Seven Strategic Dual Roles of Tomorrow’s Recruiters

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The swift horse are usually found, but not the same as ‘Pak Lok" (the person who has good judgments to spot ‘Long Distance Running Horse’.
Oriental Proverb
Like the Pak Lok, every recruiter intent to hunt for the right talent, but with different approach: yesterday’s recruiters are busy searching for the keyword, evaluate the right horse with their outdated methodology, personal judgment, old channel and fitness on the surface, most often they spot the short distance running horse, bring in the candidate with the short-term perspective or similar mindset to many organizations, that might be the deep reason for the leadership failure in Great Recession and the root cause for How the Mighty Fall

Tomorrow’s recruiters will learn from Pak Lok, see through their clients’ character and courage, walk through their soul and heart, to become the superior talent master and visionary soul hunter.

Here are the seven strategic dual roles defined for the futuristic recruiters, to inspire more discussion:

1.The Visionary & the Change Agent
Most of today’s recruiters treat candidate like mechanical component with standard functionality, move them from company A to company B horizontally, then the organizations assemble them into the same old machine (framework) with the same old CPU (mindset).

The true change agent recruiters or entrepreneurial recruiters not only exploit the traditional talent pipeline, just like energy sector, it’s a strategic imperative to explore the renewable talent energy: no matter it’s solar panel (the sunshine type talent, with positive mindset, not too much shadows), clean tech (the water flow type talent, desire to move on & up, with transferrable strength), or biofuel (the nature made raw talent, their specialties to make impossible possible., etc).

Tomorrow’s recruiters are not only the change agent in their own industry, but also have the deep vision for their clients’ industries (anyway, we have so many troubled industries around), help build up the dream team with inspiring mind & culture, and shake up those traditional industries.

The progressive global talent is the best product in recruiting industry and the human society overall.

2.The Soul Hunter & Talent Master
That in the soul which is called the mind is, before it thinks…. Aristotle

Today’s recruiters are called headhunters: try to hunt for the right head based on the static keyword searching, through their limited talent pipeline and old-fashioned recruiting channels.

However, in this post recession era, change is the only thing won’t change in the future, globalization, diversity, and the culture thing will last forever.

Tomorrow’s recruiters are hunting for the GOOD HEART: the purpose & mission, the MEGA MIND: the whole-brain thinker,& the thought leadership; and the BIG GUT: the courage & character.

Tomorrow’s talent masters like gardener, treat the talent like viable plants, help the tree grow taller, stronger, also watering the grass to make them greener, fresher, the talent master work with the executives from top down, to build up the positive learning culture and talent landscape, full of sunshine and pleasant aura.

3.The Strategist & the Practitioner
When the winds of change blow, some people build walls and others build windmills. 
Oriental Proverb

In the last decade, many recruiters make the strategic move to transform the business model from offline to online, the pros is online platform bring up the convenient interface for technical job hunting activities such as searching position open (mainly mid-level or lower) or submitting resumes., etc. however, the cons is: it seems build up the new wall between the employer and candidate.

The future of recruiting approach should be more hybrid and tactical: keep online automation and convenience, also have more transparent offline process and face-to face interaction and activities, take more initiative to fill up the talent gap, grow, renew and expand the talent pool.

4.Organization Architect & Human Engineer
The future of recruiters are both “soul hunter” and “soul engineer”

Today’s recruiters are more like administrative function inside the organization or outsourced HR solution. Tomorrow’s recruiters are the best strategic partners to work with the executives or the clients shoulder by shoulder, head to head,, they take action as the enterprise HR architect, take advantage of the latest technology such as enterprise 2.0 and social network, to breakthrough the hierarchy & bureaucracy, frame up the learning organization, and share the unconventional success story.

The recruiters and talent coach can also be called the human “soul engineer”: using engineering perspective, pivotal talent segment, dealing with talent risk, building up HR governance, implementing talent diversification, digging into multiple talent channels and exploring the alternative talent pipeline.

5.The Artist & Scientist
“ Good artists copy, great artists steal” Picasso

Today’s recruiters may just try to “steal” the talent from the competitors. Tomorrow’s recruiters are brighter with more holistic nature: cycle the talent cross the industry, even cross the global.

The future of recruiters are the great artists, treat each talent as a piece of art, to appreciate the master piece, and to master the innovative talent via connecting the dots:

“I am not a physician and a storyteller, I regard the two things as linked..”
Oliver Sacks (Professor and Writer)

The future of recruiter is also the scientist, with the right technology such as advance analytics, HR metrics, Performance Management, the talent could be observed, experimented and explained in the respected and humanity way.

The future of recruiter develop the right process and value system to “harden” the soft skill such as leadership, entrepreneurship., etc, and “soften” the hard skill such as the engineering and financing. They are framing the new HR discipline with the artistic perspective and scientific methodology.

6.The Philosopher & Philanthropist

“Just as there is a blueprint of a building or a circle, so to there exist blueprints of courage, of justice, of humankind, of all living things. Western Philosophy

From philosophical perspective, the recruiters may have one of the most meaningful careers in the world: to hunt for the very best blueprint: the courage, the justice, the humanity., etc., to architect the blueprint of the great organization, the city, the nation and whole human society.

From philanthropic point of view, the recruiter may also have one of the most valuable professions: help human reach the full potential to advance the humanity. Besides help human out of poverty and illness, talent management is truly the next level of philanthropy, if we connect the dot again, the advanced education and talent management system could naturally speed up the human’s advancement from the basic survival demand. The charity effort in many large organization may also need connect with their talent strategy, since the charity is truly beyond tax saving or public relationship, it’s the blueprint of organization’s purpose.

7.Enterprise Surgeon & Pharmacist

Great Recession left us with many struggling industries and troubled organizations, plus the large available talent pool. It’s the perfect timing for the recruiters and all HR professionals to make a difference with more bold initiative, aggressive roadmap and innovative approach:

The future of recruiters like surgeon to help fix those sick enterprises with new blood, open mind and fresh eyes; The visionary (who can see the others can not), the next generation of leadership and talent will be the right panacea (possibly made of the West Medicine & East Medicine magic combination).

In summary, Pearl are everywhere, but not the same as the eyes, Like the Pak Lok, to spot ‘Long Distance Running Horse with the insight, The future of recruiters will have audacious attitude, the sharp eyes, the open mind and the big heart, to fit in this seven strategic dual roles, to hunt for the right souls in the 21st century.

Entrepreneur CIO

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Being an entrepreneur is one of the most critical and inspiring experience and preparation to become the CIO in 21st century, to fit in Gartner well-defined 6 styles of "money-making" CIOs: entrepreneur CIO, revenue search CIO, business development CIO, cost-optimization CIO and Innovation CIO, and the last one: public-serving CIO (even you are not working in public service, every CIO could be the natural leader to serve the public and the world for better), why:

1. Being entrepreneur, you have to wear different hats, which teach you to think from different angles, from customer's perspective, take vendor's shoes, be thoughtful for the employees and many more;

2. Being entrepreneur to inspire you think without border: since you have to work cross the function, cross the organization, many of us may also need work cross-industry, and cross-culture, cross-nation, etc.

3. Being entrepreneur to make your skin thicker: "Thicker skin is God's gift", every entrepreneur may have the experience to approach the customer boldly, not necessarily shameless though, so either your pursuing Martin Luther Kings "I have the dream" or Steve Job's "Sell the dream", it truly provoke your courage;

4. Being entrepreneur, you have not only surviving but also try to thriving, so the revenue search, business development and innovation are your daily job, that's great preparation for becoming the unconventional CIO today, but it will be the new normal for tomorrow's CIO and many other senior executives in larger enterprise.

In summary, no matter what CIO stand for: chief information officer, chief innovation officer, chief integration officer, chief inspiration officer, chief implementation officer., etc, the shining spot is the entrepreneur's spirit, even it stand for: the career is over --it's also not so scary, since being an entrepreneur CIO could refresh your dream, rekindle your energy and rebuild your asset.

Restudy “Good to Great”: Is Wal-Mart still a Great Company?

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The More Organization Grows, The More Individuals Could Grow
Peter Drucker

Last week, Wal-Mart’s lawsuit (1.5 million female employees claim that female Wal-Mart employees receive fewer promotion and pay less) phenomena make us pondering again about the corporate culture and purpose, as the biggest company in the world, Wal-Mart is a success story in Mr. Jim Colin’s book :Build to Last.

However, in this post recession era, new decade of 21st century, is Wal-Mart still a great company to inspire the others? let’s restudy Mr. Jim Colin’s Good to Great and Build to Last to diagnose the symptom.

1.A Cult Like Culture
“Now I want you to raise your right hand, and remember what we say at Wal-Mart,
that promise we made is a promise we keep –and I want you to repeat after me, From this day forward, I solemnly promise and declare that every time a customer comes within ten feet of me, I will smile, look him in the eyes and greet him. So help me!" Sam

The visionary entrepreneur Mr. Sam Walton founded Wal-Mart in early 20th century, it became a legendary story in American history, it’s also a symbol of corporate of America, the great fit for the “the Bigger is Better” American culture.

However, if Wal-Mart even can not hear their own employees voice, not just a few, it’s 1.5 million female employees, their majority of workforce, a few diagnostic questions:

--how can they expect their employees to mange a smile at their face, but cry in their heart?

--How do they expect their employees to carry Sam’s legacy, since their female employees are also their most influential customers, can they smile when they shop in their own stores, can they feel happy even they could purchase a few cheaper items, in this case, cheaper is not necessary better.

No matter customer first or employee first culture, the truly great company should gain both their employees and customers heart, beyond the smile on the surface, shape the future with women’s voice, that’s essential of great company in the 21st century.

2.Core Value and Purpose
Wal-Mart’s core ideology:
--We exist to provide value to our customers
--Be in partnership with employees
--Work with passion, commitment and enthusiasm

Definitely the lawsuit would expedite the change process to review their core value and purpose, to remember “the voice of people is the voice of God”, to rebuild female employees’ heart and trust, and to reshape itself as a great company beyond a big company again.

3.Technology Accelerators
Technically Wal-Mart is still a great company with cost-efficient business model, advanced technology infrastructure, lean supply chain and fair web portal, however, as “Good to Great” clarified, technology is a subservient to core value, not the other way around.

The action point for Wal-Mart is to take advantage of Web 2.0 and Enterprise 2.0 technology to get their female employee voice heard, and nurture the new generation of female leadership to represent the modern consumers in the new decade of 21st century, make them smile from bottom of their heart.

4.From Good to Great to Build to Last

Enduring great companies don’t exist merely to deliver returns to shareholders, indeed, in a truly great company, profit and cash flow become like blood and water to a health body, they are absolutely essential for life, but they are not the very point of life.
----From Good to Great

So what’s the very point of life: it’s the spirit, the purpose and the value, and those very point of life stimulate the progress to adapt to the changing world. And the fundamental progress for every company in the post recession era is to empower the female workforce and leadership, since they are the mainstream diver in the worldwide economy in the 21st century.

The great companies will still deliver the same core democratic values: Life, liberty, pursuit of happiness, justice, equality, diversity, truth., etc. , they are delivering and inspiring the American dreams!!!

Overlooked Factors To Success In Attaining Excellence

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One of the most important factors to success is discipline. Having set your goals you ought to perform your obligations thoroughly and in your own sweet way. To be self-controlled is to follow your principles no matter the circumstances. The knowledgeable will tell you that factors to success are normally controversial.

You do not have to follow the grain or prove anything to anyone. Just being yourself and doing the right thing regardless of public opinion is enough to make you a champion. You need to forego your reputation in order to save it later because what seems like a sacrifice today will eventually prove to be your greatest investment.

If you even consider lending your ears to people you will start failing even before you attempt. W. Shakespeare wrote: Cowards die so many times before their death. How can you go to battle when you are sure of losing? How can you think crooked and expect to walk straight. This may appear simple but it is a sure factor to success.

Even a beggar could become king if he stopped being a beggar. It is so hurting to see that many people allow the opinion of others to shape them. How can an external party turn you against yourself without your permission? This then means choosing your friends wisely is one of the most important factors to success.

You must change your attitude and self-image so as to conquer the prejudicial views of society. Let what you see remain a secret to yourself and focus on what is best for you, because factors to success are esoteric to they that seek for them.
Being prejudiced is inconsequential compared to the benefits of achieving your dream. Challenges make your dream worthwhile. Of what use would be victory without glory? Do not wish life were easier, wish you were tougher.

You hold the key to your success therefore guard it jealously. Follow the links below to harness more rich content on valuable factors to success.

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2. Mind Secrets Exposed: Best Success Package: “Success Has Nothing To Do With Being Lucky.” Don’t blame yourself for not knowing this to begin with. “Everyone Has The Potential For Success, But It Has Been Hidden From You All Along.” A Perfect Lifestyle.

Brainstorm the Process Revolution: The Art or The Science?

Saturday, November 27, 2010 | comments

Economy recession make business process management a hot spot to grow: software vendors try to repackage themselves as BPM providers; Organizations intend to rejuvenate themselves through BPM solutions. Today’s BPM solutions lay out the solid foundation to define, automate, control and monitor the business processes to improve the quality and reduce the cost, it intends to build up the responsive enterprise with firm control system tools; However, today’s BPM may not adapt to the new demand and technologies at the new decade in the 21st century.

The future of BPM need response the “changes ”more promptly , such as the globalization, the social computing, and the cloud strategy., etc, to transform into the future of enterprise with real time, extensible, proactive analytical capabilities.

How to REFINE the art of next generation of BPM:

1.Reframe the Enterprise Architecture via Enterprise 2.0 collaboration tools:
People, process, technology are the tangible building blocks for modern enterprise; strategy and culture are the intangible fabric to weave around it, so the future of BPM will:

--Refresh these core business processes to make sure the changes are not only
predicted but also fully prepared;

--Restructure the organizational framework or flowchart to ensure the right people
in the right position at the right time;

The next generation of BPM will naturally integrate enterprise 2.0 collaboration
tools into software suite, not only implement automation, but also enhance the
learning as process, and enable knowledge sharing.

2.Rekindle the Business Innovation via Cloud & Social Computing
The innovation process re-engineering is about nurturing innovation skills, ingraining innovation culture, embracing innovative technology and developing the updated metrics.

Cloud Computing allow organizations experiment on new innovative ideas with limited budget, fast setup and expand their product or marketing niche to create new business model and revenue stream with scalability.

By aligning cloud strategy without cloudy look, enterprise may reinvent itself as growth engine, and the purple cash cow.

The process on the fly (the future process) is all about building up the business cloud infrastructure to implement the deep integration of eco-system, with the chance of having agility, modularization, fungibility (cloud standardization).

3.Realign the Business Priority and Enterprise Resources & Supply Chain
How to build up the customer-centric, employee-inspiring culture is the priority for today’s organization.

Unified communication, social computing and many latest technologies help optimize the supply chain, streamline the enterprise resources, and improve the customer service.

The future of BPM will enable MashUp, crowd sourcing abilities :
--Encourage the customers to co-design the products, service and communities, to share the thought and feedback, to enhance customer responsiveness and satisfaction.

--Inspire the employees to make more contribution, toppling hierarchy barriers and breakdown the conventional boundary, to encourage the culture of learning and embedded it into the business process and strategy seamlessly.

4.Revitalize the GRC Enforcement
The Great Recession may be partly caused by failure of effective governance, risk control and compliance process.

In post recession era, the effective questions we may ask to enhance GRC are:
-- How to define more global universal business cases?
-- How to revitalize the regulation change, GRC enforcement into processes?
--How to optimize the process design with advanced analytics and BI capabilities

Today’s BPM still focus on control and the problem at hand, tendency toward tunnel vision.

The focal point of next generation of BPM will be innovation oriented, customer centric, GRC enhanced, cloud based, module-designed, with broad vision of transforming to the real time, extensible enterprise.

The Food For Thought: The Spirit of Turkey from Thanksgiving Holiday

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Americans consume about 48 million turkeys in Thanksgiving. What exactly can we learn from this elegant, vivid creature:

1.Self-Sacrifice Spirit: turkeys sacrifice their life to make a symbol at human’s holidays, to unify the family and lift our holiday spirit.

2.Self-Respect Attitude: turkeys’ colorful, metallic feather not only offer them survival capability: keep warm and dry, help fly., etc, but also remind us of respect: Appearance are important to self respect and also respect for others.

3.Take advantage of Good Resource & Talent: Turkeys eat nuts, berry, insects., etc, any food available in their immediate terrain, not waste resource and talent

4.Leverage Short Term Goal with Long Term Strategy: Turkeys can fly short distance powerfully, however, they have difficulty to maintain the same energy power with long distance journey, so as human, we can learn to leverage the passion and energy for continuous growth.

5.Symbolize the Renew and Rebirth: Turkeys are bred to grow faster and bigger, it may symbolize the life renewal and growth blossom.

Those may be the reasons the President Franklin Benjamin wanted to name turkey as national bird to replace the eagle.

From Thanksgiving tradition, we may also learn American Indian and pilgrim were sharing the food and culture to celebrate the harvest, the same legacy could be carried on today:

Citizens by birth could learn from citizen by choice: the courage, the new culture, the restless pursuit of new land and exploring the fresh development;

Citizen by choice could learn from citizen by birth: the tradition, the belonging, the value, and the open attitude to welcome the newcomers.

Besides Turkey diner, either you go shopping spree to fill up your handbag, or you chose hanging around in Borders to enjoy free coffee and books to refresh your mind set, the touch point of holiday is truly about lifting up the energy and spirit, hopefully also help blackout the businesses' balance sheet and speed up the economy.

Living Stress Free And Achieving True Happiness

Thursday, November 25, 2010 | comments

True happiness is derived from freedom, the freedom to perceive things as you wish and the ability to create your own utopia. You do not have to be what situations and people make you. You can live a completely stress free life if you value every single aspect and occasion, as everything happens for a reason.

Variety is the spice of life. In this sense, daily challenges serve to stimulate our imagination and stir up our creativity as we look for ingenious ways to solve them. There is nothing greater than a challenge when you have got something to prove. For those who can see where the beauty lies, it is such an adventure to face complex difficulties. Therefore, obstacles should act as an immunity towards achieve a stress free lifestyle.

Heroes are excited by the prospects of having to solve a puzzle that no one else has. Only when we acquire brand new eyes shall we discover and live stress free. The champions of our age enjoy endless romances with obstacles. I actually think the luckiest person alive is the one whose life is plagued with so many insurmountable problems such as the seven labors of Hercules for he is so blessed with an abundance of opportunity.

Not being attacked by problems is a sign of disaster; it denies us joy. We constantly need to be tested and inspired so that we become what we should be thus live stress free. Only fools wish to meet zero obstacles and to sit and relax without working. If you feel that you would be happy if everything you needed was just provided for you and you do not have to work you are cursed. The curse of being born with a silver spoon in one’s mouth can only be broken by spitting that spoon and going out to look for challenging scenarios.

It is such a pity for someone to bribe to get promotion: I would rather have my values than be rich. Listen to some advice: “if you can see a shortcut ahead, think again.” The presence of challenges is the invitation to a stress free life and hence true happiness.

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The Key To Success Finally Answered

Wednesday, November 24, 2010 | comments

What is the secret or the key to success? This is a question that many people continually ask themselves. But ask yourself; what would be worth living if you had no courage to attempt anything? Every accomplishment starts with the decision to try. The wise said: If you want something you never had before you have got to do something you have never done before. Try and fail but do not fail to try.

Nevertheless, you cannot always get what you want but if you try sometimes you might get what you need. The effect of everything that happens in life is two-fold like a coin. There is the negative side and definitely the good one. We can always choose to perceive things on the positive. You can focus on what is going wrong in your life or you can focus on what is right and this is the key to success in life.

You can be able to handle challenges in the right manner if you know where you are going. This is because it is your long-term goals that keep you from being frustrated by short-term failures. Goals are not absolutely necessary to motivate us but are essential and act as keys to success. If you have a goal in life that drains off all your energy, consumes your time and requires a lot of attention, you will always be eager to wake up daily to see what the new day brings.

Someone once said that: If you do not get up every morning with a burning desire to do things, you are not worth living.

Let no one limit your dreams as your ambitions determine who you are. Shoot the moon, even if you miss you will land among the stars. Always remember the key to success is to focus, as it is during our darkest moments that we must find the light. If you look down to test the ground before taking your next step, he who keeps his eye fixed on the horizon will defeat you. Mark Twain was so right when he said: “You cannot depend on your eyes when your imagination is out of focus.”

Follow the links below to read more motivational content on finding the key to success in life.

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Changing Your Life Is The Way To Success

Wednesday, November 17, 2010 | comments

To most of us change is not pleasant, yet changing your life could be your one way ticket to attaining your success. They say a habit is a disease, I should say though, a disease is curable. It is just a matter of perspective since, if you believe you can then you will and vice versa. Good things in life were not meant for everyone anyway, you have to earn them.

Having to earn success is a matter of changing your life in terms of your ways of thinking. No one will force you to shed your laziness, addictions and cynicism. It takes a great conscious effort to snap out of such a grasp and face reality. Customs usually can enslave you for life unless you decide to change your fate. It is only when you cannot live without something that you put effort to get it.

Moreover, you can change your life for the better if you alter your perspective. You just choose to live a different life without looking back and in that instant you release a force so strong in you that the forthcoming turbulence tremble.

The secret is to wake up every morning with a desire to change your life and thus beginning enjoying life. Otherwise, if you have no longing to achieve something difficult you will not be eager or ready for tomorrow. The happiest people I have come across are those struggling to overcome addictions, because they know that each passing day they inch closer to ultimate freedom. In reality they are living a struggle and a hope for a bigger tomorrow.

Changing your life comes with new tougher responsibilities but with sweet fruits. It is after you see the bigger picture that you will be disciplined and determined. Sir Benjamin Franklin said it all: “You will find the key to success under the alarm clock.”

The Future of Enterprise: Seven Excitement from Enterprise 2.0

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The Enterprise 2.0 meeting held last week has not only brought out quite a few of passionate software vendors with their emerging collaboration tools, more importantly, it inspired the imagination about what the future of enterprise looks like: Spider ( still center based environment) or Starfish (more distributed, informal enterprise).

Here are 7 Es to evoke further exploration :

1. Engage –both the employees and customers communication more seamlessly: enterprise 2.0 tools are truly about collaboration and engagement, to stimulate more effective communication cross the boarder, and engender the collective wisdom. It more easily filled up the communication gap between business vs. IT, c-level executive vs. front-line employees, and organization vs. customer or suppliers. The future of enterprise is all about collaborative social business

2. Energize-the innovation and fresh idea everywhere: from product/project management, to human resource management , from supply chain to customer service, the future of enterprise is truly about innovative business

3. Experiment—the new organization infrastructure: beyond the traditional functional department with silo view, the future of enterprise is composed with many mash-up, cross-functional talent teams: HR Center of Excellence (may not just people form HR), BI Center of Excellence (may not just people from IT), Customer Center of Excellence., etc. The new shape of enterprise may not look like pyramid, more weaved as enterprise grid, with both vertical communication and horizontal interaction in more effective fashion.

4. Embed –the business process management and change management into the blood of the enterprise via collaborative enterprise 2.0 tools, BPM is not just the top-down strategy or bottom-up business cases, it’s the daily journey for every employee encircling the organization, the future of enterprise is a progressive business.

5. Empower –the best talent: the visionary architect, the business transformer, the thought leader, the idea conceiver, the customer evangelist, the HR strategist, the sales &marketing genus., etc, enterprise 2.0 tools shake up the traditional performance evaluation, allow each star shine in the sky. The future of enterprise is about talent intelligence, so the future of career path is more approachable like lattice than the ladder.

6. Execute-the strategy and operation with more collaborative and transparent way via open communication tools, with integrated GRC (governance, risk control and compliance) methodology & perspective. The future of enterprise is about executing better, faster and cheaper.

7 Encourage—the learning culture, enterprise 2.0 is about sharing, sharing the knowledge, thought and experience from outside (customer) in to insider (employee) out, then optimize the process, and embrace the change, the future of enterprise is the learning organization.

It may take years for enterprise 2.0 tool to become more mature and cognizant, but the future of enterprise is about there: like the garden in the Spring, to make every plant shining under sunshine, with greener style. Winter is here, Spring is no so far away…

Charity Work The Essence Of Finding Real Happiness

Monday, November 15, 2010 | comments

If you want to live long and happy, invest in people and what better way to do it than through charity work. You have a great responsibility of volunteering, which unfortunately many think is a choice. The reason why volunteers are not paid is because they are priceless. There is no better investment than in kindness and love. Money and other assets are set to rot or lose value with time. In any case, what you store up for yourself is shared with rodents.

The best exercise for your heart is in reaching down and lifting others up through charity work. Acts of charity gives you pleasure and contentment in the fact that you are able to help someone. One has not lived until he/she does something to somebody worth remembering. The best investment is where you expect no returns. That is the essence of love, it is selfless and unconditional. There are two things that man must have in order to find living worthwhile; and these are attitude and love.

No matter what situations might be, man must always remain calm humble and positive. He should be aggressive in a calm and loving way. One who does not appreciate the events of life finds no joy at all and is thus unable to offer charity works to others; for how can you offer love if you do not have any? Joy begins within a person as a result of high esteem and optimism. One may expect to receive no affection and kindness from others but if he is happy by himself, his affection will surely be contagious.

Life satisfaction does not come from how much your bank account reads but by how many lives you have touched. Those simple acts of charity work that may seem insignificant can be what just another person needs to have hope in life. Therefore, go out there are touch someone who is in need of help.

Western Coffee, Eastern Tea, the Synergy Behind the Culture

Tuesday, November 9, 2010 | comments

“The Empires of the Future will be Empires of the Mind”
Winston Churchill

Like the imagination, culture exchange and encircle the world. Starbucks Coffee is one of the most popular places for “White-Collar” or “Golden-Collar” professional to hang around in downtown, Shang Hai, China; In US, Tea party is an emerging political power to make a big impact in the mid-term election we just experienced last week.

Both coffee and tea are natural made drinks to boost our energy, furthermore, the synergy behind the different cultures may stimulate the most significant activities such education, leadership and economy in the human society through unimaginable way.

Here are some “culture interpretations”:

Culture is an Education Attitude
“ You can see the beauty like jade through the Book; you can find the house of gold in the books” Ancient Chinese Proverb

Education matters

Tea Thinker: Practice, Memorizing and Enforcement are the practical methodologies taken by Easter educators to train students with disciplined mind and structured thinking. Just like tea, sort of bitter, but mostly hands-on to boost kids bottom line;

On the other hand, the overloading homework and error-free, score-dominated learning culture may not allow kids to have enough free time and space to fumble with their own heart or pursuing their own dream.

How to transform from spoon-feeding into swan-cultivating education style?
It may be still the effective question for tea thinker to dig deeper.

Coffee Brainer: Like coffee with enough sweet and cream, Western education style is more sugar-coated: respect kids as unique individual, more interactive, fun, and encourage kids to follow their heart. Philanthropy and volunteerism are embedded into Western education’s DNA. It intends to build up the creative mind.

However, lack of enough practice or standard may not prepare enough kids for the higher horizon; or too much spare time could let kids indulge with overwhelming entertainment only activities, lose focus on hard study and mastering the disciplines.

How to transform the Western free-bird into eagle-training education style?
It might also deserve more discussion.

The future of education will integrate both styles seamlessly (the secret recipe could be: tea cake with coffee cream), to train the well-disciplinary and high-creative mind to fit in the age of globalization.

It is 21st century’s new reality to develop the multi-cultural, multi-dimensional thinking and multi-disciplined talents to execute multi-functional, multi-tasking work via multi-channels to build multi-brands in this multi-polar world.

The best product of education is progress, education is everyone’s business.
The modern education framework will be weaved through the innovate education practitioners (teacher, parents, professor, psychologist, geneticists and many more), the cool gadget and technology, plus the learning oriented social network(beyond today’s entertainment oriented social site), to help both kids and adults to adapt to the fresh collective learning styles.

Culture is a Leadership Brand

Like coffee and tea, the inspiring leadership is truly about engaging and energizing.

Western style is more vocal and idealistic, Eastern style is more logic and practical, these observations may just scratch under the surface.

The stereotyped leadership style in 20th century is male dominated or superwoman leading style; the 21th century will belong to more dynamic, underdog type leadership brand, to reflect the variety of culture and education value, which shapes up the leadership with their unique styles and flavor, to give the voice all over the world

Female leadership has been put to the strategic imperative in many visionary organizations and nations now, here’re some cultural interpretations.

Eastern Tea Thinker:
From Forbes, China produce more female millionaires than any other country in the world, it’s no accident.

“Be independent”, “Women hold up half of the sky” has been embedded into the education system and social value, also instilled into modern workers head and heart naturally in the last half century.

By eradicating vestige of feudalism from history, with affordable and convenient family care services, the well-trained female professionals in China have great advantage to focus on their career development compared to their peers in many other nations. It will be no surprise to see more well-educated Chinese female leaders will cutting edge global mindset and superior capabilities emerging into senior level positions in next decade, to set the fresh examples for Asian females and even become the global role models.

Western Coffee Brainer:
Active, “ forever young“ style female baby-boomers in US have made significant impact in political and commercial center stage in the last couple of decades; Hopefully the first female president is just years away.

Full-time parent by choice is the social phenomenon deserves discussing a bit.
“I am lucky to be a full-time mother”--Many well-educated, middle-class female give up the career path and finance independence to leverage family, many of them also play active roles in charity, school board and community, culturally they still get respected and fulfilled. The flip side is: the loss of female talents has the negative impact in many organizations in the long term, since female professionals and leaders are the natural role model for the children, also take unique position to influence the future workforce generation and move up the human society.

Female leadership need male peer’s support
Either in West or East, it’s a daily manner to see gentleman help lady open the car door or some other small favors, by expanding the same courtesy a bit further, with the same supportive attitude: they could lead talented female professionals onto the top of career ladder or into the boardroom smoothly.

Just like the perfectly blended coffee or tea, the future of leadership is truly about the balance of “ying” and “yang”, the strong governance, and the scientific decision-making scenario based on diversified point of view and cutting-edge technology and process.

Culture is an Economy Prediction

Tea Thinker:
Ancient Chinese use tea leave to predict the future.

Through last two decades of effective leadership, hardworking people and education-enriched culture, China emerges as the second economy and the largest manufacture powerhouse in the world. It surely enhances its thousands of years historic wisdom and culture heritage.

However, how to transform from manufacture 1.0 into 2.0 is the new milestone need be reached for the new decade in the 21st century:.
--From imitating into innovation
--From entrepreneur workshop into global enterprise with scalability
--From cost edge into technology & process edge
--From assembly line factory into talent workshop

As the most populous country in the world, China may set the fair antitype for many developing countries to follow, to reduce global poverty and illiterate.

Coffee Brainer:
If the recently happened finance tsunami was partly caused by monoglot’s mindset with monochromatic vision and the golden gut, the cultural imperative and the right attitude are possibly the silver bullet to rejuvenate the economy.

America’s four powerhouses could take a leadership to manage the new attitude:
Main street need the open attitude to prioritize the strategy, to boost job and house market from bottom up; wall street need cultivate the humanitized and humble attitude to shake up the leadership and finance engine; Silicon Valley need fresh attitude to invent beyond the social network, and Beverley Hill need audacious attitude to inspire the new script super than Superman.

“The Bigger is Better” culture may also inspire the “big gadget” industries such as airline and auto to steal some profit limelight from the little shining apple, actually they did great in the last two quarters, and every vertical industry should share the responsibility via the collective wisdom to not only pull the economy from the bottom, but also boost it up with confidence.

Every individual may also become the culture evangelist to have the new learning attitude, embrace the difference and rekindle the America dream.

May the synergy behind the coffee and tea could boost the US economy.

Importance Of Time Management Skills In Achieving Success

Friday, November 5, 2010 | comments

If there is one thing that separates achievers and failures, it is time management skills. Have you ever considered what life would be if you did not have something that you actually wanted to do? Can we feel eager to wake up in the morning if we did not have that one thing which we are so desperate to achieve? It all boils down to your resolve to achieving success by integrating vital elements of success like setting goals, time management skills, self motivation and confidence.

Take the example of a ship: what would it be like if you ventured into the sea without knowing where you were heading and how long it will take? How would you feel in the middle of the dark stormy night if you were in a ship without a compass? The quintessence of having a vision is that it guides you to venture into dark regions without making you panic. If you can see the light at the end of the tunnel how then can you see the darkness before it and vice versa? I heard it said by a sage; a ship is safe in harbor but that is not what ships are for.

For there to be progress in whatever you do, there is need for time management skills. I wonder how much sense it would make if nature granted us dreams without the means of achieving them. However, even with clear set goals, you need to prioritize them in order to reach your destiny.

A great dream is like a wake-up call: it calls for immediate action and shift of focus. You need to redirect all your resources to facing that new challenge and that gives you a sense of fulfillment and purpose.

To attain success in life you need to set achievable goals and more so have an action plan. Procrastination will only contribute to you not realizing your full potential. Hence to avoid procrastination learn time management skills that help you prioritize.

There is a proverb that I heard: all things come to those who wait but when they do they are out of date. Follow the links below to read more insightful content on self improvement in time management skills.

* Impactful Actions: Impactful Actions is a breakthrough new system that combines powerful goal setting, time management skills and virtual coaching tools to help fast track your dreams. Free Trial...

Life Quotes About Life That Help Living Amongst Challenges

Wednesday, November 3, 2010 | comments

Reading a life quote is not enough but doing something about it can truly change one’s life. There are so many issues of life that still confounds man. In this world, there are many changes that occur in one’s life and one has to learn to cope with them. One who is enduring and open to new opportunity will thrive at the expense of the one who is weak and pusillanimous.

A life quote from Robert Frost states too well: “The world is full of willing people, some willing to work, the rest willing to let them.

Life is difficult and there are endless challenges thus the life quote “Survival for the fittest”. If you are willing work, it is another story. Always be on the watch for an opportunity to seize it. The most interesting thing I ever learnt was that a problem is a sweet fruit with a bitter skin. One must seek the good part of everything that happens around him/her even if it means risking. After all if you do not risk anything, you risk even more.

A life quote from Thomas Paine states: “I love the man who can smile from distress and grow brave by reflection. He will pursue his principles unto death.” A man’s success is not measured by accolades but rather by the hardships he encountered and how he tackled them. Experience is not what happens to you but what you do with it.

When you are faces with obstacles of life remember, where it may seem like it is the end may also be the only beginning. Take your chance well and always focus on the goodness of what life has to offer. Freedom has nothing to do with your current circumstances but your trust in life. This life quote defines it all so well, “When nothing is sure, everything is possible.”

Life quotes are there to build you only if you act on them. Check out the products below to read more.

Leadership Development And Definition Of Who Is a Leader

Tuesday, November 2, 2010 | comments

There is a great need for leadership development in the world we live on today. From large business organizations to non-profit organizations such as clubs and societies, the leader has become irreplaceable. This is where results are dependent on good teamwork, coordination and motivation of the participants. Firms have to find the ideal candidate to delegate authority and responsibility on, in a bid to outdo each other in the market.

They say a manager is a leader not a boss. Executives who peremptorily give orders and set draconian rules need to know that they are only playing Russian roulette with the company’s future. This goes to show that there is a great need for leadership development to be put in place.

If as a manager if you can afford to request and advise your subordinates with humility, it will go a long way in improving results and achieving company objectives. In contrast, strict orders and lack of leadership development only ensures employees stick to their desks till their hours are done. Hence as a wise leader you have to understand the difference between long working hours and getting best results since the first cannot guarantee the second.

Leadership development is not about increasing financial assets but rather to bring cohesion in a group. As a leader you should be in a position to mobilizing your subordinates into realizing a common goal. You may get a person to produce quantity results but you can never force their creativity out. Encouragement is a part of supervision which you cannot do without. One man so well put it: When planning for a decade, plant trees; if a life train and educate people.

You may be the best and qualified person in your firm but that does not mean you can be a leader. Leadership development is more about people management than academic qualification. There are two sides to this, you are either a born leader or you are made.

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Positive Thinking As A Rule Of Success In Life

Monday, November 1, 2010 | comments

The driving force towards life accomplishment is positive thinking. Your mind is a powerful tool which when used in the wrong way can easily bring you down. Excellence is personal and you have the keys to your own success. From the way you deal with people around you to the way you treat yourself determine your destiny. Hang out with people who have a positive thinking so as to build your spirit.

A proverbial saying goes; laughing at our mistakes can lengthen our own life, laughing at someone else can shorten it. One must never try to please anyone if they want to fulfill their purpose. This goes to show that you should choose friends wisely.

Besides the fact that success is measured in positive thinking, it is also determined by your efforts. Learn to reward and compliment your efforts, not results. This echoes the saying that: In exams the foolish ask questions the wise cannot answer. About 80% of success is showing up. The rest rests upon luck and the only loser in the game will be he who backs out in the middle.

There are numerous times that you put much effort in pursuing your objectives but fail to achieve the desired results. Do not begin to blame yourself or allow it to affect your positive thinking attitude. Failure is a necessary part of accomplishment as it makes you stronger and gives you experience. Failing again and again will stimulate your thinking and teach you not to underestimate anything. Therefore, it prepares you up for your next attempt.

Accomplishment is not gauged by how far you go but by how far you dare go after being pulled back by hindrances. You should never lose your ambition and positive thinking attitude in the face of trial. Always know that to succeed is to set your mind to an everlasting desire for pre-eminence. Roger Babson advises: “Neither success nor failure is ever final.”

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Discovering Life Happiness Despite Challenges

Friday, October 29, 2010 | comments

On this article let us discuss where to find life happiness. What is living perfectly? Is it when everything is going smoothly, when all of your deals are a huge success? Do you think if everything would just work out right you would be happy? This is the question that many people ponder about in their pursuit of life happiness.

In order to live a perfect life you first have to struggle, this gives you the will to live and know that there are better days ahead. One man said that the true test of virtue is when one is plagued by storms and not when everything is smooth and convenient. If all your wishes were fulfilled, you would not desire to see another year; life would be so boring. The natural thing to do for people who have achieved it all would be find some adventurous.

If you are in a disadvantaged position consider yourself blessed since it is an opportunity to prove what you are worth. Overcoming your weakness is the beginning of finding life happiness. The lower the starting point, the wider the margin of success if you catch up with the top guns. If problems never follow you there is need to worry. For as long as you live on this world, challenges will be your companion every day of your life. This is meant to build your personality and help you remain focused in life.

To achieve life happiness and fulfillment you need to be focused and fix your eyes towards your destiny. Keep yourself busy with things that are productive and add value to your life. This means you avoid laziness and wallowing in thoughts of hopelessness and self pity.

They say success is a journey not a destination. Even so is failure. You lack inspiration either because you are weak and have low esteem or because you live in excess and have everything you want. The worst form of failure is when you think you have achieved and thus lack motivation to set new goals.

It would be advisable that you be ready to face life obstacles since they are the means to attaining Life Happiness.

Overcoming Life Problems For A Better You

Thursday, October 28, 2010 | comments

Many would rather avoid life problems but they are the ones that help shape character. Just as the purest gold is obtained from the hottest part of the furnace, nothing shapes a champion better than a challenge. Your true character is best explicated in the manner in which you handle failure and opposition. This then means we all at some point of our lives always come across obstacles.

Some people when faced with life problems only come back with excuses and never attempt anything twice. Heroes are they that always admit failure and wait for the next day so as to start all over again. They always have a plan or two and they seek to gain more knowledge and experience from each life event. The best gifts of this world are given to them that are patient and enduring.

They say that life is hard and only the fittest survive. I cannot put it any better than Sydney J. Harris; when I hear somebody sigh, “Life is hard” I am tempted to ask, “compared to what?”

To be very frank, the price of complacency and laziness is just too high. You risk to lose too much when you are self-absorbed by being cynical and blaming the life problems you encounter. You surely cannot afford to waste any time wallowing in thoughts of self-pity wondering why life is unfair. If you can do nothing about your unfortunate situation, then fine, forget it and move on.

Start working hard to ensure tomorrow will be better. You cannot allow your present disadvantage to continue into tomorrow, instead turn your current life problems in tomorrow’s advantage.

Therefore, you need to know that hardships and the life problems you face are compulsory for success to happen. Also know that you are not supposed to get the panacea for every problem: sometimes when you are in a hurry it is better to take the long path.

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Self Confidence Is The Secrets To Earning Success

Tuesday, October 26, 2010 | comments

A lot of people wish to reach the acme of their careers but they lack self confidence and important ingredient of self help. They often underestimate the need for serious strategizing and devotion in pursuing their dreams. Life is never easy and so is earning success. There is a great need to have the self confidence within you, for it is what will propel you to dine with kings.

I agree that where there is risk one is bound to fail and which most of the time tastes very bitter, but I know success is even sweet and thus making risk profitable. One witty fellow once said, “100% of the shots you do not take do not go in”. The famous basket ball player M. Jordan admitted that his success was due to the many shots he had taken and missed.

A failure is just a tough decision waiting to be made. It is not hard to make decisions when you have self confidence whether you succeed or fail. In fact, when you believe in yourself totally, when you fall you will easily pick yourself up and try again. Someone told me that the alternatives you have, the harder the choice you have to make.

The presence of adversity is like an opportunity screaming;”seize me!” The interesting thing about it is that both adversity and opportunity do not last long. Anyone who discovers the secret to controlling their minds and thus self confidence has a greater treasure than a gold-miner. It is very interesting to realize how opportunities come and go. They come like an open book, sometimes disguised as problems. A wise man will create more chances than are available.

The biggest fool today is he who waited for perfect circumstances so as to act, what if they never come? If your ship does not come in, you have the option of waiting or you can swim unto it. This will only take real SELF CONFIDENCE which is within all of those who seek for it.

Setting Goals In Relation To Your Future

Monday, October 25, 2010 | comments

It is imperative to realize that setting goals future acts as a guide map to where you are come from and where you are going to. You should be able to identify the obstacles you have faced in the past order to set objective targets that affect your future.

Depending on how well or bad you tackled problems, will determine how you should prepare yourself for the future. Without hard learned lessons, setting goals and personal development plans that drive towards achievement, you are like a ship that has set sail with no destination.

Every new day comes with new ambitions and challenges. Whatever you failed to achieve yesterday, leave it there and work towards setting new and attainable goals. The tragedy of life lies in not reaching your goals but not setting goals at all.

The only thing you need to know about the past is that no matter what has happened it has all worked together to bring you to this very moment: the moment you make everything right. The past is definite but the future is yet to be secured. As the adage goes “The past is a foreign country, they do things differently there.”

The only connection between your yesterday and your future is that you have an opportunity to make your yesterday a dream for tomorrow’s reality. The strongest tool in the world is your will; you can work positively with fresh enthusiasm and setting goals that build an unprecedented history, so that the future generation can be able to enjoy your fruits. Your utmost desire should be to do what you do in such a manner as to leave a record that will never be broken by the living or unborn.

We all have a potential with us to affect your lives positively. The problem is that most people allow their past mistakes to affect their future. That best approach to ensuring a successful tomorrow is setting goals that are within you capabilities.

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Personal Advice To Help You Improve Yourself

Thursday, October 21, 2010 | comments

Here is a good personal advice for you “ You would rather be principled than be rich.” It would be better you get just one shot at life than get many shots to dispose off as you like. You would be of more value to society if you overcome life challenges than live a life of sleep and comfort. The obstacles you encounter in life build you up and thus boost your thought patterns. Another personal advice is: “Life is not measured by the number of breaths that we take but by the moments that take our breath away.”

It has been proven that under convenient and easy terms, a mediocre human being does little to improve their living. Therefore, your character can never be matured in peace and quiet but only through experience of trial and suffering. Your worth is equal to your ambitions. When you follow closely the great achievers of our lives would not succeed in small things if they were not troubled with great ambitions.

If these great achievers where present, their personal advice would be, believe in your capabilities. With some basic skills, ambition and persistence then there is little limit to what you can achieve and by trying you can often surprise yourself.

Another important personal advice and key to self-improvement is the realization that success is not a particular destination. You do not have to stress yourself out trying to do too many great things in life. Just do what you do in the right manner and avoid doing being a jack of all trade. Winning is not a onetime thing. It is a habit. Doing little things of life in a great manner can be a great source of joy. It is by crossing small pebbles in your path that you find that you have crossed mountains.

No matter what hardships and perplexities you might be facing never lose faith. They say life is a good book, the further you read the more it begins to make sense.

Building Personal Worth And Achieve Success

Tuesday, October 19, 2010 | comments

What is the point losing your personal worth at the expense of attain success? I do not know the key to success, but the key to failure is in trying to please everybody: So said Bill Cosby. “Self-respect is the basis of any quest and no one can make you feel useless unless you let them.” Your personal worth is of more importance since it is the driving force of getting you to your destiny.

A good character is forged through hardship and inconvenience. After all, there are no shortcuts to any beautiful place. The moment one boldly welcomes challenges, it is the moment one boldly unlocks their success.

How can you expect to attain personal worth if you are not up for it? If you are not ready to go all the way then quit dreaming. Discipline entails making yourself do what you should do, when you should do it whether you like it or not. You may not realize it, but success involves going from failure to failure without losing your enthusiasm and more so self esteem.

With the right mindset no one and nothing should make you compromise your personal worth, self values and self respect. With this in mind, no challenge can be strong enough to bar you from reaching your destiny. Did you realize that the limit of your stubbornness is farther than the limit of the stubbornness of the problem? One important philosophy of life is that barricades will always tend to retreat as you approach, not the other way round.

To put it in a nutshell, act and act now if you intend to realize your full personal worth. Sir Francis Bacon’s words could not have been more appropriate: “It is not what we eat but what we digest that makes us strong, not what we earn but what we save that makes us rich; not what we read but what we remember that makes us learned; and not what we profess but what we practice that gives us integrity.”

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Refine the Future of Female Leadership

Monday, October 18, 2010 | comments

A Company Achieves Uncommon Excellence by bring together Uncommon People for a Common Purpose. (Give Uncommon People a Uncommon Identity)

Today’s turbulent economic macro-environment , multi-center global landscape and overwhelmingly new technologies offer the female executives and leaders unprecedented opportunities and responsibility to make significant positive impact in their organization and even the whole world.

1. Be a Transformational leader than a micro-manager

Innovation is a new way of doing things that results in positive changes.

The statistics from many prestigious academia or media co. (Forbes, Fortune, Harvard Business school, Mckinsey ., etc) has proved the female leaders bring better solid performance for their organizations in the long run.

In this post Great Recession era, though as minority at the whole leadership team, the female executive leaders should standout to standardize the management infrastructure, breakdown the hierarchy and bureaucracy, enhance the corporate governance, take initiative on sustainability, reframe the business model and transform the corporate culture

Not only become the role models for their employees; but also set up a fresh example for their male peers; It’s the historic transformational moment to become an innovative female leaders and make a significant difference.

2. Be a natural magnet than a perfect superwoman

The last thing a competent leader wants is a company consisting of yes people who have identical skills and cooking-cutter thoughts.

Female leaders usually takes much more effort and make more sacrifice than their male peers to climb the ladder, so the nature of “perfection” takes them to the leadership position may not be the unique charisma to make them become the effective leader.

It’s more critical to be a natural magnet to attract the best and diversified talent to work for the organization, rather than you are the best in every perspective. As matter of factor, being a stereotyped superwoman may create a distance or gap between the leader and the team.

3. Be a Game-change strategist than a power player

Our Value are Reflected in Everything we say or Do.

Be a power player is no fault as long as taking advantage of power for good.
Beyond that, the female leaders are the nature strategist as many roles:
--The visionary in your domain and industry;
--The practitioner to exercise the true art of modern management
--the wise mentor and cheerleader to embrace the diversity
--The magnet to attract the best;
--The logic predictor (not necessary a fortune teller though) to prepare the future with scenario planning
--A judge to bring back the common sense and fair value
-A fighter to fight the prejudices or hubris.
-A constructor to reshape, resize or rebuild the corporate ladder..
--A thought leader to voice for those without voice
-A Colorful change agent, a rainbow bridge, and so on…

The tipping point of female leadership in the 21th century:
The more diversified female leader grows, the more organization that will be attracted to the top talent, to help human achieve the full potential and accelerate the new revolution to advance the human society.

Above are some thought after reading the article from HBR:

Proven Success Factors That Guarantee Self Improvement

| comments

As much as there are many success factors to consider in order for you to make it in life, there are those that simply stand the test of time. One ingredient of personal growth is having self esteem. Sir Nathaniel B. once said: To trust one’s mind and to know that one is worthy of happiness is the essence of self-esteem.

Which are the most important success factors that define true joy in life? The secret is simple; you only need to prove to yourself that you can. You do not have to prove it to anyone else. You would rather be a fool to the common eye and achieve your goals, than impress others and lose yourself in the process of pleasing others. You do not need to have someone else to tell you that you are strong or beautiful so as to be. Oscar Wilde reiterates that: To love oneself is the beginning of a life-long romance.

In as much as listening carefully to advice is good for you; realize that others may be out to discourage you. Some habits that are detrimental to your personal growth only start from having a low self-conception and self esteem. The victims easily fall prey, owing to the excitement of having someone commend them for doing risky acts, only to regret later. A good success factor to consider, it is better to be alone than in bad company.

It is prudent to know that you do not have to listen to others in order to know who you are or what to do. The big question is, how much then can you believe and trust yourself? This is a call to integrity which is also among the vital aspect of success factors in life. Integrity is the act of doing the right thing even when no one is watching. One Albert Einstein never ceases to inspire for he said; “Few is the number that think with their own minds and feel with their own hearts.”

You must never lose yourself even when you encounter problems. The best approach would be to face obstacles head on since they are meant to build you. “Without self-knowledge, without understanding, the working and functions of his machine, man cannot be free, he cannot govern himself and he will always remain a slave.” These words belong to G.I. Gurdjeff.

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Leadership Skills That Portray Wisdom

Friday, October 15, 2010 | comments

When it comes to leadership skills you first have to be a role model with great wisdom and integrity. You should at all times present yourself with great confidence and self-control. Lao Tzu says: Mastering others is strength, mastering yourself is true power. After all, if you are not comfortable with yourself, how can you be comfortable when you are around other people? This is what portrays true leadership skills.

Besides integrity, anyone in an executive position must first learn to understand others before achieving organizational objectives. When you seek to understand the needs of others, they will return the favor in an amazing way. Involvement of all parties in setting plans leads to harmonization of group objectives which is aided and enhanced by effective communication. Leadership skills require you as a leader to find common goals among members. This can best be achieved when everybody feels that they have contributed and not when they feel like they have been left out or manipulated.

Having leadership skills is all about service, humility and motivation. Great leaders stimulate minds and develop potentials. The strongest weapon is neither nuclear nor atomic but the will to fight. It would be much better to get a team of averagely qualified personnel who are eager to produce results than have a group of bored but highly qualified professionals. Information is power but to know how to use it well is super-power. They say, in exams the foolish ask questions the wise cannot answer.

One must learn to appreciate the efforts and skills of his subordinates by manner of rewards and other incentives. A person with good leadership skills does not use dictatorship, but instead he/she is full of humility and respect. Therefore leading is letting people do something you want done because they want to do it.

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