Flying with Purpose: Aviation’s Three Hubs of Future

Saturday, December 31, 2011 | comments

It’s been more than a century since the Wright brothers flew their first airplane in Dec. 1903, the modern aviation industry has also been through numerous ups and down, the glamorous era, and painful downturn, the deregulation and competition, the over-taxed and the least profitability,  especially the last decade, from the natural disaster to human calamity, economic crisis to soaring fuel, not mention disruptive technology or customer complaining.
Airline emerged as one of the revolutionary industries in the human history earlier last century, and mature as one of the underdog legacy business now, we are re-imagining it, re-inventing it, most importantly, the digitization and globalization instill the bigger purpose into airline to connect the dots, not just as the transportation hub to connect the people and goods, but also as leadership hub to connect global economy and prosperity. 
1.     Economic Hub to Connect Modern Society
Airline is the economy barometer because it is the economy engine, as the third largest industry contributor to economy: airline suffers from downturn, emerges though discipline: Airline is also one of the biggest customers for energy consuming: damaged by high fuel price, but championed to experiment bio-fuel; Airline is the technology industry with the wings: disrupted by the latest tech such as web conference; but also grow via adopting the new trends such as mobile computing; Airline sparks our imagination to fly: it’s the fundamental for us to understand cosmology: from earth to moon, from galaxy to universe and from where we come from to where is our destination.
The airline eco-system directly impacts modern society economically, technologically, socially, environmentally and futuristically, and today’s airline should become such a pivotal hub to connect all modern science such as economy, technology, energy and cosmology., etc.
2.     Innovation Hub to Connect Future of Leadership
2011 is the safest year in aviation history, it could also mark the great milestone for airline to take the leadership position to protect citizens and tourists, and advocate world peace & harmony:
·         Pilots & Stewardship and all the aviation professionals should be our hero, they work relentlessly to build up such a great industry, though there’re outdated air traffic system, there’s complaining about the fees, or the myth of union culture, overall, the industry makes progress to support itself financially, also make huge contribution for the economy.

·         Customers are also the heroes: they may suffer from the delay or stuck in the middle-seat, sometimes travel just like our life journey, with ups and downs, a bit out-of-control,  but when you experience it via positive attitude and self-reflection, you may actually soothe  some frustration by understanding, the loyal customers still continue to fly, keep the industry flow, and hopefully grow in the future.

·         Airline is also in the leadership business: Conventional business sense may label customers as business customers or leisure customers, first-class or economic class; leadership wisdom may trace deeper about travel purpose: the adventure travel, or the spiritual explorement; the trip to see the unknowing or the visit to tie the relationship.,etc, airline may even team up with business or academic to develop the leadership of future.

3.     Culture Hub to Connect Diversified World
The technology, the internet, and the digitization make the world much more interconnected, interdependent than ever virtually, the airline is just such a privileged industry to connect the world physically, it’s a window of the world, to see through the natural scenes and man-made miracles, to appreciate the beauty and experience some sadness.
Aviation can sow the culture seeds: influence the world via promoting the positive thinking and deeds; Aviation can build up the footprint to cultivate diversity leadership and bridge cultural difference, aviation can also harvest via the prosperous business activities and global trading.
It’s time for airline to inspire business via its unique underdog leadership, it’s the time for us all to get united to make the better world.
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