majority of people live average lives because they are not ready to go that extra mile to achieve success. Someone who is content with his/her life usually lacks the willpower to put extra efforts to accomplish more. Most would argue that the cost of becoming the best is too high a price to pay; hence they prefer to spare their energy.

One man said, “The best job goes to the person who can get it done without passing the buck”. Achievers never look for favorable situations so as to give exemplary results nor do they have excuses incase they fail. They perform every time they are called upon whether the conditions are favorable or not.

Great minds make great men. Great success begins when someone turns his dreams into actions. Your dreams are very vital in determining your destiny in life but more importantly it is how you plan to achieve them that matters. If you believe in yourself and your abilities to achieve your goals in life then you are on the right track. In order to succeed in life you first need to clarify you values, evaluate you capabilities and figure out what you are good at. Once you are aware of your full potential, and then set achievable goals.

Involve others in the setting of your goals. These are people you will be accountable to and they should be people who will also motivate you. Do not settle for anything short of greatness but rather aim for the skies. Set for yourself goals that will propel you to your destiny.

How Success is Measured

Friday, August 21, 2009 | comments

It is true that when you get to the peak, the sense of satisfaction is achieved. While at the height of achievement, one may be tempted to be comfortable but it is advisable to set higher targets for this is the true measurement of success.

Some people gauge success as living large; owning a large house, luxurious cars, expensive holidays and basically just spending money in large sums. Is this the only way that we can measure success? I beg to differ.

Take an example of a man who basically lives from hand to mouth. If he saves up little amounts of money over a number of years and buys his first car, wouldn’t we see this as success? In my view, this is a successful man who needs to be emulated on his saving discipline, his ability to focus on his goal and his actual implementation of his plan.

To measure success, one needs to consider the current status of a person against his achievements and capability to achieve the set out goals. For this reason, a man who is born to an affluent family and makes no effort to be rich but has a lot of wealth should not be termed as successful.

Having wealth and other tangible items in life does not necessarily reflect success. There are other ways that one can contribute to society and have a sense of satisfaction. These would include helping the less fortunate and volunteering one’s expertise or skills to make an impact in people’s lives.

How To Tell That Your Spouse Is Cheating On You

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It is amazing how much morality levels in the society have dropped. Many married people are finding it normal to drag a third party into their marriage while acting like nothing is going on.

So how can one tell that their spouse has something up their sleeves? There is the usual excuse of working late which should give a hint. This is one of the oldest tricks in the book, that is used but if it runs for too long, it becomes questionable.

The other common trend is where a spouse walks out of the room when receiving telephone calls. It may also be noticeable that the calls are answered in whispers. Some spouses even go to the extent of carrying their cell phones to the bathroom or switching the phones off all together. If your spouse starts putting passwords on his or her computer and cell phone then most likely he or she has something to hide.

For other couples, their cheating spouse’s phone books will have pseudo-coded names such as ‘xyz’, ‘customer 1’, ‘friend’ or the numbers could have no names all together.

In some cases, a cheating spouse will tend to be harsh so as to avoid being asked questions that relate to his or her actions and whereabouts.

Initially, men were known to be the major culprits to the cheating vice but research has shown that women are catching up very fast. This is a worrying trend considering the high risks of contracting sexually transmitted diseases such as HIV Aids.

The marriage institution is facing lots of challenges and if the problems are not arrested, marriages risk being extinct.

The Principles That Distinguish Between Achievers And Failures:

Thursday, August 20, 2009 | comments

If you ever had a purpose in life, beware of the effect of your daily activities as pertaining to your purpose. You might just be surprised to realize that you no longer care for your dreams; having long forgotten it due to the many hustles of life. Be careful not to lose your focus around life’s maze.

Successful people know the power of perseverance. It shows in the way they view difficult circumstances in the light of tribulation. They usually emerge stronger, having passed through a rough patch. But woe to those whose perseverance is low, because they will always live to ask, “What if?”

I personally believe life is simple and fair but depending on how you choose to live. Winners are those who believe that life is what you make it. Achievers will often be heard talking of the pleasures of working hard. While failures can be overheard talking of the monotony and stress of working.

If you ever want to succeed in these difficult times, then it is the high time you started developing an interest in whatever you are doing. This is due to the fact that, our attitudes decide what we ultimately become. Don’t assume you’ll fulfill your happiness tomorrow. Instead discover the joy in today’s happenings and live life to the fullest.

That way, tomorrow you won’t have to spend your days in gloom and still waiting for contentment. The difference between achievers and losers is really not a matter of talent or natural ability, but it essentially rests on the way someone makes use of what life offers to him. Achievers take advantage of situation. Somebody once said, “When life throws you a lemon, make lemonade.”

The Key And Major Recipe To Achievement In Life:

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For one to excel in life, he needs to plan his goals in an organized and smart manner. Then he should engage in hard work since nature is known to reward those who strive to invest in hard work. With honor, trust, courage and positive thinking someone is bound to meet his destiny.

Even with the most comprehensive recipes of success, self-discipline is the major recipe of them all. This is because discipline is a friend to excellence. Carefulness and a strong will to achieve, combined with sound decision making will definitely guarantee success in whatever one pursues.

The road to success is no easy feat but is rather clogged with impediments. This is where self-discipline comes into play and ferries someone through all obstacles in life. You should therefore remain committed to your goals despite the circumstances.

Self-discipline is the power to stick to your planned schedule no matter the situation. Self control does not come automatically or when conditions are favorable. But rather it comes when someone is facing trying times. This is when you should check your inner self to have self-control and make tough decisions.

Otherwise, yielding to challenges and temptations of life, no matter how trivial they may appear, may jeopardize your dreams. Always know that, when confronted with a challenge, the prospect of giving up may seem an easier option. The idea or strength to forge on might seem futile and gloomy but the truth is that eventually things will always work out perfectly if you press on.

Secret And Guide To Overcoming Challenges In Life:

Wednesday, August 19, 2009 | comments

The lives we lead reflect on our characters and tendencies as our actions are usually governed by our thinking. Our attitudes towards issues matter, depending on the way we react to situations and dilemmas in our environment. I support the saying that our real character is depicted when we are alone, by ourselves. Your real self usually takes charge once you are under no ones scrutiny. It is during this time that your real traits are evident.

People do commit mistakes everyday in their dealings, either at work or at home. This is in alignment with the adage that man is to error. I thus cite that errors are normal and should be treated as part of life. They should not be a real cause for concern but should rather be motivational objects and treated as lessons to avoid a repeat of such.

Everything that happens in life does so for a reason and therefore mistakes are committed for a reason too. Make sure you always learn the life lesson from each single error you make. Do not waste too much time and energy brooding over what you have recently messed up. Always remember that; anything messed up can also be corrected.

Never give up in finding ways of overcoming your challenges. There is always enough time to make amendments and move on. You should never get to a point and say, I have had enough. Cultivate a spirit of persistence and endurance.

Your past never really matters. What matters is what you do now to shape your tomorrow. You’re yesterday ended last night and never determine where you are heading. Instead of allowing your dark past to haunt you, let it inspire you because you really haven’t seen your best days in life yet.

Health – Youth And The Effects Of their Sexual Inclinations:

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Campaigns against the infamous HIV-AIDS nemesis have failed to bring a major impact on the youth the world over. Ranging from constant media coverage of HIV-AIDS awareness, warnings from governmental and non-governmental organizations, providing incentives on contraceptives and yet these measures have not yielded the desired effect.

As a matter of fact, that pandemic has even spread at a quicker rate than ever before. The youth are the ones that have mostly been affected, mainly due to curiosity and failure to heed any warnings. Teenagers are known to always have a desired to ascertain their physical productivity and sexual maturity by experimenting in sex. Protected sex then fails to become an option in such situations, creating a favorable environment for the rapid spread of the HIV virus.

The role of peer pressure on the spread of the virus cannot be ignored. As peer group members seek to be accepted and prove their worth, they fall prey to sexual immorality since other members are also involved in the same vice. The youth tend to be swept with every new social trend in an effort to feel accepted.

Individuals in a bid to have new experiences which their counterparts have gone through will indulge in irresponsible sex. Parents and guarding should therefore teach their growing teenager about responsible behavior especially when it comes to sexual matters. Failure to do this, their children will not be able to resist the temptations of experimenting on sex.

Despite the flooding of the market with contraceptives like condoms and family planning pills; I still think that this shouldn’t be an alternative for abstinence. Self-restraint is the key to HIV-AIDS control and no other method or device shall replace it while the disease remains incurable.

Working on Your Interview Techniques:

Monday, August 17, 2009 | comments

Work on your interview techniques especially the first few minutes, because often decisions are made as you sit down. Make sure your hand shake is dry and firm. Maintain good eye contact, while wearing a warm smile with a good body posture. Introduce yourself in a relaxed and confident manner. Think of how to sit, where to place your hands and your opening words. You need to appear to be say you are the right person for the job hence be alert and look confident even if you don't feel it. Get there early, no excuses are ever good enough for being late. Ease your nervousness by talking to anyone like the receptionist or the secretary just before you enter the interview room. It'll get your brain in the right gear.

Many of us, who are still in school or college, consider getting involved in extra-curricular activities as a waste of time. Maybe you are a school captain, treasurer to the drama club or a secretary to the school debate club but these positions are taking up to much of your time, hence putting a lot of pressure in catching up with your class work and you are thinking of opting out. Today am here to tell you not to quit just yet.

Let me inform you not to give up on these extra-curricular activities. They are very useful in sharpening your leadership qualities and can prove to be very vital in future, especially when you start assuming leadership position. These leadership engagements will come in handy when you join the job market, for one of the major requirement employers look for is experience. I’ve noted that this mostly affects the fresh graduates who have no hands-on experience in the job market. So let me encourage you to get involved now in these extra-curricular engagements and for sure you will have an edge over the other fresh graduates going for the same job or career.

Also since most of these clubs and groups involve team work, they will sharpen your communication skills and depending on the role you play, will also improve your management skills. Participating in this activities prove you are diligent, organized and versatile. These same qualities can also determine if you will be a good employer, if you were to start your own business.

Note that being employed or running your own business requires one to be all rounded. Participating in extra-curricular activities and taking leadership roles prove you can be a good leader.

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