Public Speaking – Tips On Delivering A Good Speech

Saturday, October 31, 2009 | comments

Talking in front of people is not an easy task. People fear fumbling over words and not making the expected impression with their speech. On this article I will highlight on the points to note so as to have an exceptional speech.

It goes without saying that dressing smartly and decently will make you confident as you make your presentation. Think of your target audience and dress appropriately to appeal to them as this will help in having your listeners receptive to you, as we all know the first impression matters. For example, dressing very casually when giving a speech to business executives who are all dressed in very formal out-fits, may make your audience loose interest in the contents of your talk, citing that you are not a very serious person. Perception is important.

Prepare by writing down your notes and researching well on the subject matter. Go through any anticipated questions that would arise from your listeners.

As you prepare, have a rehearsal of the talk. You can do this in front of a mirror or in the presence of a friend who can rate your speech. Time your rehearsed speech so that you know approximately how long you will take.

While delivering your speech, pause for a few seconds at strategic points where you require your audience to internalize your words. This pause will help you to relax and connect with your listeners.

Remember that practice makes perfect and the more you get exposed to speaking to people, the better you get. Do not be discouraged if your first speech is not as good as you wanted it to be. With time you for sure improve.

How Shop Owners Trick You Into Impulse Buying And Ways Of Avoiding Being Lured

Thursday, October 29, 2009 | comments

Have you noticed how shops push you into impulse buying by placing the latest DVD movies, lifestyle magazines and candies at the check out point? Or how cloth dealers exhibit beautiful and latest designs at their display windows? If you are not careful you can easily end up spending your money on things that you did not need.

A walk thorough your local supermarket will reveal how important items like detergents and utensils are located at the far end of the premises. This is tact used buy shop owners to make sure you walk through the various stands viewing other items and hence lure you into picking something along the way that you may not necessarily need.

Another technique used by retail chains to distract your purchasing plan is placing the most expensive items at eye level. In fact, they make sure you notice them immediately you start walking thorough the aisle by arranging them strategically within your eye height.

If you were intending to buy socks, retailers drive you into impulse buying by surrounding them with expensive shirts and trousers. They also make sure you search through several racks before you get to the socks. These are some of the simple techniques that shop owners use to trap impulse buyers.

One way to avoid this is to stay away from such areas of town. Another approach would be to leave your credit card or ATM at home and only carry cash that you have budgeted to spend. This way you will limit your spending only to essential things. It sounds like a cliché, but having a budget is the key to financial planning.

Interview techniques And A Common Question That Is Asked

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Are you from college and are seeking to enter the job market? Then there are some techniques you should know when it comes to answering questions during a job interview. The competition for the limited jobs available is quite high hence you need to stand out from the rest in order to chosen for a post. I do not need to remind you that, you MUST be prepared before attending any job interview both physically and psychologically.

On this article I will deal with one frequently asked question during a job interview, and this question is, why should we hire you? To some, this may appear to be a simple question, but it carries with it a lot of weight. I have noted that interviewers mostly ask this towards the end of an interview.

Since it is commonly asked, my advice is that you should prepare yourself in advance to provide a good answer. Take this as an opportunity for you to market yourself by reaffirming your personal skills and qualities in relation to the job. Search the web or talk to professionals in the related field and know what is expected in that line of work. While still on the web, find out the goals of the company and relate your answers to these goals.

State how your strong personal qualities will help the company to grow. Talk of your personal ethics and occasionally mention how these values correspond to the values of the company. All said and done let the interviewer see your eagerness and interest to join the company.

Financial Planning And Why You Must Have Budget.

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Financial planning calls for you to be in full control of your money coming in and going out, failure to that then you can prepare yourself for financial crisis. As much as it takes personal principles, there is a need to budget to avoid overspending especially when you go into a supermarket. Just think of this; you enter a super market and by the time you get to the cashier you have four items that you did not intend to pick.

Supermarkets employ clever techniques of making customers pick items that are not necessarily important hence shoppers spend big. One technique is placing goodies just next to the cashier, as much as they may appear cheap in the long run they add to your spending.

Every supermarket has shopping carts at the entrance, but some of us even though we were intending to pick a single item decide to push a trolley to lean on as we shop. Sometimes a supermarket attendant will even offer you one if you do not have. In the process we find ourselves tossing items we do not need in the shopping cart. This is a psychological issue thus leave that trolley alone when you are buying a single item.

The best way to overcome this is by having a budget and more so sticking to it. You do not need to be an accountant to draw a budget. Before purchasing an item whether it is necessary or not, ask yourself whether you really need it. Even when you meet a convincing sales person with an irresistible offer walk away or you will buy something you did not budget for.

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Work-life Balance Issues In Relation To Work Performance

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Most the people who are affected when it comes to life and work balance are the junior staff. Though sometimes it happens, the top management staff rarely complains of balancing his/her work and private life. I heard someone once say that the higher you go up the corporate ladder the less work becomes. This might be debatable but there is some element of truth in it.

The policies of most companies, is to try and include work-life arrangements as a way of ensuring that workers enjoy their personal lives and hence perform better. But in real sense, work-life balance is usually negotiated on a one-on-one basis. It is also to a great extent supported by the work performance of an individual.

The disadvantage that below average performers have, when it comes to life-work balance is that they tend to be less organized. This is in terms of time management and prioritizing both at home and work. With their low performance levels, they rarely get a good reception from their managers to negotiate on life-work balance. Therefore, the next time you want some time off to attend to your private issues, make sure your performance for the month are exceptional.

Your boss has been employed to ensure business operations are smooth. So do not be surprised when he/she appears to be sapping out all your energies. A manager, who has been given leeway to discuss with his juniors on how to separate their work and personal life, will most likely demand that you perform in order to earn time off. According to most bosses, it is upon you to resolve your work-life balance arrangement.

Best Shopping Practices That Help You Not To Overspend

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A good shopping practice is to look at the prices and comparing them to their sizes so as to get the best bargain. Pick only the item that have the best price for its size and carry on to the next item in your shopping list.

Buying small items that may appear cheap, in the long run add up to be very expensive. Thus, carrying cash that is just enough to purchase what you need and leaving your credit cards at home will help you stick to your budget.

Every time you go shopping take with you a functioning pocket calculator and in case you forget use the one on your cell phone. This will help you calculate and know which sizes compared to their prices are the best bargains.

When shopping, avoid the top shelves since the expensive items are placed at you eye level; instead when you get to the stand you want, start with the bottom shelf. This is where the best per unit deals are placed.

At all cost avoid sales promotions even if the deal is too good, unless the item is in your shopping list. This is because you may buy something that may end up in your kitchen cardboard for three months without being used.

Every financial planner will insist that you have a budget but it is also absolutely important to strictly stick to it that is if you want to avoid overspending. No matter how exciting an offer is, do not spend a penny more than it is stipulated in your list of items.

The Best Way Of Overcoming Impulse Buying

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Each one of us is feeling the effects of the current economic squeeze and hence it is important to find ways of being in control of your spending. As hard as it may appear to be, especially if you are a shopping addict, limiting your spending habit is very possible. Some people are principled enough to purchase only things that are absolutely necessary but it is not the same when it comes to a shopping addict.

To avoid shopping sprees, list down all the items you want to buy and get an estimate of the amount of money you will need. Do this a day before you go shopping and withdraw the amount you intend to spend. Make sure you leave your credit card at home whenever you go shopping; this has worked perfectly for me.

Anytime you carry your ATM card or credit card you may be tempted to buy items on promotion which you might not need. Supermarkets have promotions like “Buy one roll of tissue and get a free sachet of tea leaves”, to avoid temptation carry just enough cash to constrain you from overspending. In fact, sometimes when you calculate, you may discover that the free tea leaves sachets are included in the cost of the tissue roll.

Retail shops put nice and soothing music as a strategy to make you take time to walk round and see items on display, all with the hope you will spend more. So the next time you think of going shopping prepare a list of items you really need to purchase and try stick to your budget.

Personal Growth Tips Towards Achieving Success In Life

Wednesday, October 28, 2009 | comments

One aspect of achieving success in life is self development. For anyone seeking to have a positive impact and influence society, it is vital to push yourself to your full limit. Many people shy away from life challenges and yet this obstacles we face daily pattern us to becoming successful. It is during harsh times that our minds are activated towards creativity. Therefore, rather than running away from problems face them head on.

Every time you challenge your limits, it helps you in self development. It pushes you to advance your business skills and to others boost career development. Self realization is a matter of persistently striving to do your level best. It is also the foundation of that helps build personal development in whatever you decide to pursue in life.

Self development calls for the understanding of your values and endeavoring to stand by your personal principle no matter the circumstances. Know and accept your weakness but never allow them to stand in your way of achieving success. Instead, work tirelessly to overcome your limitations.

We are all gifted differently, hence know your capabilities and learn how to exploit your strengths. Have a positive attitude and confidently do your level best to expand your special attributes, personal skills and God given talents, all this time suppressing your individual weakness.

Look deep inside yourself and soon you will realize that you are capable of achieving anything you set your eyes on. Even when you fail, do not ever give up. The most successful people in life will attest to the fact that before they got to the top, 99% of the times they tried something they failed.

How To Balance Between Your Life And Work.

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The hassles of life have made it difficult for people to attend to their social issues. The fabric that ensures that we live comfortably is not only measured by how much money we make, but also our social lives contribute greatly. Therefore, there is a need for people to make life balance decisions, from working parents to single people.

In order to balance between work and social life, you need to trade off and live with the consequences. This may sound simple but it may not necessarily be the case. Remember that there are other parties involved, your company being the first. Your boss will for sure feel the impact of the options and actions that you will take pertaining to work and personal issues.

As much as your boss realizes that you need to have a stable social life in order to be productive, top on his priority list is to ensure smooth business operations. This then means that your boss will permit work-life balance if it helps the company to grow. A clever business owner will make sure your job is stimulating enough to make you overlook your personal life.

Do not then blame your boss for appearing to deny you time to attend to your social life, actually he is paid to harness all your energy for the benefit of the company. The way to comfortably earn a rest and have time to attend to your personal interests is by working on your performance. Your boss will not find it difficult to allow you time to attend your personal issues when you achieve you targets.

All said and done, your manager will easily recommend you for promotion when he/she sees you attending meetings. They also tend to remember the workers who were there during tough business crisis. Work-life balance is complex but achievable.

How Employers Can Boost Their Staff Personal Development

Tuesday, October 27, 2009 | comments

For smooth business operations there is an urgent need to attend to your staff needs. As much as some would love to say that it is not good to get involved in your employees social life, I beg to differ. A worker that is stressed will not perform his/her duties well enough hence they will affect the overall business activities.

A good employer should ask, “What is the company doing to identify and address the needs of the staff?” With the current economic hardships, which have greatly affected the social life of people, it would be a mistake not to find ways of easing your workers needs. In addition, the present fluctuation of market forces and working tools has affected the performance of workers. It is therefore prudent that an employer find ways of encouraging and motivating his/her workforce.

Business owners need to strive in whatever way possible to support the progression of skills of their workforce. This will help develop the individual growth of your workers in relation to the relevant market development and also improve your general business performance.

All said and done, employees should see to it that they also seek to work towards employees self development. Personal growth is about assessing yourself and working hard towards achieving success in your career and social life. The staff should not just relax and wait on their employers to assist them in career development.

In fact, I personally think that everyone should endeavor to eventually start their own small business and create employment. Rather than always depending on employment, use your personally skills to build wealth hence realize financial freedom.

Attributes Of A Good Employee That Employees Look For During A Job

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Every time a company advertises for a job opening, hundreds if not thousands of job seekers forward their applications. It therefore goes to show, in order for you to stand out from other job applicants there are some aspects you have to seriously take into account.

Whenever employers conduct interviews, they are in search of candidates who show confidence in themselves. It is always advisable to be well informed; this plays a major role in improving your self esteem. Be informed in different areas since interviewers ask questions that are sometime not necessarily related to your area of expertise.

In addition be flexible, to prove that you can be used in other areas of business operation. A business owner always wants to have an all rounded worker. Familiarize yourself in financial and social issues by reading the newspaper on current affairs. Know what is happening in the stock market especially if the company you are looking to work for is listed.

Interviewers ask simple questions like, “are you married?” even though you may not be married at the moment, always show you have plans to do so in future, this proves your maturity level. Employers always look for a future oriented employee.

Whenever you fail to qualify for a job, rather than giving up find out where you went wrong and improve on it. This are some of the basic requirements that you need to consider to increase your chances of landing your dream job. Keep your dream alive, even if it takes long before you get a job since nothing in life comes easy.

What Every Job Seeker Must Know To have An Edge Over Other Applicants:

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The competition for the limited jobs available has become quite high and the current economic hardships have also contributed greatly to this phenomenon. Therefore, as a job seeker you should know what you need to equip yourself with to attract the attention of your prospective employer.

The first thing to note is that, your academic qualifications are not the determinate factors that get you that dream job. In fact, your qualification only act as opening to be called for a job interview, from there on other factors pertaining to your personality come into focus. Your academic achievements just go to prove to the employer that you are trainable.

When conducting interviews, the panel normally seeks to find out if you can sell yourself; this will prove to them that you can handle your duties without much supervision. In addition, it shows that you can represent and sell the company whenever you are sent out on assignment. Thus, seize the opportunity to show your strong personal qualities in every job interview.

From the moment you walk in an interview room, realize that half of the interviewing personnel have already drawn a conclusion about you. This means that the first impression they have about you count the most. Take time to carefully ensure that your clothes are clean and that your shoes are black and well polished. Pass by the hair dresser the day before the interview to make your hair is neat.

By looking smart and presentable, the interviewer first impression will be that you are organized and professional. It also goes to show that you will portray a good company image whenever you are sent to represent the company. If possible find out more about the dressing mode of the organization.

Achieving Success Despite The Challenges We Face In Life

Thursday, October 22, 2009 | comments

Life is too short so try to enjoy it, wisely. Many people take life so seriously that they end up missing out on the joys that come with it. Do not dwell so much on your past mistakes and misfortunes, this will only pull you back. Your past has no real significance when it comes to determining your destiny in life.

People who have succeed in life never dreamt to be there in the first place but rather circumstances forced them to respond and hence propelled them to the top. Life set backs are perfect catalysts that you should use to achieve success. It is very sad to witness people giving up just because they uncounted challenges. If only people knew that they just need to hold on a little bit and they would usher themselves into real stardom.

When my friend lost his job as a marketing manager, he did not start morning and resigning to fate. He quickly picked himself up and thought of getting into business. Getting a job has never been the answer into achieving success in life. So in case you are trying to land a job and it is proving to be futile, think outside the box and device ways of touching the lives of people.

Look around your community and you will discover people are willing to release their money for services. Instead of blaming God for your circumstances, wake up and act. We pray for God to open doors in our life and yet God has gives us keys to open doors. We have the keys to success but the sad part is that we stand in front of the doors knocking.

How To Overcome Set Backs That Come With Our Pursuits Of Achieving Success

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“The poorest people in life are the ones without a dream, while the most frustrated are the people whose dreams never come to reality” Robert Shaw. Many people when they encounter challenges in life give up and resign to fate. They fail to realize that, challenges are there to make us stronger and build our self esteem.

Whenever you are faced with obstacles in life, rather than ask, “Why me?” it would be better to ask, “What next?” People who ask why me? Are those that compare themselves with others, wondering why the tragedy did not happen to someone else. When your dreams are broken, pick yourself up and ask yourself what needs to be done next, this helps you look beyond your predicament, shaking off the dust and moving on.

Broken dreams should be an opportunity for you to re-invent yourself. Set backs in life are better encountered when you have a positive mind. This positive attitude or mindset will propel you into your destiny despite the blows that life metes out on you. Most of the time when you show people the blows that life has inflicted on you, 80 percent are pleased it did not happen to them while the remaining 20 percent do not care.

Slipping in life does not mean you have fallen and even when you fall it does not mean you stay there. Pick yourself up, hold your head up high above your shoulders and face life head-on. In life nothing ever comes easy. In all your pursuits, whatever the circumstances, never ever give up.

Never Give up On Your Dreams And Goals In Life

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My motto in life is “Succeeding to enrich others.” But I came to realize that in order to achieve this I first need to be successful first. The same also applies when it comes to influencing the social lives of other people. It is for this reason a book was written titled, “Be inspired before you inspire.” When you are inspired you will easily be able to reach out and touch others.

It would be absolutely wrong to betray your destiny by settling for less. By succeeding you will be ushering others into their destiny. The minute we realize that there are people depending on our success then we will work extra hard in ensuring we achieve our goals in life.

Some people when they succeed fear to pass on the same to other people since they assume they will become more successful than them. There is no way someone else can be like you, hence do not hesitate to share and motivate others to succeed in life. The greatest satisfaction in life is achieved when you positively touch the lives of others. Also you never know who will lift you up when you are down.

Having said this, do not just sit there and wait to be inspired. Find within yourself a reason to live. Discover what you want to be in life and rather than waiting to be ushered into your opportunity, seize every opportunity that life presents to you. “If you wait to see what will happen, something will happen to you,” someone once said.

How To Start Conversations With People You Have Met For the First Time

Wednesday, October 21, 2009 | comments

Many people dread the thought of attending an event where they know no one. In fact, such people often opt to invite a friend or two to accompany them to the function.

Fear of being rejected makes people to avoid starting a conversation with a stranger. Having little knowledge of a specific subject may also make someone to find it difficult to strike a conversation.

My advice would be to use the power of a smile. Most people warm up to a smile. You can then greet the person you are meeting and introduce yourself. For example, you can say, ‘Good Morning, my name is Samantha.’ Most often than not the stranger will respond to your greeting and may also be glad that you broke the ice.

You need to be alert so that you can observe, hear, detect or feel the tone and contents of the information that you gather from the persons you are trying to make conversations with. Some comments you make may seem offensive depending on the body language and verbal answers that you get.

Be very courteous, show respect to any opinions that the strangers share and drop a joke where necessary to ease the tension if any. If it is a business function, carry your business cards and share them as this may be the start of a long term business relationship or friendship.

Practice makes perfect. The more you interact with strangers, the more confident you get and the easier it is for you to make new friends, business partners and acquaintances.

Personal Attributes That Motivate You To Achieving Success Socially And At The Work Place

Thursday, October 15, 2009 | comments

Positive thinkers never limit their vision to reality. They always see reality plus the possibility of what can happen through the power of positive imagination. They scorn average and seek for high achievements. They say that it is our attitude and not our altitude that determines our success in life.

Achievers in life do not eliminate negative words from their vocabulary; they only change their definitions. When life circumstances deal you bad cards, don't get upset, instead reshuffle the deck. “It would be preferable to ignite a candle than to curse darkness” someone once said. Realize that it is your attitude towards life that will dramatically affect your destiny.

A positive mentality can improve your job performance, help overcome illness and increase the pace with which you achieve your set goals. To a salesperson, it can often mean the determining factor between attaining a sales target and completely missing to achieve it.

Customers have priorities. Listen keenly to their needs and stay on top of those needs. A good salesperson should be able to interpret the language of his/her customers, like when a client is indirectly saying,”tell me more”. As a sales person, be enthusiastic since it creates good feeling in your prospects about the products you are selling. In addition, it proves to the customers the value of the good or service.

It is true that a corporation driven by organizational spirit and positive attitude can do much better than one driven by technological or economic resources. The moment employees are motivated and inspired to achieve common objectives, then nothing can stop the firm from reaching unimaginable heights.

How Great Ideas Are Born:

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People who have made an impact in life and managed to influence the world have cultivated a mind of tapping from within themselves. Our minds are rich with great ideas but most of us lack mechanism of bringing these ideas into reality. Wealthy people are known to have been influenced by their families, mentors and in most cases circumstances.

A lot of great ideas come into being when two or more ideas collide to initiate a completely new project. That is why you need to hang around people who are involved in your relevant field. If you are a business person, make connection with like minded individuals. This way you feed your mind with business ideas and also different aspects of ensuring your project matures.

The other way of succeeding in life is by stimulating your brain. Rather than copying what are others are doing, try to be imaginative and hence come up with your own innovations. When we are face with tough circumstances, our minds are triggered to think of ways of getting ourselves of such quagmires. It is during these times that great ideas are born.

As you activate your mind to think, information is collected and analysed inside your brain. This drifts and movements of ideas it what causes our brain to get new ideas and hence the reason for great inventions. Only a small percentage of our brain is actually utilized. It is said, if we could only use twenty percent of our brains we would literally take off and fly like birds. So the next time you are in a dilemma, instead of resigning to fate, think your way out.

Bogus Holiday Clubs, Beware

Tuesday, October 13, 2009 | comments

Have you ever gotten a call or received an email telling you that you have won a holiday to one of the most coveted destinations? If you haven’t, then you most likely have heard of a friend or a friend to a friend who has gotten such an invitation. That is how common this scam is.

I first heard it with a friend of mine who was very excited to have won a trip to Egypt. She visualized herself going to the Egyptian tombs, dressing up as Cleopatra, viewing the pyramids and sipping cold water in the desert. Nothing ever sounded so exhilarating.

As expected of any winner, she queried on how she could get her hands on the gift. She got directions to the building where the winner would attend a short presentation in regards to the trip. On getting there she was ushered into a meeting room where a smartly dressed man introduced himself as the marketing manager and sat down. He then continued to explain to a group of people, who had apparently been informed that they have won, that the trip would cost half price with accommodation, food and a chauffeured cab. He was persuasive that this is the best offer one can get.

My friend started to doubt the man and decided to ask for time to get some money and come back. Her research showed that the man she had met had actually inflated the cost of visiting Egypt and that there exists many more travel companies that offer a better package. Further findings revealed that the ‘marketing manager’ and his team were conning a number of people with false allegations of winning while they only want to make money.

So the next time someone calls or emails you telling you that you have won a holiday, investigate further.

Wealth Creation: Pointers To Seriously Consider In Order To Become Rich

Sunday, October 11, 2009 | comments

Majority of us have information about almost everything, from relationship to finance including spiritual issues and many more. But the most crucial component to changing is application; beginning to do something about what you have learnt. I strongly believe that each one of us can amass wealth.

Wealth is more than just meeting all your needs; actually it is more than being rich. Wealth is an accumulation of assets. It is investment and capital that can be transferred to the next generation. Creating wealth is not about an inflow of cash and it is also more than having savings in your bank account.

There are three strategies for sustainable wealth creation, first is identifying your personal gifts and putting them into use and thus touching the lives of other people. A wise man once said, “Your gifts will make you to stand before great men and will create room for you.” Room talks about a niche, an edge above your peers.

The second pointer is planting a seed. In order to harvest you must sow a seed. Also for there to be a pregnancy and delivery there must be conception. In business terms, conception is a business idea hence your seed is your concept. Your idea must be planted; you must also believe in your idea and invest in it for it to produce. Your dream will never become a reality as long as it remains a dream. Put your money where your idea is.

Third thing to consider is having strategic alliances. Show me a man who has achieved success and I will show you a person who knows how to develop wise and long term partnerships. Synergy is realized in team work.

Personal Growth – Success Is At Your Reach

Saturday, October 10, 2009 | comments

It is a fact that many people never live a successful life and hence never see their dreams come true. In fact, most of us are just a statistic in the world population. Psychologists have tried to answer this question; why do most of us live mediocre lives and never achieve anything in life?

Some would love to believe it is all about fate and that you are not in control of your destiny. While others claim that nature favors some people hence the issue of caste (Hinduism) came into existence. Some religions claim that every individual has a destiny and no man or woman can change their fate. Even though this is partly correct, I believe success to a large extend is about personal responsibility. You can become successful; in fact you were born to succeed.

Any individual who wants to achieve something in life must take responsibility of his/her actions and have great determination to surmount every challenge that comes in life. Visionaries are the kind of people who are destined for success. They turn impossibilities into possibilities and dream of a reality that may not be visible as yet.

Achievers are people who believe change can happen and the future is bright no matter how difficult thing may be at the moment. Visionaries bring out the creative element in them to build a better tomorrow.

Today I motivate you to strive to bring out the best in you. Strive to reach your inner most being and you will discover that success will be within your grasp.

Achievement – Indicators Of People Who Succeed Become An Influence In Life

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In order to be a force to be reckoned with in society, you need to take serious steps to reach into your inner being. Realize that you came into existence for a particular reason and not just to add to numbers. People who strive to achieve success are visionary in nature and focused to see their dreams come to pass.

Equally important is that a visionary individual must also be a starter many times. Sometimes in life things fail to work out thus prepare yourself psychologically to pull yourself up again. Keep trying and you are bound to achieve success in whatever you pursue in life. We dream of a better tomorrow but we do not do anything about it and hence our dreams remain just that, dreams.

Starters are the individuals who have defeated the tendency of procrastination and fear. They believe in self motivation and hence do not wait for someone else to trigger them into action. Rather than being copy cats, successful people are innovators. Winners after dreaming they wake up and bring the dream to open manifestation.

Achievers are able to galvanize others to attain a common purpose and mission. This kind of initiative individuals, are the ones that borne leadership qualities and thus their own personal development. Ask yourself this, what can I do to bring about a better tomorrow? Keep in mind that you hold the key to your destiny, therefore make use it appropriately.

Go-getters are usually not the strongest, nor are they the most intelligent individuals but rather they are those who are receptive to change and act rather than wait for conditions to be favorable.

Communication - Key To A Successful Marriage Relationship:

Thursday, October 8, 2009 | comments

It is very easy to indentify a marriage that has chemistry; on the streets, in a hotel or even in a church service, as you look at couples walking or seated together you can tell a healthy marriage by the way they handle each other.

Each one of us desires to have a successful marriage, I do not believe that there is any person who gets into marriage relationship with a mentality that it will fall apart, especially if they are in love and have not been pushed into it by circumstances or otherwise.

The key to a successful marriage is communication. In fact, it is the life line of any human relationship. Communication is the glue that holds two people together. The truth of the matter is that effective communication is an art that can and must be developed.

Communication is more than verbal exchange. It includes facial expressions, gestures, body language and of course eye contact. We also know that the souls communicate, it is known us spiritual communication. This takes place in the subconscious level where motives and feelings are captured and interpreted.

For effective communication to take place there has to be the communicator, information being relayed, the medium (words, body language and tone of voice just to mention a few) and finally the recipient.

In the marriage setting, effective communication takes place when the two people decide to bring skills into they way they communicate. This begins by willingness to be forgiving, patient, cheerful and avoiding private agendas.

Before you speak you must listen effectively. Listening goes beyond just hearing, it is trying to capture the words as well as the spirit behind the words. We will never be good communicators until we become good listeners. We must understand that communication is the only vehicle that carries our real essence and conveys it to the environment.

Career Development – Capturing The Full Attention Of Your Prospective Employer:

Wednesday, October 7, 2009 | comments

You have just graduated from college or the university and you are wondering how to come up with a good and compelling application letter. It is good to know that first impressions count a lot in every aspect of life. In this case, when a prospective employer opens an application letter, the first few seconds determine whether he/she will short list that particular candidate. It therefore becomes imperative that your cover letter shines and gives you an edge over other applicant.

The human resource department of any company receives countless application letters every other time there is a job advert in the said organization. As an applicant, realize that the cover letter is the first contact you will make with your potential employer. You then for sure want to leave a pleasant and a long lasting encounter that will make the employer pick you from other candidates.

Attempt to come up with a great letter even if it means drafting it more than twenty times. Try all you can to achieve the correct tone and to bring out an impressive picture. Ensure your introduction is powerful so as to capture the full attention of the reader. Always aim to place the most vital information at the beginning of your cover letter.

Use rich content that is sticking and appealing enough to avoid the reader getting bored before the end of the letter. Assuming that your curriculum vitae will speak for you may just cause you to miss out on a great job opportunity. It is the application letter that draws a potential employer to look at your curriculum vitae.

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