Learning on Demand and Modern Talent Management

Sunday, April 25, 2010 | comments

Web 2.0 technologies such as: video, audio, blogs, wikis and social network craft the fashion of on-demand learning, and enhance the modern talent management and education system with the unprecedented open, creative style in the 21st century.
A couple of essentials of learning on Demand:

1.Lifetime learner has the new wings to learn on the fly:

These cool web 2.0 tools encourage self-driven human beings to learn anytime, anywhere with any subject to evoke any dreams they may have at any age;

2.Modern Talent Management has the new boundaries

HR in the old time is more like administrative function in the enterprise, now human resources could become the true strategic partner in the 21st century, HOW:

•Modern HR will evaluate the employee performance dynamically: the web 2.0 technologies become the efficient tools to manage with multi-dimensional focus, not only employee’s daily task delivery, but also their drive, thought process and their value proposition, you may call it: Manage On the Behind;

•Modern Talent Management will enhance the on-demand learning curriculum to develop the talent pool, and take initiative on growing employees' transformable skill set to fit in the future.

•Modern HR not only make ‘Apple to Apple” comparison, but also manage “Apple to Apple Pie” style insightful scenario planning: with these web 2.0 tools, the talent development is not just based on the past credential and experience, more counting on the talent’s potential, drive and time management skills

•The forward looking leaders and managers are the corporate human architect to build up the business vision with their talent blocks; they are also the life coaches to help develop employees’ progressive careers; the human engineers to navigate the employees’ potentials, energize their spirit, and hunt their Mojo.

3.Web 2.0 may also become the effective supplement to modern education curriculum

Students in 21st century are natural web kids to spend their significant time to play and communicate on the web, how to take more effort on scientficly integrate these great tools into part of modern learning scenario would be a great topic to explore deeper.

Learning on demand makes the learning process non-stoppable, fun, more efficient and effective, without border and limit, it brings the new perspective on individual growth, talent management, education revolution and the true globalization.

Dealing With Relationship Break-Ups

Monday, April 19, 2010 | comments

The most unthinkable thing in love is how to deal with relationship break ups, Breaking Up Without Breaking Down. Mainly, because people are blinded and excited when love is young and blooming. At this stage attraction is very high and each one is willing to sacrifice almost anything for the other as they are desperate for acceptance.

But as time goes by a sense ownership, confidence and security develops and some couples begin taking one another for granted. Contentment brings with it a feeling of achievement thus putting extra effort to satisfy the other becomes lesser. It is during this time that a relationship is venerable. Therefore, couples need to be renew their commitment hence avoid dealing with relationship break up if things take a downward direction.

The solution of preventing an eventuality of dealing with relationship break ups is constant communication. You should seek to understand your partner especially when differences show up. Settle conflict with humility. When you agree to step down on your demands you may realize that a solution has been near all along. Maybe your pride has been blocking your line of thought. Being prejudicial in your attitude can result in you ignoring issues being presented by your partner.

I always say that every relationship can be saved if only everyone makes sure that they never forget what attracted them to the other in the first place. Remember when in the beginning you were willing to give up all to get him/her. To avoid dealing with relationship break up you must value your partner and in doing so you will build a friendship that will last a long time. There is no other known solution to dissolving fights in relationships except communication and humility. Being too confident and stubborn will do you no good.

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Innovative Frugality

Sunday, April 18, 2010 | comments

The Great Recession we’ve just been through has changed many of our perspective forever, both in business world and consumer’s life style, the businesses are struggling with cutting cost and improve the process efficiency, and the consumers are more sensitive to leverage the shopping price with the quality and brand.

The good news is: the emerging innovative technology such as internet and web 2.0 make frugality the new cool in 21st century.

Web conference is hot in enterprise world, to help company limit the physical conference and eliminate travel expense significantly, the maturity of web meeting and virtual trade show actually improves the event productivity and gain more audience base, the recorded version could be archived as educational resources for the future usage, it’s the vivid example of innovative frugality in the corporate world.

The ironic fact is: the web conference is such a innovative frugality machine for many industries, but it’s also the latest innovative disruption for airline, hotel and other hospitality industries in the last couple of years; fortunately, the same web 2.0 families such as social network, blogs, crowdsource could also bring up the new horizon for those struggle companies to expand the global landscape, especially lure the potential consumers with strong purchasing power in the emerging economies.

The webnar, virtual conference could also become the main stream of informal training for many companies in the most cost effective ways, help their employees upgrade the skill set, catch up the latest technology and industry trend, refresh their mindset and energy, those emerging technologies will inspire the lifelong learner to keep grow, make the learning scenario a new cool.

"Free: The Future of a Radical Price" by Chris Anderson may bring us the great perspective on how the internet technology craft the new fashion of the innovative frugality to change the world radically.

Cultivating Healthy Relationships In Marriage

Wednesday, April 14, 2010 | comments

To foster good relationships in marriage, it is important to have forecast. Sometimes when challenges arise in a relationship those who are unable to cope choose the easy way out; and that is to breakup. To avoid this it is important to prepare yourself for the challenges ahead that are bound to rock your marriage. Click Here!

Whenever problems occur, the attraction and appreciation that was once there in most cases is lost. During these times you may view your partner more of a burden than an asset. However, true love is not mere attraction. It is a choice which you have to make and stand with your partner in order to establish good relationships in marriage. I state this because it is not every day that your partner will do you good. At times he/she will make mistakes and you will have to be patient and tolerant in order for things to work out.

Communication is the key to success relationships in marriage. When you communicate your needs, you make it easier for your partner to better understand you. You can never find a perfect spouse; therefore you must be ready to fore go what your partner cannot offer. In fact, you should always concentrate on making your spouse happy and this way you will build a health relationship.

You must also be able to appreciate your spouse by little actions that send a big message. Do not get tired of appreciating your partner if you really want to build healthy relationships in marriage. Avoid being too over-confident or taking your spouse commitment for granted. You may just end up regretting it for the rest of your life. Therefore, handle relationships in marriage carefully and you will definitely enjoy the company of your spouse.

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Ways Of Building Relationships That Last

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In building relationships that are good it is usually imperative to understand and respect other people. A relationship where both parties respect and appreciate each other is bond to last a long time. Where there is real friendship, you will notice that each party’s interests, desires and opinions are valued. Click Here!

Without respect and understanding between two people, love cannot exist. I have come to realize that love is all about friendship. You cannot love someone if they are not your friend. Your partner must be the one who makes you happy, with whom you like sharing your experiences and secrets. This way you will end up building relationships that last.

Ideally, lovers are two people who do not really care whether the rest of the world exists. They like having fun together and supporting each other. In true friendship, a lover is one who will understand and support the other in times of need instead of, blaming them or abandoning them. A real lover does not find fault but always understands and forgives. For you to succeed in building relationships that last you need to be tender and considerate to your partner.

In building relationship, each one must understand and like the attributes of the other and also try to live with their weaknesses unconditionally. This is because you may not be able to change the character of your partner. As the saying goes; “You cannot teach an old dog, new tricks”. In any case both of you actually do have weaknesses. But with understanding, you can surely enjoy a relationship.

Therefore, when building relationships it is very crucial for both parties to be respectful and understanding. You should support and bear the burden of the other person. To have a firm foundation when building relationships is reciprocating to the love you receive.

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Living The Good Life You So Deserve

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If you have been careful to notice, the good life you used to enjoy before is long gone. Times have changed and some things which used to provide fulfillment are no longer offering the same. With the changing times, the modern man has to be very dynamic in order to fit in society. The level of technology, education systems and job requirements are just some of the major contributors to the need for flexibility.

Even in this unpredictable age, you need to know the natural basics of life, which will guide you in every situation in order to achieve the good life you so desire, Click Here!. You must always apply these natural basic principles of life so that you can be able to fit in every new setting fast and easily. I state this mainly because; the natural laws of human behavior and belief are never changed by changing times or technology.

For instance, you need to be aggressive in whatever you pursue and also have the capability to evolve with the times. This is necessitated by the frequent changes in job structures, industrial trends and so on. You must always be dedicated to your pursuits, and it should be as natural as play for you to achieve the good life you want.

Get involved in work that is fulfilling and enjoyable. This will make it easier for you to get positive results in your endeavors thus live the good life that you deserve. Avoid any negative mentality. Instead, cultivate an atmosphere of positive thinking that will propel you towards achieving professional success and thus have the ability to transform fast with change.

Enjoy the good life you want by being more flexible in your thought pattern and skill advancement. Always seek to teach yourself new technology and trends. This is because new things come to make our life easier and more fun, not to complicate it.

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To Achieve Success In Life – Secret Revealed

Monday, April 12, 2010 | comments

Is there something that you have always wanted to do? To achieve success in life, calls for real determination and focus. I am sure that there is that one thing in life which if you would have will complete your happiness. Well, this is the time to go for it. Do not just sit back and wait of an opportunity to come your way, it may never. Instead, conjure up your own opportunities.

You hold the key to your destiny and therefore you must open the door to your life using it, Click Here!. Take practical action by taking that elusive first step which, as simple as it may sound, holds the key to achieve success. They say that work is only that which one has not been started. Otherwise, if you keep postponing your project, you will finally end up not doing it at all. You must be very focused and disciplined. Stick to your goals and sacrifice what is of lesser importance so that you get positive results.

Despite the challenges of life, you must never lose focus. Always treasure your vision and it will give you direction and purpose. With a clear vision you can be sure to achieve success in life. Your determination to succeed will propel you to get over challenges irrespective of how tough they may appear. Always make a point of envisioning a bigger and brighter of tomorrow, and this will get you through tough times.

Life is beautiful and it is only when you believe this that you really begin enjoying living. You should never believe in skeptical slogans such as:’ Life is hard,’ OR ‘Life is tough.’ Thus you must be optimistic in order to live well and fulfill your vision in this life thus achieve success.

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Flying is cool, can we make aviation industry a new cool again

Sunday, April 11, 2010 | comments

Flying over to the sky is almost all our childhood dream; Airline industry make our dreams come true; It changes human’s life, the world, and expand our horizon forever. However, the industry has been suffering so deep for so long with so many issue; What can we help rejuvenate this legendary industry, how can we make it a new cool industry to work for and deliver the cool travel solution both the business and consumers can count on?

1.Premium Customer Service:
The core value of modern aviation in 21st century is to deliver the premium customer service, to make the travel a great lifetime experience on the fly: By taking advantage of the cutting-edge technology, the airlines could provide the most convenient service for boarding, communication, entertainment., etc.

Web 2.0 are great sets of tool to help airline regain their reputation, when one customer distributed his broken-guitar story online, it damaged the image of United Airline severely, but with those web 2.0 tools, UL could also turn around and build up more solid customer-friendly PR and strategy in the long term.

2.Diversified Leadership Team
Every industry need have sense of urgency to build up the very solid diversified thought leadership team in this competitive, multi-polar new global landscape, the leaders with mission and purpose, from different culture, industry, background may, bring up the new passion, brainstorm the fresh idea, think from the all angles, and instill the great confidence into the whole industry.

3.High Employee Moral
When the industry has been in the downturn spiral for a while, how to make the employee to hold on their trust and moral, share their wisdom, keep their sense of humor, to find their Mojo? they are the one to deliver the best customer service and build up the business loyalty.

4.New Revenue Stream
Beyond selling the air ticket, airlines now also sell the food, the bags, the leg space and even more, those are creative new revenue stream, but will those new charges deteriorate the airline credibility in the long term or it actually brighten the fair finance perspective with customers’ understanding.

Can airline create new revenue stream even more aggressively, cross-industry, cross-boarder., etc. and how, the diversified leadership team may bring up more possibilities.

5. Optimized Air Travel Solutions
To make every airline like Virgin, founded by Sir Richard Branson, with so many business portfolios involving in so many industries may not be so realistic, but airline industry definitely need the entrepreneurial spirit, to grow beyond the limit, the sky has no limit anyway.

6.Effect IT Technology
The latest IT technology could be the most imaginable colorful wings for today’s airlines, virtualization, SAAS, web 2.0, cloud computing may not possibly replace those legacy system overnight, but the effective technologies are no doubt the most competitive tools to fashion the airlines business strategy, and talking about today’s buzzword: cloud computing, the airline are naturally on the CLOUD”

7.Fresh Eyes to Improve the Business Process
The world's first airplane was built in the United States by the Wright Brothers in in 1903. The world's first scheduled commercial flight took place on New Year's Day, 1914.

it may be one of the most complicated industries in the world: the powerful and expensive aircraft, the legacy technology, the regulation/de-regulation, the union.etc.

It’s strategic imperative to improve the business process base on the deeper observation from clear-minded, fresh-eyes leaders with cross-industrial, cross-functional, and cross-cultural background.

It’s also cultural imperative to encourage and nurture “speak out” and “can do” entrepreneurial spirit in this legacy industry.

And the latest BPM technology could become the ideal tools to implement those improvements with logic steps and scientific methodology.

8.Aggressive Global Expansion

Airlines, like many other industries, are facing the unprecedented competition ever: legacy airline vs. discount airline, US airline vs. foreign airline., etc, the most forward-looking company would have the sense of urgency to invite the right leader on board, build up the global strategy to penetrate the emerging market with the cutting-edge technologies.

9.Resilient M&A
In this new century, the airline industries need be reshaped, resized and reenergized to fit for the new capacity, the customer-tailored demand in this brand new global landscape.

10. Learn from Leaders
Cathy Pacific and Singapore Airline are the best airlines in the world for the couple of years in the row, southwest maybe the only airline in US makes profit every year even in downturn; Ryanair is the “dollar airline” with creative pricing strategy.

What’s future of aviation industry in 21st century, not only we have more powerful, energy-efficient aircrafts, or the “bigger is better” M&A strategy, we also need the inspirational leader with mission and purpose, the dedicated employee with great Mojo to deliver the superior customer service on the fly.

Valuable Self Help Advice That Will Guarantee You Achieve Success In Life

Friday, April 9, 2010 | comments

On this article I want to share a valuable self help advice. We all know that if you want to get something the secret is to go all the way until you get it. You must be willing to put all your efforts, energy and tackle all arising problems until you obtain your results, Click Here!. Coming up with excuses when you fail should be the case especially if you are a go getter. There is a local saying that says: “The stare of a frog does not stop the cow from drinking water.”

This is the attitude expected from real champions since it enables them to tackle challenges with ease. It is this self help advice called persistence that seen some people become great, for they always set their eyes on the prize.

If you want to achieve success in life you must set clear goals, define your standards and be self-motivated. Your performance must be consistent and you must constantly analyze your commitment to the work at hand. It is also a prudent self help advice to plan for each day before it starts, so that you do not just attend to issues blindly.

When a problem arises, you must be determined to overcome it and you should never fear failure. It is said that the best heroes emerge from the hardest tests. My self help advice to you is that you should be patient and you will be in a position to face your predicaments head on despite the afflictions of today. This way you will witness the joy that comes with being persistent.

Refuse to tire or look back. If you allow your mind to think about failure then you may get convinced to give up because your spirit is vulnerable when you are facing challenges. Whenever you are weary, your thinking will be prejudiced and it during such times that most people find it convenient to back down. However, if you remain focused and adhere to this self help advice called persistence you will for sure achieve success in life.

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SAAS Met Cloud in 2010’s SAASCON

Thursday, April 8, 2010 | comments

I did participate SAASCON three years in the row, great conference with well-organized agenda, educational presentations and live expo.

A couple of observations from this year’s event:

1. SAAS met Cloud in this year’s event, though a few CIOs mentioned they don’t have well-established cloud strategy yet, definitely almost every presenters think cloud phenomena is beyond the buzzword now;

2. Microsoft sponsor the event, take the leadership to move applications into the cloud, but how can they differentiate their offering from GOOGLE? Can they also take the initiative to set up the policy and cloud governance?

3. Less exhibition booths compared to last two years, maybe because there’re so many cloud related conferences recently, or economy is still tough?

4. SAAS is proven business model to improve ROI, that’s why HBR credit it as the “best business model in the world”, how bout PAAS, IAAS , the other cloud creatures?

5. Quite many female audiences stand up on the cloud, but no female panelists or female CIO to deliver the presentation, the cloud is still not so colorful.

Microsoft may make the cloud a little bit crowed, but they may bring up some “water vapor” into the Cloud, become the true rainmaker.

Thought Patterns And How They Affect Our Life Ambitions

| comments

As humans we are born and bred in an environment full of people who affect our thought patterns and thus influence us in one way or another. Our behavior as we grow up is determined a lot by the standards and expectations of society in general. Click Here!

In the later stages of life, an adult is able to comfortably break from the barriers of society and live in a totally different world, if he so chooses.
Since our thought patterns and behaviors are largely influenced by our peers and workmates, many times they have been the cause of our downfall. You are more likely to be discouraged by your friends whom you trust than by your enemies.

Your thought patterns usually tend to conform to your social environment. Normally when under influence, one does not realize that they are being discouraged. Therefore you ought to free your mind and allow your imagination to flow freely without limits. It might be very difficult to think of your trusted friends as your enemies, but for you to reach and realize your ambitions you must be unilateral in decision-making.

As you know discouragement is usually indirect and it eats away at our vision, thought patterns and hence offsets failure. It has a strong effect on self-motivation and leads to procrastination. In the long-run you develop a sense of pessimism and you may end up giving up due to prevailing challenges.

Experts in psychology advise that you make a deliberate choice of taking full control of your life and thus avoid negative thought patterns at all costs. You must also seek possible sources of motivation and inspiration so that you can be guaranteed of achieving success in life.

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Embrace the Mother Nature

Saturday, April 3, 2010 | comments

It’s so enjoyable to visit Filoli Estate –one of the finest country estates of the early 20th century. It’s located in Woodside, CA, Filoli was built for Mr. and Mrs. William Bowers Bourn, prominent San Franciscans whose chief source of wealth was the Empire Mine, a hard-rock gold mine in Grass Valley, California.

Filoli, the estate’s name reflects Mr. Bowers’ credo: “Fight for a just cause; Love your fellow man; Live a good life.”, Mr. Bowers’ success story is the legendary American dream in last century.

We’ve just been through the one of the toughest recession time in our life, economically many of us feel suffering, but when we take some time to embrace the mother nature, breathe the fresh air, smell the flowers, we feel refreshed, relieved and rejuvenated.

In the emerging economies such as China and India, fast-growing economic engine leapfrog the new generation of wealthy white-class families with great purchasing power, but even their life are not perfect. Each time before I travel back, when I call my sister for any gift she like, her answer is wise somehow: “ we can get anything in Shang Hai now, if you have to bring, just bring us a bottle of fresh air or a bunch of California Sunshine!”

Mother Nature is the precious gift we could ever have, in developing world, the fast growing economy should be built on improved productivity with respect of mother nature;

In developed world, the latest technology such as clean tech and solar are more directly touch the earth, refine and shine the mother nature, and they bring up the best hope to the next economy booming

Thank you for volunteering father and daughter tour guide Lowell and Jeanne to present us the best Filoli with enriched natural education knowledge. And thanks Nimitz to invite me!

How to Build up the Emotionally Intelligent Business after BIG RECESSION

Friday, April 2, 2010 | comments

These days, business intelligence is the buzz word, just like artificial intelligence in last century.

What are the differences between all sorts of intelligences, how do we develop and master them to build up the modern business?

Artificial Intelligence:
AI is the intelligence of machines and the branch of computer science that aims to create it.

Business Intelligence:
BI refers to computer-based techniques used in spotting, digging-out, and analyzing business data, such as sales revenue by products or departments or associated costs and incomes, performance intelligence and preditive analysis., etc. BI is the latest version of AI from business perspective in 21 century.

Collective Intelligence
CI refers to people and computers connected in ways that seem intelligent, social network and web 2.0 technology provide the great platform to develop CI.

Natural Intelligence

NI is the human's intelligence, it is all the systems of control present in biology. The five principles such as: feeling, coherence, action, finitization and analysis reflect the sophistication of NI.

AI and BI can learn, just like natural intelligence (NI). When programmed to, Artificial Intelligence can sense changes in its environment and react accordingly. It can then refer to the ways it reacted to previous changes to help decide what to do the next time a similar change occurs.

One big difference between Artificial Intelligence and natural intelligence is the fact that natural intelligence can forget and lose information. Artificial Intelligence could do this if it was program to do so, but this would be counter-productive.

Another big difference is accuracy. Artificial Intelligence, when given the same information can be exact, every time with speed. When natural intelligence is given the same information, it can not be as exact, and is slower.

From surface, AI seems more promised and accurate than NI, however, as we clarified, NI is the most sophisticated intelligence with dynamic analysis processes, it’s the critical success factor to make intelligent business decisions.

Essentially NI is still the crown of all kinds of intelligence, and I believe with BI + CI, the senior executives with high NI could become more logic business decision maker to develop the emotionally intelligent businesses, and not only analyze How the Mighty Fall, but also avoid it.
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