Talent Master: Insight via A Photo, A Parable and A Painting of Race Horses

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“Human resources are like natural resources; they're often buried deep. You have to go looking for them, they're not just lying around on the surface. You have to create the circumstances where they show themselves.”    ~― Ken Robinson

1. A Photography of  Race Horse

On 4/8, Google has celebrated the 182nd anniversary of the birth of Eadweard J Muybridge, the British photographer, by creating a "doodle" based on his ground-breaking 19th-century images of racehorses. The animated graphic celebrates Muybridge's "The Horse in Motion", a film strip-style collection of shots created using 24 cameras which capture the running habits of racehorses owned by Leland Stanford, a Californian businessman and animal breeder, it vividly capture the spirit of horse.

2. An Ancient Parable of Long-Distance Race Horse

The premium breed long race horses were mixed with other regular horses, when they were hungry, not getting fed well; when they were yelling, no one understood why; when they stretch, nobody pay attention to, until one day, the maxima (the master who can recognize racehorse) came in, selected them out via capturing their spirit, he took them back, fed them right, understood their habit and train them properly, they became the superior long race horses again! The conclusion: The world has maxima first, then come to the racehorse.

Three Takeaways from Talent Management Perspecive:

A: Not lacking of Talent, it’s a Lack of the Unique Eyes Recognize it

  • The Unique Eyes identify Talent “Spirit”:
  What is spirit? It’s the character and energy, character is inbuilt, the innate self, the individual’s intelligence, sharpness and dynamism. And energy is the passion, the strength and attitude. The spirit is human’s blueprint;  like a seed, with its uniqueness & color theme. The talent master with unique eyes can identify such an enchanting human “spirit”, make a foreseable choice.
  • The Wise Talent Master recognize talent “Voice”
 “Voice Uniquely, Think Differently”, it’s the characteristic of innovative talent, the wise talent master will understand talent deeply and become their advocate, and believe the right combination of talent and ability will instill the new energy and fresh attitude to revitalize legacy business environment.  

B.    Inspire the Innovation-Centric Recruiting Culture:

Companies have to recognize that talent comes in all shapes, colors and  sizes. The blueprint needs to be flexible and resilient. We may also need multiple definitions of what leadership is and multiple paths to power of serving.

  • Recognize the New Characteristics of Business Leaders
The Talent masters need understand today's rapidly changing business environment and over-complex global atmosphere, which requires the next generation of business leaders should combine the characteristics of effective executive, creative entrepreneur and persuasive coach, well-mix the leadership influence, innovation capability and managerial capacity. The diversified talent may also include the movers and shakers, the thought leaders and the innovators who have the courage to take calculated risks or who has the passion and ability to make changes. 

  • Explore the new talent pipeline
The next generation of talent management must explore the new, dynamic talent pipeline, with extension of business boundary at the era of digitization, the end to end talent pipeline is also expanding such as social channels, global platform, open stage, through audacious experiment and innovation-centric recruiting, the legacy business culture can be revitalized, and legacy business mindset can be re-energized

C. Talent Life Cycle Management

  • Talent Energy/Potential Management
As we learned from the parable above, the right talent need be treated fairly, understood deeply and trained properly, it requires the culture of innovation to encourage openness, elastic managerial style to rotate the positons, multiple communication channels to let idea flow & grow and effective incentives to reward high-performance. The talent strategy & management need be well integrated into business’s strategy in catalyzing long term growth.

  • The Art of Team Builder
The high-innovative team with optimal talent mix is not only composed of the top talent representing key positions and disciplines but also has the chemistry and unique problem solving capabilities  that comes from the right combination of backgrounds, styles, and perspectives.

3. A Painting of Horse

Horse is also the favorite subjets depicted another artist-Beihong’s life, his paintings melt the western & eastern styles, ancient & modern techniques, his paintings of horses, ink dripping unrestrained, riding with the wind with full spirit, to bring a fresh, strong, bold flavor.

Like these artists who truely capture the spirit of race horse, the modern talent masters need take innovative approach to master human talent, and harmonize business world with creative theme.

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