How To Make Decisions When Faced With Dilemmas In Life

Tuesday, March 30, 2010 | comments

In life we constantly encounter situations that call for us to make decisions. Whenever we want to get something in this life we often have to give up something in return. Therefore, you must be ready to part with something so as not to lose out on those things that matter. During our ordinary and extraordinary activities of life, we sometimes commit mistake. It is during these times that we find ourselves in dilemmas whereby we have to make hard choices. Click Here!

Problem solving
is inevitable in everyday life, whereby you will be forced to make decisions. Proper problem-solving skills are therefore crucial. Sometimes you cannot afford to make mistakes because the results will be disastrous. Hence before you make decisions take some time to carefully analyze the available facts before coming to a final conclusion. It is very necessary to consider the outcomes of each option and be ready to bear the consequences.

Choosing to ignore the importance to make decisions in life and allowing nature to take its course, is a great mistake. This shows a lack of responsibility and accountability. You must strive to be in control of issues even in times of hardships. In addition, making a hard choice is better than not making any decision at all.

I have come to realize that in every dilemma we face there is always a way out. It may be closer than you know only that you have to free your mind from any inhibition. Think outside the box and you will for sure make decisions soberly.

Realize that a choice is gauged by the outcome and not the means. You may use complex methods to make decisions, but by the end of the day ask yourself whether you solved your problems.

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Realizing Your Full Potential And Reaching Your Desired Goal In Life

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To reach your desired destiny, it is imperative that you exploit your full potential, Click Here!. Any successful person will agree that despite life challenges you must raise above your circumstances to achieve success. High-achievers are the people who position themselves high above the common crowd.

Look deep within your inner man and you will harvest some great inspiration. Do not be mediocre since it brings about a form of bondage. Refuse to be content with where you are at present or what you have achieved so far. Rather, strive to constantly go beyond the normal thus reach your full potential. Reaching your goal does not mean that you can now relax.

Always seek to challenge your capabilities and you will overcome the spirit of settling for average. You too have the ability of reaching your full potential and becoming the best in your niche. The achievement of one stage is the commencement of another thus past success must not hinder future success.

In another way, success is merely a matter of how you are going to use your past to inspire and propel yourself to reach your full potential, both now and in the future. For those who have tasted victory in the past they must feel even more confident and challenged to achieve more and climb to a higher status.

In case your past is a record of failures, break that yoke and believe that you are a champion of tomorrow. It is only having a burning desire to taste victory that will help you become a winner. Therefore, be focused, committed and disciplined towards attaining your full potential. Never worry about yesterday, in fact, you should use your past experiences to build on a better tomorrow. Charles F. Stanley How To Reach Your Full Potential

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How Personal Set Goals Assist You To Excel In Life

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Living a good life is about your personal set goals Click Here! and not how much money you have in the bank. It means being happy and having a purpose, completing your role in life in the best way possible. When your importance is felt, then it becomes automatic that your life will have significance and meaning. This is a contrast to someone whose death leaves the society with no regrets. Your contribution to society should therefore be irreplaceable.

As you relate with others, your desire and ambition should be to offer solutions to society by exploiting your full potential. In order to achieve this, you should be able to manage your time properly and be fully committed to your personal set goals in life. Therefore, this means having goals is vital; for without a vision, no mission can be accomplished.

Your personal set goals should be properly defined and achievable. Goals are set to provide guidance and relevance thus should be easily understood. They must provide for a clear path of action that leaves no chance to ambiguity or misdirection. Poorly planned goals may lead to losing focus and thus shifting attention hence time loss.

Also, your personal set goals should be prioritized well. Failure to do so will mean that you will find yourself pursuing exploits of lesser importance. Prioritizing helps you gain focus on things that need more attention hence avoiding wasting time on lesser issues. In addition, personal set goals bring in an aspect of being rational and having a realistic approach.

The question as to how to excel in life really is not a hard one. Just know what you want, create a time frame and ensure that you have the right resources. Then take action since you hold the key to your desired destiny. Being systematic is the secret to fulfill your mission on this earth.

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How To Relief Stress When Faced With Challenges In Life

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The myriad of issues facing us constantly mean we find a good avenue to relief stress, Click Here!. We live a life full of surprises, happy moments as well as challenges. The hope for better prospects keeps us going in the midst of harsh times. Through these hard times, we should always believe in a brighter future.

Nevertheless, sometimes the burdens of life overwhelm us and we feel very discouraged. Fatigue and weariness catches up with us and we sometimes consider giving up. During this time you should never lose hope or allow your problems to set you back instead strive to build your self esteem and look for a way to relief stress.

Whenever you are faced with challenges it is advisable to relief stress by taking some time to relax and thinking positively. Start by analyzing problems and trying to find solutions for them. When your predicaments weigh down on you and you do not seem to find a solution, make sure you share with a close friend and this will help relief stress tremendously. You never know; someone may have the ideal solution for you.

Stress and depression are detrimental to progressing in life and hence it is advisable to develop a positive attitude. It is possible for you to cultivate an inner self-control mechanism thus relief stress. This can be achieved by always ridding your mind of any negative thoughts. Only allow your mind to feed on positive thoughts and you will be relaxed.

In addition, you will discover that having positive thoughts when faced with problems subconsciously helps relief stress. The magnitude of your situation is also greatly reduced and thus helping you to think soberly. Otherwise, allowing stress and depression to set in will only make you loss the battle to solve issues and you will end up losing the fight to overcome.

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Strengths and Weaknesses Are To Make You Realize Your Full Potential

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We all have our strengths and weaknesses but did you know that the average person has a little over 300 capabilities? Click Here! Research has proved that most people never live to discover their full potential. Within you there is an immense potential that can propel you towards unimaginable heights. Therefore, nothing but you stands in your path of reaching your destiny in life.

From a personal point of view, I believe that the number of flaws of an average person do not come anywhere close to 300. Given the margin, no one should not grumble about their faults or give excuses for every failure. In any case, your strengths and weaknesses should complement each other. People are gifted differently and individuals should strive to understand themselves better so as to be self-assured.

On the other hand, having a disability should not mean the end of the world. Since you can do nothing about your inabilities, do not waste your time thinking about them. Rather, find ways to strike a balance between your strengths and weaknesses. Do what you can do in the best way possible and you will find joy and comfort in life.

You should also know that everyone has shortcomings only that they hide them. People who have ignored their disabilities and embraced their strengths and weaknesses are today living positively. This is necessary if one is to succeed in life. Hence it is critical to always remember that champions come back with no excuses but they come back victorious.

After all, it is merely a matter of approach and insight. Some people remember the good part of the day while others choose to remember the hard and bad part. Do you see a half glass of water as half full or half empty? Well, it depends on the way you choose to see things.

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Achieving Life Balance Despite The Challenges Of Work And Family

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What is necessarily in achieving life balance? Click Here! This is a question posed by many people. I have come to realize that the life you lead is a reflection of your character, which in turn is displayed in your actions. The decisions that you make in life determine who you become in future. Opportunities are open to us all and thus achieving success in life is a matter of choice. Your achievement is an issue of how you limit your imagination and creativity.

A lot of people seem not to understand the real meaning of success. They mistake success and achievement for a particular destination upon which one finally comes to relax and feel content. Instead success is something dynamic that lasts a lifetime. It is like an activity rather than a stage to be reached. Whenever you get what you have been trying to achieve, it means that you can now commence on a new higher mission hence the road to achieving life balance.

Therefore, you must constantly strive towards achieving life balance, Click Here!. That is between your work and family. Although things cannot be perfect, at least seek to harmonize your professional and social life. It is necessary to know the expectations of your family and those of your job. Realize that you cannot possibly satisfy all, but by having all the facts at hand you will be able to make the best life decisions.

Cultivate an atmosphere where both family and profession understand that you are human, thus should try to bear with you when you cannot deliver. For instance, it is vital to make your family understand when your work pressure is too much and you may not create enough time to be with them. But later on, always set apart quality time where you spend with your family. By developing an atmosphere of understanding you will be able to maintain your relationships and hence achieving life balance.

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Setting Smart Goals That Guarantee You Excel In Life

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In order to achieve success, you need to start setting smart goals, Click Here!. In short you must have a plan; a decisive strategy of reaching your goals. The strategy must be comprehensive and must provide proper guidance in all situations so that you always know what to do, when and how to do it.

When setting smart goals, ensure that they are worth the effort. Consider the specific advantages that you will enjoy if you succeed. This is what should inspire you to right away begin setting smart goals which are also achievable. This way you will know what you want and where you want to be at a particular time in future.

When you understand your current position and where you want to be in future, ask yourself questions like; is there anything that can hinder me from being successful? This way you will have the right mentality to tackle challenges. And most importantly, when setting smart goals always remember to review them periodically. This will help you gauge how far you have progressed and thus you may decide to revisit your goals.

Whenever you encounter difficult situations in life, always consider what motivated you in the first place. This will help raise your spirits to soar above your predicaments, thus the importance of setting smart goals. This is very necessary because challenges tend to make one lose focus and procrastinate. Psychologists advise that you to always see the positive side of things especially when faced with problems so as to ensure your success.

The level of commitment to a particular cause is a matter of what is important to you and what is not. If something really matters to you then you will take it seriously and what is valuable to you may not be so for someone else. Hence you must not yield to negative influence on your vision and plans. Hook up with like minded people. In addition, make a practice of reminding yourself about your goals and what they mean to you. When you value your goals and understand their importance to you, you will surely excel.

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To Have Positive Thoughts Is The Key To Relating With Others

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Today, life is filled with twists and turns and the best way to stay sober is to have positive thoughts. In our everyday life we interact with many people and face various challenges. Always remember that all this is part of life thus we must soar above our situations in order to perform well and meet our expectations.

As we interact with other people, be it at work or home, the experiences we undergo through will sometimes results to a moment or two of mental weakness, Click Here!. This can easily lead to negative attitude towards someone or developing a prejudice. In the case of a prejudice, one's thinking is usually inhibited by a bias and he chooses to see only that evidence supporting his thoughts while totally undermining any contradicting facts. To overcome this, you ought to free your mind of prejudice and concentrate to have positive thoughts that will be critical and rational so that he can honestly deal with others in the society.

Avoid viewing challenges negatively, instead have positive thoughts and attitudes and you be bold enough to face and overcome your predicaments in life. Do not let your past experiences and disappointments cloud your judgment, rather use those bad experiences to learn and thus become a better person in society. You ought to know that it is time to bury the past and move on. Forget what you cannot change and have positive thoughts thus you will be enable to relate with others.

Your past should never dictate your future; it will only do so if you allow it to. The future is bright and almost anything you set to do is achievable. You only have to try and have positive thoughts. You can always achieve anything you wish for in life. Therefore you must change your negative approach towards issues and be more optimistic. I love to put it this way, be twins with optimism!

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The Executive Recruiting in 21th Century

Monday, March 29, 2010 | comments

I Spent some time to walk through a few top executive headhunters' website, good to see many companies already had a sense of urgency to change the recruiting style for hunting the leaders and senior executives, there're some international job openings listed on their website, which is great, to make the process more transparent.

I believe the key revolution for recruiting the senior talent is really not suppose to just sell the past, should more promote the potential (such as raw intelligence, self-motivated, drive, etc).

Most of the recruiters today just search the key words inside the candidate's the resume, , but I feel the essential about recruiting should search beyond the surface, dig deeper about the candidate's raw intelligence, self-motivating and learning capabilities, such as:

-Thought Leadership: that's sort of raw intelligence, which means you would voice the different opinions for many groups: such as new Americans, entrepreneur, female, minority., etc.

-Fresh Eyes and Mindset: The cross-cultural, cross-industrial, cross-functional background would give the candidates insight to see beyond the surface, help companies to create value and take leadership in global market.

--Entrepreneurial spirit: that indicates the candidates are self-motivated, drive to change, and help create new revenue stream;

Those are the essential for the futuristic leadership fitting for many companies in every industries, and very specific skill could be learned very fast if the candidates are drive enough.

Well, the headhunter companies in the first decade of the 21th century may try to recruit the experiencing excellence without the soul, in the 2nd decade of 21 century, they could truly be renamed as soul-hunter agency to hunt the potential leaders with mission in 21th century!

Time Management Tips To Guarantee You Achieve Your Goals

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On this article I will share some vital time management tips, Click Here!. There is one major reason why many people fail to achieve their goals in life. They may plan their strategies well, set their objectives right and be very confident but the ability to manage their time becomes a hindrance.

Many people fall prey to time-wasters such as procrastination, laziness or they simply cannot observe little time management tips. One may often find that whenever you have too little time left and too much to do, you end up doing nothing at all. Therefore, it is advisable to find the best way of making use of the little time at hand.

On of the most important time management tips, is prioritizing. Have your priorities right by laying down your tasks and identifying the most important. Do not try to do everything at the same time or you will end up in a mess. In most cases you have to pursue what you need and not what you want. In order to succeed you must be rational and realistic in setting your priorities.

You must at all times concentrate on working hard and being as relevant as possible. This is especially so when performing many tasks within a given time frame. Some people make the mistake of wasting more time regretting having lost some hours earlier in the day. This goes to show that relevance and concentration are vital elements of time management tips.

In addition to time management tips, it is necessary for a person to identify their weaknesses as regards time-wastage and work on them appropriately. When you notice that certain conditions or places are hampering your work progress, make the necessary amendments. Avoid those venues and friends that make you lose concentration so as to succeed in work and general life.

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Setting Life Standard In Terms Of Discipline And Principles

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In this world of setting a life standard, it is hard to live without clearly defined boundaries and limits. Many times your integrity is tested and in order to survive you need to set high standards. The price of living without standards is very dear and therefore one cannot afford to lead an ignorant life especially in the current times. Click Here!

Your character and values will be tested whenever you are facing a challenge. You need to be strong enough during trying times so that you do not compromise your principles and life standard. Temptations are normally very inviting and you may tend to downplay their effects if your thinking is blurred by desire in the heat of the moment. But once you bend to the invitation you will for regret so later.

The consequence of ignoring your life standard is usually very severe and can be detrimental to your self-esteem. Needless to say on the other hand, if you resist temptation you will afterward feel much stronger and confident. The best way of beating temptations is to make a point of always thinking more than once and making conscious, rational and responsible decisions.

You cannot therefore live without stated boundaries and limits as you will be shaped by the life standard you have set for yourself. Failure to set boundaries and standards you will have low self-will and control. You will lose ambition and thus lack motivation leading to a gross letdown.

Success is a long-term outcome of individual discipline and commitment to your cause. A breach of your principles will cost you a lot .Nevertheless; it will be double mistake if you fail to rise up soon enough, after falling.

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The Life Of Challenges And How To Overcome Life Obstacles

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We live in a life of challenges and at one point or another in life you must have felt so discouraged that you seriously considered giving up. Everyone reaches a point of weakness, emotional breakdown and extremely low morale. But you must never give up or lose hope. Always arise after falling and inspire yourself even to achieve more than ever before. Click Here!

Before undertaking any venture, it is advisable that you consider this life of challenges is inevitable. You must never undermine life obstacles or assume that you are strong enough to cope with them. It is very vital that you acquire the right mental preparedness to handle problems and to move on after setbacks.

In this life of challenges, problems will always arise and the only way to counter is to face them. Do not to try getting around challenges. If you put your best foot forward trying to find a solution, more likely than not you will succeed. In most cases it may not be easy to get a fully satisfying answer but remember, in case of a setback it is always imperative to find the quickest way to get back on track.

Therefore, do not look for the perfect solution or ideal circumstance to tackle this life of challenges. We human beings are imperfect thus the pursuit for perfection will be futile. You need to work with the current conditions and what you have at hand thus be in a position to move on.

In any case whenever you delay solving a problem or spend too much time on it, you lose precious time. Hence you need to tackle them as soon as they arise. A positivism of thinking will do you much good and always know that if you tackle an issue now you may not have to worry about it later.

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Accomplishing Your Success Plan In Life

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What is your success plan? Life is a mystery and different people interpret it differently according to how they perceive life to be. Others remain puzzled by the meaning of life and rather than lead a constructive life, spend their time wishing and asking questions such as; what is the essence of life? What is my purpose in life? What is the recipe for success?

I have often heard the saying that, 'lack of planning for success is planning for failure.’ To me this is gospel truth. In reality there is no specific recipe for a success plan, as the term is relative but I choose to define success in two terms; purpose and initiative.

Everyone must have a deep longing for something so as to succeed, Click Here!. This desire should not be quenched by anything less but the targeted subject. Individuals should also be self-confident and self-assured of excellence so as to avoid any influence to the contrary. This is because, the environment we live in usually has a shaping effect on your destiny and you must exert control over your life and future to ensure that your success plan is accomplished.

Apart from being purposeful one has to take the initiative to go for the big prize. One should practically go every step of the way towards their desired destination, because any delays and procrastination will automatically mean failure of a success plan. Do not allow nature to take charge and decide the way to go.

Thus if you believe in achievements you must take a positive, voluntary and conscious first step towards fulfilling your dream and success plan. It is worth noting here that success is no ordinary undertaking. If you want it go for it in an extraordinary manner. Put yourself way above your expectations and cross the mediocrity barrier. It is said that those who wash their hands, dine with the kings.

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Overcoming Low Esteem By Building Relationships

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If you are a victim of low esteem then you must read this article to the end, Click Here! for additional tips. Your life is usually defined by the choices you make as an individual which are in turn determined by a variety of factors one being your personality. While individual personalities and opinions differ a lot, one requisite characteristic for all is the courage to make the hard choices of life. It is said that success comes to those who have the guts to go the hard way in search for glory.

Success is a product of a dream; a vision which means a plan, having goals. Each individual must always ensure that their goals are well defined and achievable. They should develop self check mechanisms to ensure that they remain on course to achieve their goals and to detect any deviations thus overcome low esteem. It is natural that whenever you walk in purpose, your self-esteem is established.

Your self-esteem determines your attitude and your relationship with your friends. For a healthy relationship with them and overcoming low esteem, be self-confident and be ambitious in life. Share your aspirations with them and this way you will have a greater desire to succeed in life, as you will feel challenged. Your choice of friends will also determine your confidence as some will be discouragers while others are motivators.

Make friends with go-getters, those who will revolutionize your thinking and challenge you .You must also note that those friends whom you like a lot or you seem to share so much fun together may not necessarily be the best for you. You may be spending a good time with them, but their lack of motivation will be an indirect discouragement and this might lead to low esteem. It is thus vital to realize that, high self-esteem is fundamental to a healthy, respectful and lasting relationship with one another.

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The Art of BPM in Web 2.0 Era

Sunday, March 28, 2010 | comments

In last couple of years, we’ve been through the toughest Big Recession in our life, there’re so many industries suffering and struggling to keep surviving, as we discussed before, if any panaceas to save them, BPM (Business Process Management) could be one of the cures.

BPM enables the business grow and transform in steps with these changes, in today’s digitized web 2.0 world, BPM is more like coordination of the digital asset, resources and orchestrating the business optimization in real time rather than just automation and control.

We could ask some questions to dig deeper:
1.What is the key business process that creates the core or best value proposition for your business?

In IT industry such as software, it may be the product development process, in Airline and Hospitality industry, it could be customer service which bring up the best value for the customers.

2.Should BPM implementation top down or bottom up?
Since BPM is the management of business process, top down strategic business overview is the necessity for understanding business’s core value and prioritize the business process to implement BPM; and the bottom up approach to implement specific business process in real time are the methodology. Just like SOA (Service Oriented Architecture), Top down meet Bottom up are the right scenario.

3. Look at business process management(BPM) in an enterprise or industry, where are the interesting and best opportunities in the future?
In current web 2.0 world, the meta data become richer and deeper, the rise of the smart digital assets such as web content, collaboration platforms presents a compelling opportunity to extend process management to viable human-driven process, that also brings great possibilities to take advantage of those smarter data and information and integrate them into BPM with logic steps embedded with SOA and BI.

The art of BPM is to integrate people, process and technology in the real time. It allows us to treat enterprise end-to-end processes as strategic assets that can be managed and improved over time.

Global 3.0 vs. Web 3.0

Thursday, March 25, 2010 | comments

Today, I got the opportunity to participate the web meeting about “Cross-Cultural Competency”, very impressed on Dr. Karine Shomer’s deeper presentation focusing on multiple dimensions of diversity, core value difference of culture, and related work protocol differences.

From my observation, if saying the first decade of 21th century, the world embraced the Globalization at the faster pace, and became flatter than ever because of the web 2.0: the technology is all about social networking and mass collaboration with the blurring of lines between content creator and user; Global 2.0 means the global companies in developed countries outsourced manufacturing and also white collar engineering job to developing countries such as China and India, the global virtual team has been built up to work together to accomplish the life cycle of products or projects by taking advantage of web 2.0 technologies such as virtual meeting collaboration platform, blogs, video, audio, social network.
In the 2nd decade of 21th century we just stepped in, the world becomes not only flatter but also more colorful and synchronized than ever with multi-polar centers, it may come to the era of Global 3.0 by using emerging web 3.0 technologies, it based on “intelligent” web applications using:
•Natural language processing
•Machine-based learning and reasoning
•Intelligent applications

What exactly Global 3.0 and Web 3.0 means, it means:
•Openness: Web 3.0 means open sources, open application platform, an open data to create more open tools and possibility through the web; then Global 3.0 means: open culture understanding, not only for knowing the diversified customs, but also more understand the open style of multi-cultural communication, open mindset of diversified new leadership

•True 3-D Global: Web 3.0 means the global database, the 3D Web and beyond, the 3D avatars, 3D-Shopping, and 3D Communication & Collaboration; Global 3.0 means to truly understand the multiple dimension of diversities, not only respect the difference, but also penetrate and value the diversity.

•Control, not overload: Web 3.0 means to set up the standard and build up the order, and make users search and find information more accurately, then Global 3.0 means to unify, digest, inherent and absorb the quintessence of world-wide multiple cultures, to build up the colorful global culture and the best world than ever.

Attaining Personal Self Image Tips In Regards To Personal Growth

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Most people do not appreciate themselves at all, leading to a low personal self image. The bible asks us to love other people as we love ourselves. Many people have misinterpreted this particular verse and put the emphasis on the appreciating of others more than ourselves. Self improvement starts with self love. Click Here!
Look at it this way, you are the best you in the whole world. Even identical twins have no similar fingerprints.


Be confident. Confidence it is usually said it can take you anywhere. Build your confidence step by step by taking hold of your strengths. Nobody is a hundred percent perfect and neither is anyone a hundred percent faulty.

Realize that you are important. No matter the circumstances surrounding you, realize that you are important and hold the key to achieving personal improvement thus personal self image. Look at yourself with inner eyes and see the giant that lives within you. If you look yourself with the eyes of others, then you might miss the mark as most are the people who will disdain you and belittle you.

Learn new skills. Being knowledgeable in different fields might just be the edge you need to sharpen your strong points and improve your personal self image. Many people do not like reading claiming that it is boring. Be a wide reader and this opens your mind to great things in life and helps you put your foot forward towards personal growth.

Have a positive mental attitude. Have a can do attitude. When faced with challenges, believe in yourself, that you can do it and you will surely do it. Never doubt yourself. I personally believe that there is nothing impossible in the universe. If you think you can, you can and if you think you cannot, you are possibly right according to your mindset. Read more...Self Improvement: The Top 101 Experts.
This EBook(R) Is Best Described As An Encyclopedia Of Self Improvement With Information On 101 Of The Top Experts In The Industry. Click Here!

Have a role model. Have someone whom you look up to for inspiration and as a role model. Someone who has made it and is always exuding personal self image and self confident. Personal growth also calls for you to listen and learn from others.

Put fear aside. Fear paralyzes every bit of our personality and makes us look like walking zombies. Come out of the cocoon of fear and face life with zeal. Personal self image and loving yourself more will come about when you let go. Just like a person going on a bungee jump, close your eyes and see your victory.

Spiritual intervention. Pray to the almighty and ask Him to give you strength. He created you in His own image and knows you inside out.

These tips are vital in ensuring that you get a grip on yourself towards appreciating and building your Personal Self Image. Click the link below to get more self improvement tips.

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Are there any panaceas to cure the troubled companies in those traditional industries?

Sunday, March 21, 2010 | comments

This economy downturn has made many great companies fall, a few listed in Jim Collin’s "Good to Great" list, such as Circuit City. Jim already clarified those pitfalls in his new book "How the Mighty Fall", so my questions would be : are there any panaceas to cure the troubled companies in those traditional industries?

•BPM: business process management, it integrates business, process, IT into the management embedded with business intelligence, business optimization, to make business continue to improve efficiency and effectiveness. BPM could be the panacea to fix those falling mighty.

•SAAS: Software as a Service, deliver the software service on demand via internet, HBR calls it the best business model in the world, it may also bring up the new perspective to run enterprises.

•Cloud with virtualization: as we discussed before, those are the wind and wing to make falling mighty stand up or even fly over again by streamlining resources, new technology and process.

•CRM & Unified Communication: many troubled companies are customer centric businesses such as airline, hotel, retailers, banks, automobile., etc., to deliver the best, personalized customer service would be the key to regain customers’ confidence and bring up the value for consumers in 21th century.

Besides IT, the leadership style and human factors could be some other key panacea solutions:

•Diversified executive with global vision: Heterogeneous senior leadership team could help stimulate the deeper business thinking, create the new revenue stream, and expand the business globally;

•Entrepreneurial spirit: To encourage not only the management team, but also employees to think as the owner, take initiative, take the calculated risks and make sacrifice if needed;

•Make stars in all industries: Not only Google and Google’s employees are stars, if so, they only make influences at the one or two dot in the internet spot; attract the best and brightest to work in the diversified industries, to make impact, to think differently and also gain the financial rewards when helping rejuvenating and curing the mighty.

Some insight bout Women Leadership in 21th Century

Saturday, March 20, 2010 | comments

Recently participated a few inspiring women leadership events both virtually and physically, from Daily Beast’s “Women in the World”, Bain’s “The gender Agenda”, to local physical event such as Fountain Blue’s “When she speak”. Are those “he said, she said” kind of old argument? or at the beginning of new decade of 21th century, it’s the right timing to make another gender milestone in human society.

I believe it’s the perfect timing, especially we’ve just been through the Biggest Reception in our life, rejuvenating the leadership with diversity is one of the most critical agenda should be brought up to the table.

A few insights from my cross-cultural, cross-industrial, cross-functional perspective:

• Mutual Support between females: Not only the female leadership need be respected and supported by men, but also the female should support and nurture each other positively, between mentor vs. mentee, manager vs. employee, colleagues, mother vs. daughters, female friends each other, no jealousy, no bad-mouth, no politics, “completely no” maybe impossible, but the attitude could make the differences;

•Social and Community Support: Compare Western to Eastern, in many cities in Asia, there’re more affordable and convenient full day child-care, or house help services;

•Old tradition and bad culture disruptor: As modern female grown up in cross-cultural environment, we should absorb the quintessence of Eastern & Western culture, discard the out of date, old-fashion way of thinking process, create the positive aura with scientific logic.

•Women in the Color: Is there any woman or even man without color in 21th century? Color is essential for the true leadership of 21th century.

Hopefully this gender’s agenda will open the new chapter in 2010, and in 20 years, no matter in developed world or developing countries, or the brand-new multi-polar world, all the boys and girls, women and men would reach their full potential and fulfill the life and career dream.

Talking about “Green Cloud” in San Patrick’s day

Wednesday, March 17, 2010 | comments

Today, the San Patrick’s day, people celebrate the day with parades, wearing of the green, and drinking green beer, we went to the Cloud-Connect conference, to brainstorm the green cloud. Just summarized 5 Q&As about this holiday “cloud phenomenal”:
1.What kind of Cloud do we categorize, who are the leaders these days?
There’re public cloud, private cloud, hybrid cloud, community cloud., etc.
Amazon is the dominated pioneering leader to host public cloud, and Google and are more like the major service provider to host the community cloud for their particular applications. All the other large companies such as IBM, HP, Microsoft., etc may build up their own strong private cloud to catch up; the cloud landscape may reshape in the future.

2.Why is it the right timing for Cloud to stay now, beyond just the buzzword?
There’re fundamental emerging technologies and service model behind the cloud such as:
•Virtualization: the proven emerging technology to help consolidate physical servers
•SAAS: the Software as Service business model
•SOA: Software Oriented Architecture
•Web 2.0 : Web-based technology such as: video, audio, blog, wiki, etc.

3.What kind of infrastructure will be build on the top of Cloud?
• SAAS: Software as a Service
• PAAS: Platform as a Service
• IAAS: Infrastructure as a Service

4.The green Cloud, the hype or reality?
Many of businesses believe the Cloud would be their business strategy by moving their data center to the cloud, when the technology become more mature with standardized GRC (governance, Risk and Compliance.

5.What’re those biggest concerns?
Data protection, privacy, security such as authentication and identification., etc.
Latency is probably the other big concerns for the data on the cloud.

Some observation: on Tue. Meeting, the Cloud audience is not so colorful, actually today, San Patrick’s day, I saw diversified audience with more color dressing, and the only female presenter in the whole conference won the launch pad, she really has a great demo: Switch to the Cloud by click-away, congratulations!

May more female leaders to stand on the cloud, not just compete with the men, but also Aliens!

Ensuring Personal Income Success And Achieving Financial Freedom

Monday, March 15, 2010 | comments

The attributes of personal income success have been well demonstrated in the movie by Will Smith “In Pursuit Of Happiness”. Though he was in a tight spot, he remained focused and believed he could achieve financial freedom despite the circumstances surrounding his life. I am personally yet to watch a movie that in detail proves that persistence is the secret to achieving wealth. The worst thing that you can do in life is to give up.

No matter the circumstances, you need to realize that problems never last forever. But they come in our lives to mold and build us to become better if not exceptional people. Even the people who are today esteemed and respected worldwide, will attest to how they had to go through trying moments in order to achieve personal income success.

Actually, scientists say that if human beings would utilize just a quarter of their brain capacity, they would literally take off and fly. Therefore, it does not matter your area of business or personal operation, you have the full potential of ensuring personal income success thus attain financial freedom. All you need to do is identify your strength and improve on them.

As for your weaknesses, you need to find ways of accessing your inner being. It is within you that you can unearth the secret of overcoming your limitation. In fact, your flaws should act as a stepping stones towards achieving personal income success by constantly seeking to improve yourself.

Link up with individuals who have already achieved personal income success. Attend their seminars and read their books. This way you will definitely open your mind to new and better ideas of attaining self improvement hence personal financial growth.

Read more motivational and insightful materials on achieving personal income success in the E-books below.

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BI instill the new brain to the 21th century modern businesses

Sunday, March 14, 2010 | comments

If you think cloud computing is the wind under modern enterprise’s wing, then BI (Business Intelligence) would be the new brain to stimulate today’s business strategy, to help streamline the business process, to increase efficiency and effectiveness.

What’s exactly BI? Business intelligence (BI) is a set of methodologies, processes, architectures, and technologies that transform raw data into meaningful and useful information. BI provides software applications such as corporate performance management, business analytics/predictive analytics, data visualization including executive dashboard and scoreboard, and many more. In summary, BI bring up the data insight to run today’s business with full-fledged tools and statistics.

Talking about BI vendors’ landscape, it has been changed significantly in this couple of years, which also prove BI would play the pivotal both in businesses cross vertical and technology vendors plan: IBM bought Congno (the Canada based BI vendor focusing on performance management) and SPSS (predictive analytics vendor); Oracle bought Hyperion; SAP bought Business Object.

SAS, the largest private software company in US, focus on developing integrated BI solutions since 1976, SAS also top the #1 employee-friendly companies recently; Though SAS doesn’t have stock listed on NYSE, the CEO and founder Dr. Jim Goodnight could be the best business intelligent mentor for Wall Street, especially in the last couple of years, we experienced the biggest recession in recent history, partly caused by the leadership failure.

Will BI go to SAAS (software as a service) model and lead to the “Cloud” in the future, I think that would be the trend, but it will take some time to grow with enhancing scalability, governance, risk-control and compliance.

BI is the most critical business technology imperative for both today’s large enterprise and small businesses in 21th century.

Eastern Cities, Western Towns

Saturday, March 13, 2010 | comments

These days everybody in US may know Shang Hai or Bei Jing because China becomes one of the hot growing global economy engine in recent years, today, we’d like to share Eastern cities, and compared them with large cities in US, not necessary “apple to apple”, to make the more spiritual comparison.

Shang Hai is the biggest commercial city in China, just like New York city in US; Bei Jing as the Capital of China, the same postion of Washington D.C. in US. In last decade, seems the investors all over the world crowed to the first ties cities to dig the gold, actually I think, the next investing tide could go to those 2nd tier of cities, which already started, and they’ll continue to open the doors and grow.

Guang Zhou is the Capital city of Guangdong Province located along the south coastline of China. Being an excellent port on the Pearl River navigable to the South China Sea; Guang Zhou hosts the biggest consumer goods expo annually; It reminds me of Chicago surrounded with beautiful Madison River, and grand water tower, Chicago also has one of the biggest merchant marts in US, and organize many merchandise shows every year; well, the weather are different in this two cities; Guang Zhou has the nickname “Flower city”, which indicate its warm weather even in Winter seasons, if I could think any negative thing about it, probably its polluted air these years; Chicago is called “Windy city”, remember the taxi driver mentioned to me about -20 degree, with very chilly Winter season, Chicago becomes more famous because of President Obama lived there before, I am also very impressed on its convenient public transportation system.

Long, long time ago, Hangzhou, there is a "paradise" reputation, well-known for its beautiful natural scenery, with the charming West Lake; talking about the lake, twin city Minneapolis has so many lakes with the biggest shopping mall in US.

Golden Gate bridge makes San Francisco one of the best attraction and culture center in the world, the Long River Bridge at Nanjing was one of the most prestigious and publicized constructions in China, Nanjing was the capital of six different dynasties, and one of the well-developed cities with enriched culture and history in China. But San Francisco may have the best weather in the world, Nan Jing is one of the” three furnaces” in China, that make you think about the same hot burning weather in Houston in Lone Star state, Houston is also one of the largest cities in US.

The scene, the energy, the culture and the spirit make those great cities cross Pacific Ocean look familiar and inspirational.

Cloud with the chance to WIND OR SUNSHINE

Friday, March 12, 2010 | comments

Cloud computing is not only the buzzword these day, but also a revolutionary phenomenal to make impact on all the industries, businesses, and even consumers.

Though many IT gurus complain about its ambiguity, actually I feel “cloud” is such a great name or signal to bring up the unlimited imagination, just like the movie “Cloudy with the chance of meatballs”.

As entrepreneur, Cloud computing may help us to build up the global business on the fly: Cloudy with the chance to become the “WIND” under our wing; it turns IT into the utility, you can pay as you consumed, not so much overhead and initial investment, you can enjoy the best service with limited budget; Imagine: without Venture Capital, you may still have the chance to build up the new Amazon or Google kingdom (well, we may still need some Angel’s help here)

“Cloud” even touch the consumer directly, just like those pizzas and meatballs ; You could manage your files, your photos, your mobiles and your favorite everything on the cloud.

Cloud computing may become the latest disruptive technology to reshape not only IT, but also all the industries, Cloudy get the chance to be the “SUNSHINE“ and hope for all those troubled enterprises in many verticals in this downturn economy, If only they could catch the wave, build up the right strategy and have a great change agent CIO around.

Well, of course, cloud computing is still a baby, need some time to grow and mature; security, regulation, reliability., etc are the bottlenecks to break, Also the other concern is: the cloud computing will create the brand new super enterprises or still the old giant companies such as IBM, Microsoft would dominate the sky, if you count Amazon and Google as “old timers” too, that’s the other innovator’s dilemma.

Anyway, I believe the cloud imagination would grow to be a real phenomenal, not just bubbles.

Education without Border

Wednesday, March 10, 2010 | comments

My 8-year-old daughter spends significant amount of time to play Pokemon weekly; her same age cousin in Asia already takes Olympic math every week; My daughter usually go to school with a big backpack, but really not so much inside, maybe one favorite book, a piece of paper or toy; the same age kids in Asia usually carry very heavy backpack with five to six text books and homework insides, heavy as bricks.

Which education style is better, well, it’s hard to judge, Western’s open style definitely make kids more enjoy the school time, you can choose any books you’d like to read, paint a lot, to cultivate the artistic imagination; Eastern’s standardized & instense teaching and learning style could well train kids to be more disciplined with data & analytic mindset.

Playing game educate kids with real world experiences, If only not addict to it; Learning Olympic math offer kids with great challenges if only not become the slave of it.

Chinese old saying: “Learning well math, physics and chemistry, not afraid of traveling all over the world”, that’s the nice credo to encourage youth to learn science harder;

Fortunately the great quote from Einstein: “Imagination is more important than knowledge, knowledge is limited, the imagination encircle the world”, this is a great excuse for kids who love to play the game though.

I believe the education system in 21th century should be the great mixture of Western’s innovative approach with Eastern’s systematic training, to build up the 21th century global talents with integrated sets of skills.

21th century leadership, like rainbow shining in the sky

Monday, March 8, 2010 | comments

Today is March. 8, the international women’s day celebrate 100 years, though it’s not national holiday in US, it evokes some more thoughts about women leadership, definitely it made significant progress in the last century, but it’s still long way to go.

The leadership style in 20th century is more like a sketch, establish a basic composition by male dominated team; the thought leadership in 21th century should be more like a water-color painting or oil painting, undertaking more finished art work, create the soul to make the painting become the true art piece, women leadership and the diversity are those fabulous color and theme, to create the new spirit of 21th century leadership, to make the true art of modern management.

New American vs. New Shanghainese

Sunday, March 7, 2010 | comments

Shang Hai, the biggest city in China, develop so fast, it attracts many new immigrants to reside in the city, to make the permanent population in Shang Hai amounted to 19.21 million at the end of 2009.

The new immigrants in Shang Hai come from following different categories: Executives and managers in multi-national companies from US and Europe and worldwide become the new Shang Hai Expatriates, to work and live there; the oversea students and professionals from China go back to work in Shang Hai because of potential growth opportunities there in recent years; and many young people from other provinces come to Shang Hai to get a job and grow a career., etc.

We call these new immigrants in Shang Hai New Shanhaineses, they make Shang Hai emerge to become the Oriental Pearl again, and regain the spotlight in new global landscape.

In US, we have the new immigrants from all other the world, you can almost meet people in every corner of the global here, especially if you live in the large metropolitan area such as California or New York.

We’d like to be called the new Americans; Compared to the native Americans born here, we consciously select this country as our new land to fulfill our dreams, just like new Shanghainese, we’re here not just for a fancy car or a bigger house, we’re here to explore the possibilities, to reach the human potentials.

The new Americans make US still the best wonderland in the world, the new Shanghainese make Shang Hai and China the new dreamed land shining in the East.

21th Century of Leadership

| comments

The first decade of 21th century is more focusing on idea generation, created internet engine and tools (such as Google, LinkedIn, and Twitter., etc) to connect worldwide people more effectively; the second decade of 21th century which is we are facing now may focus on vision building and integration, to collect and create the new wisdom by penetrating variety of culture, philosophy, and belief, to embrace the difference and global DNA.

Diversity: It’s really beyond just the gender and race, it’s more about embracing the idea and vision from the diversified culture, education, religion, industry, functionality and angles.

Raw Intelligence: Reward talent with independent thinking, pioneering leadership, find the self mission calls and reach the human potentials and realize the true meaning of the life.

Global DNA: Not only respect and identify diversified culture, the more important is how to embrace, digest and penetrate worldwide and ancient wisdom.
If we could understand “Little could not bear, the chaos great plans” (from "The Analects of Confucius), we may grow more wisely as individual, even we could avoid the wars and make the peace to human society.

Innovation: Beyond creating the new products and internet engine as Apple and Google do, but also be innovative to improve business process in traditional industries, and encouraging entrepreneurial spirit and new thought process to keep disrupting and improving.

Oozing And Building Self Confidence In Your Place Of Work – Simple Tips

Thursday, March 4, 2010 | comments

The workplace can be quite challenging when it comes to relating to one another.
It can make some people lose the much needed self confidence to excel. We all come from different backgrounds and sometimes it is easy to feel intimidated by others who seem to be well off than you, but you can overcome the fear and rise up to start building self confident in your workplace.

• Dress code
Always dress to impress. Men dress in a clean shirt and fitting trousers. You should be comfortable in your attire otherwise the least discomfort will be detrimental to building self confidence. A belt is a must preferably leather. Shoes should match with belt. A fitting jacket or coat should complete the picture with accessories such as a watch is an added advantage especially if it is gold or silver. Make sure you smell nice by using nice roll-on.

Complete the confident look by maintaining short hair and well manicured nails.
Ladies if you want to build self confident look dress sharp. Do not overdo the make-up.
No sign of body odor should be felt.

• Knowledge
It is important to build self confidence by being knowledgeable in various areas. It is impressive if you can be able to join in any conversation and be able to contribute without looking stupid. Cultivate a reading culture and you will definitely begin building self confidence. It is said; “Simple minds discuss people, average minds discuss events but GREAT MINDS discuss ideas.” Make a simple survey and gauge where you stand.

• Do not fear
Many people walk around like zombies with a fear that they cannot put a finger to. Fear of the unknown has caused many people not to ooze the expected confidence in the workplace and therefore perform dismally. How do you conquer fear?

Very simple; that thing that you fear most dare it and do it. After several tries you will notice that after all it is something that is not worth fearing. The way I see it is that most people fear themselves. They fear that they can perform outstandingly. They fear the amount of confidence that can come out of them. Thinking of it that way makes you realize just what a shadowy thing fear is and should not be allowed to rule our lives and ruin our journey towards building self confidence thus achieve self improvement.

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