The Secret To Personal Growth And Development

Wednesday, December 30, 2009 | comments

Life is complex with many twists and turns but people who are determined to look at the bright side of life are today living to their fullest. That challenges that we face from day to day can easily make some people give up and resign to fate, Click Here to avoid procrastination!. But this should not be the case. I have come to discover that nothing lasts forever and so is the case with challenges.

I have noticed that people who dwell on their past successes and failures hinder their personal growth. Even if you failed or were abused in the past, do not allow those events to shape your life. Instead, such circumstances should act as catapults to propel you towards attaining self improvement.

Though you may be doing well in the present, do not rest there. Push yourself towards becoming a better person in whatever you do and thus be more productive in society, Click Here!. Someone like Bill Gates did not rest just because he made a few dollars, but rather he endeavored to ensure that every home had a computer. Today, he is living that dream.

The future is for sure promising but that nothing comes easy. Sitting back and hoping that all goes well is the wrong way to do it. Invest your time and resource now so that the latter days may be bright and fulfilling.

One thing that has really helped me in life is that I made a choice to reflect on the past but not to dwell there, to live in the present but always move on and think of the future but not to wait on it but rather to be proactive in achieving success and personal development. For me this has been the secret to personal growth.

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Life Attribute That Ensures You Of Personal Development

Tuesday, December 29, 2009 | comments

Once when I was still in school, our social science tutor made a statement that caused everyone to laugh; she said “Love is an illusion”. It did not know why she said that but that is beside the point, but was that statement really true? I totally beg to differ. To me love is a virtue that comes from deep within the heart and is so real.

Love is something to be cultivated everyday of our lives. It does not just pop up in your mind and then goes away within a short period of time. True love is there to stay and not just varnish as most people may claim.

Love is not wicked, in fact every wicked action or feeling can be classified as a vice. Misconceptions of what love is has caused many dreams, visions and even great life opportunities to be lost.

To live a full life and succeed in whatever you do, you must first understand what love is. When you understand what love is and what it can do, you will always be a step ahead and hence personal growth, fulfillment and self satisfaction.

A good example would be, when a person loves his job, he will do it to perfection and he will always be longing for the next day. Therefore, understanding love brings about perfection in whatever a person is doing.

In order to live a happy and improved life, you must commit yourself to pursuing love in whatever you do. This way you will also achieve your dreams hence personal growth and development.

What To Consider In Life To Achieve Personal Growth

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In order to achieve personal growth, what is needed most is quality living. Many people seek for quality life but they have confused it with quantity living. Do not get me wrong, we all need material things in life but they should not define who we really are. For you to live a good life and hence self development there are things you need to consider seriously.

The first thing you need to posses is love. The bible says “God is love.” It goes ahead to describe love as being stronger than death. It is on that love that the Ten Commandments were founded. Love is not an illusion but it is a virtue that it meant to bind the human race together and thus appreciation and satisfaction. Love breaks all the laws that seek to divide people.

In life it is important to plan. Some people do not budget what they earn and thus end up spending their money on things that are inconsequential. But to live a quality and improved life you need to have a financial plan. Budgeting helps you avoid running into debts and financial constrains that contribute to stress hence you hinder self improvement.

Your health is paramount if you are to experience personal growth. Therefore, watch carefully what you eat. When you take in junk food and substances like illegal drugs that do not benefit, improve or sustain your health, you will not live a quality life. You need to be strong physically and mentally to achieve self development thus eat healthy foods.

Quality life springs up from simple principles of life such as love, honesty, proper management of what you want in life and doing what is correct at the correct time, place and with the right people.

Where To Find True Happiness In Life

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So many people have tried to come up with descriptions both written and spoken to describe the real meaning of happiness but have failed to fully identify what true joy is all about and the sources of it.

The bible describes happiness in several ways but gives the source of it as the creator of the universe and nothing more. Philosophers and psychologist have gone ahead to give their opinions about the source of happiness and yet they are not living a fulfilled life despite having great academic qualifications, huge bank accounts or a spouse of their dreams.

Therefore, where does true fulfillment come from? And what is true joy in life? Personally, I know that true joy comes from within and not without. What is truly satisfying does not come from what we posses but what we are. When you are fully contented with what you are then you can be considered as being happy.

Contentment is very important since you are able to appreciate and also look for ways to better yourself. In addition, appreciating yourself will enable you to color your life in a better way and hence have self worth, confidence and self esteem.

Being content with what you are at a particular time in life is in fact real happiness. Therefore, you do not need to go far looking for joy because real happiness is deep within you. People who live happy lives are the ones that discovered that the things of this world are but just a passing cloud.

Self Improvement And How To Build Your Self Esteem

Thursday, December 24, 2009 | comments

Self pity is when you allow other people to define who you are. Even though the opinion of other people about you may be right, it does not mean it should hold you down. Use their view about you to improve yourself and hence work on your self image. Your life should never be influenced by other people. You are the one who holds the key to your personal growth and success.

The best approach to overcoming self pity and hence improve your self image is by adding on your personal skills. Do a thorough analysis on your strengths and weaknesses. First try to criticize your strong areas and then go ahead to work on your flaws.

In addition, find out what things offer threats to your self confidence. Once you have identified them, do not avoid or run away from them, rather face these challenges head no. If you look around carefully, you will also see opportunities you can take advantage of that would help in improving your personal skills.

Realize if you do not face your fears, they will affect your self image negatively and thus result in low productivity. Therefore starting today, work towards building on your strengths and overcoming your weakness. Mitigate your threats and go ahead and discover the many opportunities that life has to offer.

Self image is achieved by having a positive mind, therefore talk positive things about yourself and they will build your self esteem. You become what you say to yourself hence feed you mind with positive thoughts. Treat yourself like the king/queen that you are.

How Self Image Will Assist You Achieve Success

Wednesday, December 23, 2009 | comments

As much as you may work hard to improve your resume in order to go up the corporate ladder, if you do not work on your self image then you are bond to fail. Many people ignore the importance of working at improving their self image. They think that their qualifications will take them to the top and ignore or choose not to believe the existence of personal appearance.

Let me enlighten you on the importance of working on your self image. The first impression that people will have about you will prove to them how much you value, love and believe in yourself and your capabilities. It also goes a long way to show that you recognize your flaws and strengths.

A sad thing to note is how some people choose to ignore their weaknesses. To me this is irrational pride and that is the reason why there are people who are qualified but still end up being poor performers at their place of work. Acknowledging your flaws is in fact a strength that needs to be embraced and encouraged since it will help you work on your weakness.

One thing that can help you gain self worth is having a mentor. A good mentor should seek to change your perception of life and empower you to be able to build self confidence and hence improve your self image.

Mentorship motivates you and acts as an incentive to push you to achieve success and hence gain self confidence.

Everyday before you leave the house, look into the mirror and tell yourself that you are worth something. Believe in your capabilities and with time you will discover you have developed confidence and self worth.

Ways Of Improving your Self Confidence And Self Image

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Are you wondering why people do not give you a second chance or no chance at all, yet you have brilliant business ideas? Or maybe you have academic qualifications but no company seems keen to hire your? There is one thing you need to look into and that is your image.

Little do people know that those unintended actions contribute immensely and make an impact to the people we relate to. If you have a low self esteem or are suffering from lack of self confidence, it will show by the way you carry yourself around. Your body language and posture usually will portray what is inside you.

Personally, I would recommend employers not to write off all candidates who seem to be lacking self confidence, because some of these individuals once give the right exposure they could come out in flying colors. Our backgrounds play a major role in building our self worth, hence there are people who give half a chance in the right environment would adjust and with time gain confidence.

But even with this fact, it is important for you as individual to at least be presentable. Even though you may not have the latest fashion trends, make sure your clothes are clean and well ironed. Your shoes should also be polished and your hair neat. Am trying to say, you do not need a lot of money to appear presentable.

Generally, self image is about how you view yourself. It is a combination of your physical, visual and mental state. I hope you have gained something to help you improve your first impression and hence self image.

Success In Life Is About That First Impression:

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The one thing that matters most, more than your resume, the bright ideas you present or how hard you work, is the perception that people have of you. I once heard someone say, “Image is worth a thousand words.” First impression is about how we dress, the way we walk into a room, the manner we shake hands and maintain eye contact, or even the way we maintain calmness while talking to others.

The first five minutes are enough for someone to form an impression about you. One attribute that determines the first impression that others have of you is body language. These things include where you place your hands while talking to others, your body posture and as earlier mentioned how you walk. In fact, how you handle yourself contributes to over 50% of how people will view you.

Another important aspect of first impression is your tone of voice. Your tone should be friendly and inviting. Even when handling a phone call, it is important to make sure that your tone is welcoming, the person on the others side should picture you smiling.

People first form an opinion about how you look, then from there, they start judging you by the words you speak. Thus, you can then imagine if your first impression was not striking then no matter how good you talk, people will have already created an opinion about who you are.

Though we do some things unknowingly, we fail to realize that they matter a lot to the people we come in contact with. Our silent actions determine whether we land that dream job or seal that business deal.

How To Start All Over Again Despite The Challenges Of Life

Tuesday, December 22, 2009 | comments

As we get ready to usher in the New Year, do not let past mistakes, fears and wrong attitudes hold you back from having a successful and happy new year. Every day in our lives is a learning point, every experience make or break us according to our personal attitude. Life is a journey that helps us discover a new us.

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There are four destructive things though that we should beware of;

  • The deluding impression of what we see is a fact
  • The despairing impression that failure is final
  • The restraining impression that change will ruin things
  • The fatalistic impression that we are victims of circumstances

These should be replaced with the following;

  • The of faith to see beyond what is obvious
  • The courage to know we are not defeated unless we give up
  • The knowledge that we are in absolute control of what is happening
  • The adventure of growing through change as we welcome a new us

Train yourself to be a positive thinker. At all time, have a positive attitude about life. When you catch yourself in the midst of negative thinking, shout, "Stop!" to yourself and picture a stop sign. Replace the distressing thought with another thought that is more positive and rational. For instance, if the stressful thought is, "I cannot do this: I am worthless," instead say to yourself, "There are many valuable things that I can do."

Have a positive new year full of positive attitude and thought pattern.

How To Save Big Bucks This Holiday Season

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The easiest way of saving is to start early. Be setting aside some money every month for upcoming Christmas holiday. Do your shopping early too. Most shops hike their prices during holiday seasons where as you would have bought the same items for less before the holiday season.

Do price comparison when shopping, you do not even need to walk or drive around, we are living in the internet age now. In a few minutes, you can browse through the internet and make a phone call to find out if the item is in stock and be able to decide whether or not you will be going there to pick a certain item.

Take advantage of the seasonal price discounts offered by most shops, look also for coupon sites, they are a great way of saving. Instead of shopping in fixed price shops, go to bargain shops where you can negotiate for better prices.

Decorations that were used last Christmas holiday can be re-used to cut down on cost. You can also organize with your family to celebrate at home. It can be great fun to cook together things like cake, deserts like ice cream, and the like. Check on the internet how to make some of these things.

There are shops that buy old stuff hence you can choose to just trade in your old stuff with new ones. These are simple rules to follow so as not to have a stressful time when January sets in. Happy holidays and in whatever you do, enjoy yourself.

Tool Of Life That Gives Us Real Self Worth

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For years now we have been living for money. We work so hard to earn it, and when it is not enough we work overtime or take a second job, and expend anxious hours and sleepless nights to manage it and accumulate it. We sacrifice everything – family, community, peace of mind – to make money. And after all this we cannot explain where all these money is. Reason being, we never had it in the first place – it had us. Money is a means, not an end. It is supposed to be a tool for life—not the other way around.

The money we make never truly belongs to us. It either disappears into thin air, or it saps our strength and steals our lives. But every hour spent with our children, every dollar we give to charity, every positive endeavor we support—these can never be taken from us. They are ours forever. In other words, what we give is more beneficial than what we gain.

Money is not a measure of self worth. If you are poor and a miracle happens and you wake up rich tomorrow, your self worth will not increase, and you will not be a better person because you have got more money now. And if you lose half of your fortune because some certain stocks you invested in had hiccups, your self worth does not decrease by half.

Allow me to help you here; the true meaning of financial security is not money. The sense of security is derived not from bank accounts and stock portfolios, but from the confidence that the same God who created us and placed us upon this earth also provides our means of sustenance. God created us to be partners in the business of life, so if we do our part, God will do His.

Life Choices That Determine Self Improvement

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It is certain that life is an outcome of the choices we make; these choices determine our destiny and how high we rise. Everyday that we live are as a result of the choices we made at some point in our lives. Our choices determine out rate of self development.

Three common reasons why people make bad choices;

  1. Lack of necessary information needed to make a sound decision. Information, just like money is power. If you are not sure about something, do not rush into it. Make inquiries so as not to make mistakes that would have been otherwise avoidable. It is normal sometimes to shy or feel stupid to ask some things but remaining ignorant is worse.

  1. Procrastination; fear and lack of confidence can delay you from making decisions in good time. This way you stagnate in life. Postponing has never solved an issue but rather you delay finding a solution.

  1. Keeping the wrong company, there is a saying that goes, ‘show me your friends and I will tell you who you are’. If you hang out with jokers you are in serious trouble. Hang out with people who have achieved what you want to achieve so that they can guide you on how they made it.

  1. Lack of mentorship; it is always advisable to have people who we can be accountable to. The best mentors are people we respect and are experienced in the affairs of life.

Understand champions are made of challenges; do not be afraid of them. Also treat challenges as opportunities to learn new things. Personal growth comes from our daily encounter with life obstacles.

Holiday Planning Tips And Ideas

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Plan your budget; There is a misconception that holidays are too expensive and cannot be affordable. Like a lot of things you buy, booking early if you will be traveling by air and make big savings. Always shop around for the best deals. The best way to afford a holiday is to plan well in advance; it is recommended to start saving the month after you have come back from your previous holiday. Keep away some money every month.

Take Advantage of late and early deals; Most suppliers will give what they call 'Early Bird' booking deals and these can be significant savings. However, if you are not too worried about where you are going then you can do the reverse and get late deals, these can be huge savings as well but you run the risk of not being able to go away on holiday to the location of your choice. Late deals are only a good idea if you are flexible and do not require to plan your holiday away.

Cerebrating at home; Try having a holiday in your own country and explore what is right on your doorstep. The beauty of this is you can avoid having to pay expensive airfares which are a really high expense especially if you have to go away in the school holidays and there are lots of great value breaks including holiday parks, campsites, bed and breakfast, lodges and hotels to choose from.

All said and done give yourself a break and make sure you enjoy your holidays.

How To Make Sure Your First Impression Count

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Am sure we have all heard that the way we dress speaks volumes about who we are. If you do not dress seriously, you are not going to be taken seriously. But if you dress smart and neatly, you are more likely to be treated with respect, this tells you that first impression matter a lot.

When attending a function, know the dress code. You do not want to go on record as the ‘terribly dressed’. More importantly, make sure you are neat and clean. It is unforgivable for you to wear torn, stained or wrinkled clothes.

If you have to wear any make up, please do not over do it. Also do not be so flashy, just keep your patterns to minimum. Make sure you cover up tattoos and body jewelry if you are attending a professional function. Also be conscious of how you dress your jewelry; if you choose to put on silver, then all your jewelry should be silver and likewise when you choose to put on gold. Never mix the two.

In addition, know your type and dress according to your size. Get clothes that fit you properly, do not go wearing anything too tight or too big. Improve your dressing tread, and watch the way people will treat you.

Proper dressing code, give you good first impression hence you will not struggle to make an impression. It is these first impressions that make you gain favor when attending an interview. Therefore, before you leave your house, check yourself on the mirror since you never know who you will meet.

Personal Development – How To Be Creative

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The route to becoming creative is not easy and that is why most people shy away and would rather leave things as they are. But it is good to realize that people that have impacted the world positively are those who have gone against the norm to defy all odds and change things. The human brain has been designed to be imaginative especially when pushed to a corner. Therefore, when things seem tough rather than running away, seek to find a solution.

There are things you can do to enable your mind become creative and the first is overcome the fear of failure. As much as it is easier to sit back and do what you are supposed to do, risk and think outside the box. Do not worry what others will say or how you will persuade others. With time when they see things working out they will be convinced.

Even when everything seems to be going on well, always seek to be creative. This is because when things start going bad there is usually not enough time to come up with a solution. By thinking ahead you will activate your brains towards creativity.

Since one cannot be sure of the results of being innovative, some people are afraid of being creative. Realize that most of the time the new ideas we come up with are not normally logical hence evaluate your ideas rather than ignore them. Even when people consider your creative ideas erroneous to not give up on them until you try them out.

Creativity is the route to personal growth and hence self development. Strive to activate your mind’s creative side and with time you will achieve self improvement.

Personal Development Is About Activating Your Mind Towards Creativity

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We all have inborn talents and gifts but it does not mean we cannot be innovative. I believe that we all inhabit the ability to develop ourselves to achieve personal growth. Most of us when we go looking for personnel to hire we target those individuals we think are talented.

Creativity is something you learn and acquire with time and is not necessarily inborn. The reason for saying this is because skill is about utilizing information in a given pattern in the brain. This patterning system can be developed by any individual.

The reason why some develop more skill than others is because they work hard at it hence some people have a higher degree in creativity than others. Though there are people who are naturally innovative, it is possible for someone who is not creative to develop himself and even become more creative than the naturally creative person.

What most people are afraid of is the time is takes and the uncertainty involved in acquiring skills. Also, as much as there are risks involved the rewards of begin creative out way these risks. The journey to personal development is therefore not a bed of roses; you have to be ready to sacrifice your time and resources. Everybody needs to seek to be innovative.

Why is it that some people are able to think and come up with simple ideas and then implement them easily while others find this difficult? The one thing that differentiates these two individuals is that one is ready despite the circumstances to activate his mind to think and hence becomes imaginative.

Holiday Planning When It Comes To Traveling With Family Members

Monday, December 21, 2009 | comments

The holiday season is here with us and most families are wondering where to go and enjoy each others company. This is usually that right time to encourage family bonding and mend broken fences. But care needs to be taken where to go especially if one has teenagers.

Due to different preferences, children tend to fancy different destinations or may just prefer staying behind and make plans with their friends. The challenge then remains to come up with a holiday plan that is agreeable with all family members, have fun and adventure while at it.

To make holiday trips interesting and hassle free, involve every member in the choice of destination and importantly encourage negotiation. In case there is a stalemate, you can vote and the destination that losses can be visited in the next family holiday. Another option would be to include a bit of every bodies preference in the holiday package.

Setting the amount to be spent is crucial in holiday planning. Therefore, first and foremost determine the budget. Having a budget will also help your travel agent to suggest the best travel destination that fit your budget.

The other aspect about traveling for holidays is planning early. Make reservations in advance and if you intent to stay with friends or family members, let them know early enough when you will be arriving and for how long you will stay.

If your choice involves travelling by road, service your car and in case you are hiring one, hire from a credible company. All said and done, the most important thing is to make sure you fully enjoy your holidays with your loved ones.

How To Polish Your Listening Skills

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I have always thought my partner is a poor listener, (or may be would say most men are) until we went to visit some family friends last weekend. They would enquire how you have been and before you finish, off they are to another topic! Personally, I thought this was rude and I thought may be more than enough have been said about writing skills and very little on listening as a skill.

To be a good listener, think of how you would want to be listened to. Listening makes others feel appreciated, interesting and respected. In the business world, losses can be avoided and time saved too because listening prevent misunderstandings. This is why you should review your listening skill before you attend a job interview.

Sit up straight or lean forward slightly facing the speaker to show your attentiveness through body language. Maintain eye contact as much as possible and minimize distractions for example turning off the television, or put down a book or magazine.

A conversation is supposed to follow logical flow after the speaker makes a point. Focus on what the speaker is saying and try not to think of what you will say next. Respond appropriately to show you understand.

Try to keep an open mind and do not make assumptions about what the speaker is thinking, wait until they finish before deciding whether you agree or disagree. Avoid telling your story; unless your advice is requested, just assume they just wanted to talk it out.

Financial Planning And How To Be Smart In Spending

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A financial psychologist once said that to make smart decisions regarding your money, you need to let the logical side of your brain rather than the emotional one to dominate. Avoid being emotionally attached to your investments. There are people who would cling to certain stocks because they inherited from their parents and their parents used to love them or because they work for the company and selling would be disloyal.

Before purchasing something evaluate whether the product or service is worth that price in enjoyment considering how you will use it and if you can get the same quality for less. Beware of retaliatory spending; do not ever go on a shopping spree because you are stressed, or you have had a fight with your partner or an argument with your boss. No matter how better you think it will make you feel, it will damage your financial health.

It is wise not to cling on to debt. For instance, there are people with money in their savings account earning less than two percent, and have debt in their credit cards that are being charged more than fourteen percent. It is good to save for a rainy day, but if you have more than enough savings you can pay your debt and save on huge debt card interests. Then rebuild the savings, not the debt. For emergency purposes; you still have the credit cards (now with zero balances), and you can tap them in.

If you make a mistake in your investments, do not go the way you anticipated or stay in denial; losses do not go away just because you did not look at them. Asses where you are and figure out what to do instead of waiting for things to get worse.

Tips On Having A Happy And Fulfilling Married Life

Thursday, December 17, 2009 | comments

The more I listen to most of my married friends, the more worried I get. Each time we sit down and share a cup of coffee, all we pour out from our hearts are problems, how disappointed we are with our spouses. There is one thing we all have encountered in our marriages though, ‘communication breakdown’. Even when we think we have done wrong, we do not take the time to say we are sorry, we do not stop and think what damage we are doing to one another.

When we walk down the aisle and take those marital vows, do we really know what we are getting ourselves into? We vow to love and respect one another, to cling to each other in times of joy and sadness, in sickness and in health, to leave and forsake all others including our relatives and live with one another till death do us part. Well things always look up for the first few months or so, but then we start to forget the passion and the love that we once declared for one another. Finally we wake up to the reality of living with our spouses under the same roof. We are suddenly exposed to the weakness of the other person.

Hundreds of literature has been written on how to have a happy marriage, but we do not pay attention at all. If only we could be a little more honest with our spouses about our feelings instead of shutting down and consult with each other when we need to do things for our relatives then we would not have a choice but enjoy our married lives.

Lets all borrow some time from our busy schedules, write things about our spouses that we feel are good and on the other hand write what we think is wrong. If the good out weigh the bad, then we should by all means work it out, and if the bad outweigh the good then that is it, we have got no chance in that marriage.

Parenting Tips On Modelling The Behaviour Of Our Children

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As parents, our behavior influences our children more than anyone else. We are a role model for them to follow. Do the things you would want them to do as well. If you want them not to use foul language, keep your language clean. Allow me to say that children have changed little since Joseph's brothers sold him to the Egyptians, and the father's role has changed a little too. Traditionally, fathers were known as the authority figures especially when it came to enforcing discipline.

The father's role is to be there after mom has had the baby; he should try and share any job around and also pay attention to the child's discipline, talk and listen to the child. A father's most important job though is to love the child. It is important for both parents to be involved in enforcing good values in their children.

Parental attention is very important to a child, this means focusing on the positive and correcting any negative behaviour; this way you encourage a child to behave well. In some cases you can actually reward a child for doing a certain good thing, though be careful not to over do it. It should not be like bribing them to behave well. They should understand that rewards come with responsibility.

Try re-directing, where by you explain to the child either verbally or physically the better way to behave. This guides the child and also communicates to them what works for you and others. It works even in small children since they are capable of reading your body language.

Parents should create rules for their family and make the children know the consequences of breaking them. This gives them direction. More importantly, we should be our children's friends. Encourage them to open up to you and talk to you about their fears, what makes them happy and their thoughts. For example instead of shouting them down or spanking them (which will either make them shut down or become rebellious) because they misbehaved, try talking first and find out why they did it. Good luck!

Looking Out For Signs Of A Bad Nanny

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Baby cries uncontrollably when you are about to leave; When baby is about four months old they start discerning between family members and strangers and some suffer anxiety towards people they do not know. They also suffer anxiety when the parent is about to leave but this settles down as they grow older or get used to the stranger. Since you can decode your the cry of your child, you can tell if they are crying out of fear or if it is just a normal cry. Make a point of returning home unexpectedly and see what goes on after you have gone.

No bonding yet; If baby and nanny have not bonded yet even after a prolonged period of time and baby dislikes the nanny and gets upset by the simple sight of her, it is a sign of trouble. It is important for baby and nanny to have the right chemistry to make it work.

If it is impossible for you and your help to work as a team; Your relationship with your help is very important since you can tell how efficient she is. Beware of a nanny who does not talk; she might be keeping ill feelings towards you which will in turn affect the way she treats your child. For instance, if she chooses not want to follow your instructions especially on hygiene issues or being critical of how you raise your child, although you should welcome constructive suggestions, is not a good sign.

When your help invites people to your place; Your place is her work place and should be handled with etiquette just like another official place. The problem of bringing people to your house when you are away especially fellow nannies and boyfriends is that she will neglect the work that is supposed to be done. In addition, she should respect your privacy.

If your help doesn't keep schedules; If she does not live in your house, then she should be able to arrive a few minutes before her call time. A good caregiver should also keep time with feeding, sleeping and bathing times and if this is not the case then she is unreliable.

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